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Monsoon Fashion Tips To Keep Your Style Quotient High

With monsoon round the corner, we all do little change in our wardrobe.
In this post, I will share some tips to keep our Style Quotient High this monsoon :)

1.Wear Bright Color Outfits 

Monsoon is the season to bring out bright color outfits.
One should try vibrant color like Fushia Pink, Green, Blue, Orange, etc.
These not only look good but also uplifts one's mood in dull and gloomy weather.
One should avoid wearing white as chances of it getting dirty is high.
Bright and colorful Dresses like this look awesome to wear

Colorful Tops like this can be matched with Palazzo or skirts :

2.Choice of  Fabric 

Choosing the right fabric is so important in monsoon as we never know when it will start raining and one can get drenched in a sudden downpour.
One should prefer wearing clothes made from cotton and polyester as they get dried easily.
One should avoid Denim, Silk as they take a lot of time to get dry and silk gets ruined when wet.
One can also try Chiffons which are great to wear this season.

3.Try Floral Prints 

Floral Prints look too good in monsoon.
One can wear floral Tops, Kurta's, Dresses to feel and look good.

4. Use colorful Dupatta or Stole 

Even if one is wearing a simple dress or salwar kameez, one can match it with a bright colorful dupatta or stole to get an amazing look:) 
One can Try Bandhej Dupatta as it looks too good.

5.Carry a big Handbag or Tote Bag 

One should carry a big handbag or a Tote Bag during monsoon.
So as to carry all essential stuff like Umbrella, Rain Coat in it.
Which is not possible while carrying small bags.
One can choose a bright colored bag and should match it with their outfit.

6.Choice of  Footwear 

Choosing the right footwear is so important in monsoon.

Leather shoes and sandals aren't great for monsoon as they tend to soak water and dry very slowly.
One should choose Jelly Shoes, Flats, Floaters which are also slip resistant.
One can try such colorful flats to add a dash of color to their look. 

7.Carry a beautiful umbrella 

Sounds familiar but true, One should always carry an umbrella in monsoon season as we never know when it will start raining.
Instead of carrying bold black or solid color umbrella's one can try bright and colorful ones.

Apart from this one can match their outfits with colorful Jewelry.
Trendy Necklace, Pretty Earrings and colorful bangles. 

In North India, women wear green color bangles in monsoon saying "Sawan hai "
That sounds really cool and one should try it.

Related image

Hope you liked this post and found it useful.
Do share your views on this topic.

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Thursday, 4 July 2019

Why I loved the Serial Zindagi Gulzar Hai

We have watched numerous serial on Indian Television, then many popular Pakistani Drama's on Youtube and  Zee Zindagi Channel, But only a few are there which were liked by all and were really good. One such Pakistani Drama or series is Zindagi Gulzar Hai.

I would like to share why I loved it :)

* It was much different from regular Indian soaps or Saas Bahu sagas where most of the things are either exaggerated or seem unrealistic.

* The story was too good and seemed real, the struggle of middle-class women.
   The struggle of Kashaf's mom to educate her daughters and get them married in well off families.

* Kashaf's struggle to get higher education in spite of the fact that her father and his family were opposing it and prove her worth.

* Zarun's choice of life partner in terms of education and family values, what was missing in his own family. As his mom and sister were too modern and he didn't like it.

*  The thing which I liked most is :

  Kashaf's Mom and her attitude towards life.

Her husband left her as she could not give him a son but only daughters.
No financial support from her husband.
Still, that strong lady had a positive attitude towards life.

She struggled financially and emotionally but managed to give higher education to her daughters.
She worked hard so that her daughters could get married in well off families.
In spite of some hardships ( where other women would have lost hope ), She managed to do everything well and the Best Part is Gratitude towards Almighty.
And a positive attitude towards life.
Something which is missing in many people these days.
People complain about life and it's issues, get upset and depressed at small things but do not think of such people who are struggling to make both ends meet and are still happy.

That really made me think that We should be Thankful to Almighty for all the blessings we have got.
There are many who do not enjoy what we have.
Challenges and problems are part of life, we cannot escape, what we can do is To Be Strong & Be Thankful to Almighty.

The next character which I liked too much is Zarun.

* He was not a spoilt brat as usually rich guys are.
* He valued relations, was moral support for his sister and helped her during up's and down's of her life.
* He had respect for all the women in his life, his mom & sister, Wife, and mother-in-law.
* He was a good husband and caring brother.

Overall his character is to be loved by all.

Zarun and Kashaf's relationship is also quite interesting.
Initially, they disliked each other, then Zarun started liking her and after marraige, both were good partners :)

So I loved this serial so much and have seen it a few times.

I hope most of you would agree with what I have written, Do share your views in the comments section below.

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Thursday, 20 June 2019

How To Be Happy By Drawing Sketches

Happiness is to bring a smile to others face.
One can do this in various ways.
By helping them, by being kind to them, by making them laugh and smile.

One can make others smile via some funny Quotes, Memes, Sketches.

Drawing or making sketches is an art, art lovers know it well how happy one feels
after completing a drawing or sketch or a painting.
One gets indulged in it and it's relaxing and is kind of a stress buster.

Artists spend lots of time making sketches and they would love to show their art to
But for that one needs a right platform.
A place where one can show their talent.
Usually, many artists do not get the right platform to show their art and talent.

If one gets that then it's excellent.

If one is able to earn something through this then their happiness is double fold.

To earn through your passion or hobby is something great as one feels best when
one is fulfilling their dreams.

Recently I came across a website Happyzozo where one can share their sketches
and one gets paid for it.

Their mission is to spread happiness through their happy Images.
This is a great and noble concept.
We can see various images ( sketches ) in a different category at this site.

These sketches are hand made and have some good captions which make it quite interesting.

I liked this one too much


One can check Good Night Images at this site which is awesome.

One can see sketches like this there :


One can become a contributor and share their sketches at this site and get paid accordingly.

One does not need to be an artist to contribute there,
an amateur can also try.

To be a contributor at this site one needs to register there.
Then share their sketches, Once approved it will be uploaded at the site
and at the end of the month, one can claim their payment.

One can earn up to Rs 10,000 per month from this website by sharing their sketches.

So friends do check this awesome site to read some funny captions and see some
lovely sketches and also if you want to try your hand on sketch making can do.

Hope you all liked this post and found it useful.


Tuesday, 11 June 2019

10 Reasons Why Your Skin Needs Collagen

Hello Everyone
After a month-long break of Ramadhan, Back to blogging :)

This is a Guest Post by Maryam of  blog The Beautiholic.

10 Reasons Why Your Skin Needs Collagen 

Collagen, as you know is ruling the anti-aging skincare industry. Most of us know about
it as a magical ingredient which gives you wrinkle-free, youthful skin. With so many
videos and articles on the internet, we are aware of the fact that collagen boosts our
skins’ elasticity and this is exactly why this protein is mostly found in anti-aging
products. In this post today, we will explore what is collagen, how it benefits the skin,
how long does collagen supplements take to work and finally, why you need collagen for
your skin.

What is collagen?
Collagen is the primary organizational protein which is located on the outside of the
various connective tissues in our body. Collagen is the most profusely found protein in
our body. The type 1 collagen is most likely found in the bodies of every human species.
It is found in muscles, bones, skin, tendons, blood vessels, and the digestive system.
Collagen provides strength and also replaces dead skin cells that accumulate on our
skin. If we talk about other parts of the body collagen acts as a glue and holds each
tendon and muscle at its place.

Our body naturally produces collagen but as we start aging, the collagen production
starts to slow down. This is when various degenerative signs such as fine lines and
wrinkles, sagging of skin, joint pains and various other aging symptoms are most visible.
Several lifestyle factors such as diet high or carbs and sugar, excessive smoking and
overexposure to the sun can also deplete collagen levels. Collagen is a very important
element which maintains healthy and youthful skin. So, in this article, we are going to
learn about the benefits of collagen and why we should indulge collagen products in our
daily routine.

How long does it take for collagen supplements
to work?

Collagen supplements are really exciting when it comes to testing them out. Health-
conscious people get really elated when it comes to collagen supplements but
sometimes seem to get disappointed with the results.
Like anything other than prescription drugs, collagen supplements takes time to show its
effects and patience and consistency is the key.

The time depends on what type of benefits are you looking for. In order to see any
positive results on the skin, it usually takes up to four weeks. People need to wait for 12
weeks on more in order to receive the maximum results. It takes 3 months for people
with sports-related injuries to see effects in joint pain. While people with osteoarthritis
might need to wait for 3-6 months or more to see any effective improvement in their
pain related issues.

Top 10 Reasons to Include Collagen in your Diet

#1 It can boost the health of your skin

This is the most important benefit of collagen on our skin. It improves skin elasticity,
retains moisture and prevents excessive transepidermal water loss commonly known as
TDS. It also prevents roughness and dryness in your skin thereby giving you smooth and
glowing skin. It also reduces any signs of aging such as fine lines and wrinkles and is
also proven beneficial for reducing cellulite and stretch marks.

#2 Reduces joint pain

When you age and start to lose collagen, the tendons and ligaments start moving with
the uneasiness which creates friction thereby leading to stiffness and swollen joints.
Collagen has a gel-like smooth texture which acts as a lubricant and helps your joints
glide against each other more easily thereby reducing pain and fiction. Studies have
shown that including collagen in treatments related to bone disorders, osteoarthritis, and joint pains are very effective and beneficial.

#3 Prevents bone loss

Bones are normally made of collagen which provides them strength and enables them
to maintain their strength. When collagen depletes in your body with age it also reduces
bone density as well. This can lead to severe bone related disorders and can also lead to bone fractures. Therefore, consuming collagen supplements daily can improve bone
health and reduce any such risks.

#4 Boosts Metabolism

Intake of collagen supplements daily can lead to a positive boost in your metabolism
which helps in converting essential nutrients absorbed by the body. Collagen converts
glucose into energy which supports proper functioning of the body. It also burns more
calories than fat and protects bone health. Collagen supplements can be consumed with
Vitamin C in order to reap more benefits. These ingredients together can restore energy
and liveliness.

#5 Builds muscle mass

The muscle tissues in your body are made mostly of collagen. This keeps your muscles
strong and also ensures that it functions properly throughout. Researches show that
taking collagen supplements daily can boost muscle mass and also stimulates the
synthesis of muscle proteins such as creatine which helps in muscle building.

#6 Strengthens Hair, Nails, and Teeth

Lack of collagen can lead to hair breakage, brittle nails and also unhealthy teeth.
Collagen seems to be a very important competent which plays a great role in keeping
hair, nails, and teeth healthy. Studies show that consuming collagen supplements daily
can provide healthy looking nails and teeth and can also prevent hair loss thereby
making hair stronger and shinier.

#7 Helps heal leaky gut

Leaky gut is a syndrome where all the bad toxins are able to pass through your digestive
system. In such cases, the consumption of collagen can really prove to be beneficial. This
helps to soothe your gut lining by breaking up proteins which are consumed by your
body. Collagen contains amino acids which heal the damaged cell walls. It also reduces
inflammation and irritation and is really beneficial for people with bowel dysfunction.
It also helps the intestines to absorb water properly and prevents any foreign object
from entering the body.

#8 Improves liver health

Collagen proves to be really helpful if you want to detox your body from harmful
substances and want to flush out all the bad things from your system. It also improves
blood flow and protects the liver health. It reduces the damage caused to the liver by foreign and unknown substances, alcohol and toxins. It also minimizes the effects of
chronic and acute liver diseases.

#9 Protects heart health

The amino acids present in collagen reduce fat build-up in the arteries and releases
them to the bloodstream. It, therefore, minimizes fat accumulation in the arteries.
Amino acids repair the tissues in the joints and parties of the heart thereby leading to
proper blood flow to the entire body. It controls blood pressure and allows the arteries
to widen up and the muscle cells and blood vessels to relax for better blood circulation.
This process is known as vasodilation.

#10 It reverses skin aging

One of the most widely acclaimed benefits of collagen is that it prevents skin aging and
provides youthful, glowing and healthy-looking skin. It is the essential protein which
provides elasticity to the skin, therefore, keeping your skin firm and tight for long
periods of time. Studies show that consuming collagen reduces wrinkles and fine lines
within eight weeks of its usage.

About the Author
Mariyam is a beauty blogger and editor at The Beautyholic . Being impassioned by
writing, she’s blogging since 4+ years and still going strong. In her pastime, she loves
cuddling her pets, watching movies and reading online articles about beauty, fashion,
and lifestyle.

Wednesday, 1 May 2019

Why Taking a Health Insurance is Necessary

Health is wealth and we all need to take proper care of our health and the health of our family members. Since medical expenses are too high these days and the common man finds it too difficult to spend that huge amount on medical bills, health insurance is of great help.

With the ever-increasing health care costs, most people are finding it unaffordable.
Then today's hectic lifestyle, stress all adds up to health problems.

No one plans to get ill or hurt but everyone needs medical care at some point or other in their life.
Health insurance covers these costs and offers many other benefits like Tax Benefits.
For a salaried employee buying health insurance is beneficial from a financial point of view as they can avail tax benefits.

With the rising incidence of health issues even in young people, taking good health insurance is must these days. Taking health insurance at a young age is beneficial, as premium will be on the lower side and affordable. As you grow old insurance company will charge a higher premium based on your age and medical history.

When you are planning to opt for health insurance, apart from the offering about insurance plans; you should also check whether the insurance provider has good customer support.
Have a look at the customer's experience when they submit insurance claims.

Insurance companies that have a customer-centric approach make sure that claim process is made seamless & hassle-free so that customers do not have to run from pillar to post to submit their claims.

You should choose an insurance company that has comprehensive health insurance packages.
Customers should be able to buy or renew health insurance packages instantly without any paperwork. The insurance company should not penalize you for switching between different insurance plans.

Depending upon your age, priorities, medical conditions, existing insurance policies and long term plan, you should choose an insurance policy that provides good coverage based on insurance premium being paid. Most of the insurance companies have policies that can cover the insurer as well as the dependents (parents, spouse, etc.) In such scenarios, You could choose a suitable ' Family Insurance ' since it keeps everyone protected.

Health insurance packages have a number of benefits for yourself & your family members.
Some of them are tax benefits under 80 ( D), Hospitalization Cover and most important is that it provides you peace of mind.

Taking health insurance for parents is necessary as because of old age problems they often fell ill and need medical help.

So go ahead and check health insurance policies, compare it with the existing ones (if you have any ) and see the difference.
One can easily get good health insurance online and nowadays insurance companies go an extra mile to make sure that customers do not face hassles while renewing insurance policies online.
The primary advantage of the online medium is that the customer saves time as the entire process can be done from the comfort of the home.

Buying a new policy or renewing old is very easy and simple. It will not help you in time of need but will also save you from the unnecessary stress and headache one gets to arrange money at the time of need.

Hope you all liked this post and found it useful.
Do share your views on this topic.

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Friday, 22 March 2019

Best Ways To Soothe A Baby Who Has Colic

Colic is a type of abdominal pain in infants, because of which baby feels uncomfortable and cries too much and sometimes it becomes difficult for the parents to pacify the baby.
It's a common problem in infants, in fact, 1 in 5 babies has this problem.

Causes of colic may be because of indigestion or some spice in moms food because of which baby feels uncomfortable.

To Treat Colic one can do the following :
1. Lay them on their tummy, this would help them to release gas.
2. Make them burp after the feed, this would help to prevent colic.
3. Holding them upright after the feed.
4. Massage baby's back.

When my kids were young, I have faced similar problems.
They had severe colic and they used to cry a lot because of that.
I used to do some home remedies like making a paste of  hing with warm water and applying that on their naval area.
That used to bring some comfort.
But making a paste when the baby is crying and not ready to leave mom for a second is difficult.
But that time no other option was available.
Thankfully now we have an easy solution.
Mother Sparsh , a famous Indian Baby Care brand has come up with a baby roll on meant to treat colic.

It's Mother Sparsh Tummy Roll on.
It's an Ayurvedic product meant to treat colic and indigestion in infants.
It also treats abdominal pain, constipation, and an upset stomach.
The main ingredients in this roll on is Hing ( Asafoetida )
which helps to treat abdominal problems.

This Tummy Roll-on is a combination of Hing Oil & Saunf Oil.
Both of these helps to provide relief from stomach discomforts like gas, acidity, and indigestion.
Hing oil has antiseptic and antibacterial properties which help to reduce acid reflux and constipation.
The presence of saunf oil has anti-colic properties.

I felt so happy to see this product as I know how useful it is.

1. Hing Oil 
2. Saunf Oil 
3. Pudina Oil 
4. Sonth 
5. Sova Base 

All natural ingredients in this product.

Product Packaging 
Product packaging is excellent.
A roll on is so easy to use and carry anywhere in the bag.

When a baby is crying one just needs to apply this roll on at naval area and it will do its work and will help to calm down baby. 

Price: Rs 249 for 40 ml pack.

Shelf  Life: 2 years 
( Which is too good ) 

Availability : 
Easily available in online stores like Amazon.
One can buy from here 

Why do I recommend this product to others:

1. It's free of harmful chemicals. 
Contains all natural ingredients.

2. Excellent Packaging 
Roll on is easy to use.

3. Travel-friendly pack.

4. Effective Product 
Very useful for infants.

5. Affordable Price.

6. Easily available on Amazon.

7. A product from a trusted brand.

One can also check their website to know more details about their products.

One can also check this video to know more about the product 

Hope you all liked this post and found it useful.


Wednesday, 13 February 2019

My Secret Momology To Enjoy Parenting

Parenting is not easy and we all know it .
It needs lots of  hard work , patience and a complete change of  lifestyle and thought process .
Life changes completely after becoming parent , especially Mom .
Your time is not your time then , it's your kids time ,
a mom needs to schedule her routine as per her child's  routine ,
Sleep when they sleep , eat when they eat  :)

Many complain and feel sad that they could not continue their job , no Me Time , no enjoyment , no sleep and the list is long .
Yes I agree this happens but one needs to find a way out .
And enjoy every bit of it  , because kids grow fast and time flies and  when they grow up , we remember their  childhood activities , innocence and feel nostalgic .

In today's post I will share some of my  Momology Tips to Enjoy Parenting  :)

1. Be a kid with kids
I mean it , be a kid with kids and enjoy everything they do , this way we can revive our childhood and have some fun . It's  a  good stress buster too :)
I try to do that , have played carrom with them , enjoyed watching cartoon movies with them .
This way we can spend some quality time with kids and make them happy .

2. Prepare their  favorite meal
Some kids are fussy eater , some are choosy , so at times it becomes difficult for parents to  fulfill their demand of  eating food of their choice .
As they would not like to have veggies and healthy food , rather would prefer all junks and unhealthy snacks . So one needs to balance this by letting them eat a bit of their choice at the same time trying to bring discipline by making them eat healthy .
Knowing their choices & preferences , I try to cook their favorite meal whenever  possible , so to make them happy and obedient :)

3. Go for Outings & Vacation
This is an important part of parenting which is neglected by many .
For proper development of  kids , it is necessary to take them out often .
Local outings on weekends and  outstation vacation during holidays.
As when they go out they learn many things , teaching new things to kids should not  be confined to books and studies , it's much more than that . It should be about real life experiences , meeting new people , exploring new places and learning at the same time .
And kids love it  .
They would love to  be out of  their house for some time.

4. Be Strict & Friendly with them 
We need to be strict with them to bring discipline at the same time we need to be friendly with them .
Parenting should be fine balance between being strict & friendly with your kids .
If we are not strict , they might not listen to us which is bad for them  in long run .
But being too strict and scolding them often is bad as this way they would get emotionally detach from parents.
So we need to be little strict and more friendly , so that they can feel free to share everything with us :)  Their happiness , sadness , friend circle and its tales , everything .
This way a strong bond is developed between parents & kids.

With these little tips I am enjoying parenting to fullest .
Happy with my kids as I am their Best Friend .
We enjoy everything together  eating , shopping , outing , cracking jokes etc .

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I would like to thank  Rashi Mital who blogs at  for introducing me to this blog train.
Would like to introduce my blogger friend Surbhi Prapanna of  who is next blogger in this series . Do check her blog to read post on Momology .

Hope you all liked this post and found it useful.
Do tell me your Momology Tips . 


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Sunday, 27 January 2019

Affordable & Effective Skin Care Products From Roop Mantra

Featured post on IndiBlogger, the biggest community of Indian Bloggers

We all need good skin care products for our daily skin care regime .
Most of the products available in market are  bit expensive .
Then we need to check the effectiveness of  those products.
In spite of  being expensive some are not good and do not fulfill their tall claims .
So we always look for  products which are effective and affordable .

I came across a brand which has affordable and good products .
It's  Roop Mantra .
It's an Indian  Ayurvedic brand  having some good skin care products in its range .
Recently I got some products  from this brand to try , I will share my opinion about these products.

I am trying these Face Wash from Roop Mantra .

Roop Mantra Lime & Mint Face Wash 
* It is suitable for all skin type .
* Has refreshing fragrance .
* Helps to remove oil , dirt from face .
* Has antioxidant & anti inflammatory properties.

Price : Rs 84 for 115 ml 

Roop Mantra Neem Face Wash 
* This is a deep cleanser with goodness of neem .
* Ideal for oily skin .
* Has neem , tulsi & turmeric.
* Helps to reduce excessive oil secretion.
* Has antifungal & antibacterial properties.

Price : Rs 84 for 115 ml 

Roop Mantra Cucumber  Face  Wash 
* Cucumber has anti inflammatory properties .
* Helps to remove dead cells , dirt, oil from skin .
* Has cooling effect on skin .
* Suitable for all skin type .

Price : Rs 84 for 115 ml 

Roop Mantra Aloe Vera Face Wash 
* Suitable for all skin type .
* Mild and gentle on skin .
* Maintains  moisture level of  skin .
* Prevents appearance of  pimples .

Price : Rs 84 for 115 ml

Roop Mantra  Mix Fruit  Face Wash 
* It's  a blend of natural fruit extract.
* Enriched with goodness of  real fruits like apple , grapeseed , carrot , also has Aloe Vera.
* Has refreshing fragrance.
* It also acts as sun block , protects the skin from harmful sun rays .

Price : Rs 84 for 115 ml 

What I liked about these products 
1. Good & Effective products .
2. Super Affordable 
( Price Rs 84 for one tube is so affordable ) 
3. An Ayurvedic brand , so free of  harmful chemicals .
4. Great ingredient list like Aloe Vera , Mix Fruit etc.
6. These face wash are suitable for all skin type .
5. Easily available  everywhere .

One can buy these products from amazon  

Hope you all liked this post and found it useful .


( * PR Package with my own opinion about products ) 

Wednesday, 23 January 2019

Earn Money Online Through YesMobo App

Home makers , Students and retired people always look for some ways  to earn money from home .
As this helps them to utilize their free time in a good way and simultaneously earn money from the comfort of  their home without the stress of  going out for work .
There are several ways for that .
Some are successful , some are not .
Some are bit difficult to continue .
Now a days there are several ways to earn money online and many are doing so .
There are also some apps using which one can earn money .

I came across one such app few days back . It's YesMobo App on Google Playstore .
One can easily download this app and start earning .

One can earn money online  from this app by sharing Ads with your friends and relatives on Whatsapp .

Steps to Earn from YesMobo  App :
1. Download YesMobo App from Google Playstore on your smartphone .
2. Create your account on the app by filling in your details .
3. One can find Ads within your YesMobo app account , Select Ads you wish to share .
4. Start sharing your selected Ads to your friends & relatives on WhatsApp.
5. When your friends or relatives click those Ads you earn money .

This is very simple and easy and anyone can do it easily .

Do check this  make money app  and download it and start earning .
Earned money can be transferred  to ones bank account .

Download this app from Google Play Store

After downloading once it is installed in your smartphone .
One can see the home page .
There one has to choose language either  English or Hindi  in which they want to read instructions. 

One can check this video to know more details about YesMobo App

After reading the instructions or watching the video one can easily know how it works .

Then one can see Ads which they can share on their whatsapp groups .

In front of each Ad amount per click is written .

So when your friends or relatives click on these Ads you earn money .

At the top right corner of  the page one can also see Amount they have earned .
Once a minimum balance is earned , one can request for bank transfer . 

This way one can easily earn some money through their smartphone . 

                                               Hope you all liked this post and found it useful .

Wednesday, 16 January 2019

Simple Diet Tweaks To Improve Your Health

Every Year we do make New Year Resolutions , Most of  the time we are not able to keep it , reasons being either are bit difficult to achieve or  bit unrealistic .
Many a times it happens  as we do not dare to come out of  our  Comfort Zone  and try something different .

So this year I made a resolution which is not very tough or unrealistic , can be achieved with little hard work and patience . The most important is Motivation :)

My resolution is related to Diet & Health , one of the most important thing in our life .
Healthy Eating & Healthy Lifestyle .

Making a complete change in our diet is not easy and feasible , one gets bored easily and  loses interest in doing diet control and healthy eating , instead of  that one should go slowly , taking small steps at a time .

So my New Year Resolution is  : Simple Diet Tweaks To Improve Health

Sounds interesting , right ??

How to Improve your diet in a healthy  way without bringing a complete change in your menu .

Indians are obsessed  with  Rice , Daal , Curries , Fried food , Sweets , Halwa's etc .
Most of  these foods  are not very healthy .
During festive season and other functions we can't help but get indulge in enjoying all sort of delicacies .

On daily basis also we eat what is cooked for everyone , kids , elders etc .
Bringing a complete change is bit difficult , but we can do this gradually , incorporating healthy options with unhealthy ones .

So in this post I will share some tips how we can do that .


1. Replace your  Refine oil with some healthy oils like Olive oil , Coconut oil .
For small kids we can even use Pure Ghee ( Clarified Butter )  as it healthier than refined  oil .

2. Instead  of  deep  frying , we can do shallow frying or even baking , so as to use less oil.

3. Replace  Sugar with Honey or Jaggery as refined sugar is very unhealthy and cause for many health problems .

4. Avoid  outside food as much as possible as we never know quantity & quality of  salt , sugar , oils used there , better to stick to home made food .
Preparing those delicious recipes  what we are fond of  , is not that difficult , there are numerous food channels on Youtube from where we can learn those recipes or even from some recipe books.

5. Kids love junk foods , we can substitute those junk food with healthy snacks like home made cakes or donuts  , Peanut chikkis etc .

6. Kids can enjoy Indian Sweets as they are in a growing stage , but as elders we should limit it and take  healthier ones like Flavoured Yogurt etc ( so to satisfy our sweet tooth )

7. We can also incorporate steamed & baked dishes in our menu .
Like Idli , Baked Chicken etc .
There are also many sweet dishes which are baked & steamed one like many Bengali Sweets are steamed , so one can try those as they are healthier .

This way slowly , we can change eating habit and swift to a healthier version of  food .
This will help us to achieve our goals of  eating healthy and staying healthy .

This approach is bit realistic as we can bring changes gradually and not suddenly , so easier to maintain and continue .

Apart from this on personal level when we want to improve our diet , we can do more like

* Drink plenty of water , 8-10 glasses in a day , it helps to flush out toxins from body , helps to keep skin healthy and many more benefits .

* Limit our portion .
Instead of  eating  more to fill stomach , we should eat less , say around 20% less than our hunger , so this way we can limit our calories . And it's good for digestion too .

* Eat smaller portion at regular  intervals .
Like some fruits , soups , healthy snacks , so that we do not feel too hungry at meal time and eat less .

* Dinner should be very light , preferably soups as it helps to maintain and lose weight .

* Include lots of  veggies and fruits in our  diet .
Our plate should be colorful :)
Should include all seasonal fruits & vegetables .

* We should eat nuts as snacks like Almonds , Pistachos etc . These are healthy & delicious.

* We should take fiber rich foods like Oats , Corn etc , this helps to get a feeling of full for long and there are less cravings.

All these will help to maintain & reduce weight , stay healthy and active and feel happy .

As when we are healthy , we feel active and we are able to do what we want and thus feel happy and satisfied .
On the other hand when we are ill , or because of  severe dieting , we always feel hungry or starved , we don't feel good from inside and then we lack concentration in our work .

So eat healthy and stay happy :)

Hope you all liked this post and found it useful .

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Friday, 11 January 2019

Stay Healthy With Proactive Health Products From NutraC

Health is wealth and staying healthy is one of  the most important thing in life to live a normal and happy life .

One needs to follow certain things to stay healthy like :

* Eating healthy foods .
* Exercise .
* Staying calm and stress free .
* Enjoying life to fullest with whatever they have.

Eating healthy is considered as most important  factor  to stay healthy & fit .
One needs to follow a balanced diet with plenty of  fruits , vegetables , fiber rich foods to stay active & healthy .
One needs to avoid junk food as much as possible and replace these junk food & snacks with healthy snacks.
One need to take plenty of  fluids  specially  water , fresh juices , soups & daals .

Many a times even after eating healthy food , we do not feel energetic as we should be .
We get tired easily , we feel exhausted & fatigue after doing some tedious work .
This is because our body lacks some minerals and nutrients which we are not getting from our regular food . In such cases it is required to take some health supplements to fulfill the daily requirement of  nutrients in our body , like Iron , Calcium , Vitamins supplements  etc .

Replacing regular  snacks with healthy snacks is a good option to have balanced diet .

Recently I have been to a store NutraC  in Jubilee Hills Hyderabad .
It is a One Stop Store for all your Health & Nutrition  needs .
It's a Nutraceutical Pharmacy .
Unlike pharmaceuticals which are a reactive solution , Nutraceuticals are  proactive solutions for our health needs.
It's a multi brand health and nutrition store focussing on health and wellness supplements  and products that promotes healthy living and prevents diseases .

It is a Proactive Health Store where one can find all Health supplements , Sports supplements , Healthy Snacks and foods .
It's a different kind of  store with many things under one roof .

I saw various good and healthy products there .
* Ghee made from Cow's Milk ( A2 Milk ) which is very healthy 
* Organic Oats Flakes 
* Organic Honey
* Green Tea 
* Green Coffee 

Their product range includes Oils , Ghee , Juices , Snacks , Tea & Coffee , Health bars , Cookies , Herbal powder , Seeds & Nuts , Nutrition Supplements etc .

There was a section where one can find healthy noodles .
Not made from white flour but from Rice & Millets . 

There is section where one can get  Sports Supplements.
One such sports supplement brand is  Fast & Up Reload .
NutraC  promote Indian Sports Nutrition Brands which have the best international quality with value prices . They have product range of  Whey Protein , Soy Protein , Pea Protein and Essential Amino acids .

There is Dosa Mix of  various types .
And these are healthy breakfast options .

One can also find healthy oils like Extra Virgin Coconut oil , Castor Oil etc. 

One product which I found too interesting is Kiva Chocolate  Jaggery Candy . 
It's  an ayurvedic product and healthy snack for kid .

Apart from these there are many other useful products .

They have various sections like 
1. Health & Wellness Supplements 
2. Nutrition Supplements and foods 
3. Sports Supplements 

Then there are products for Detox , Kids health , Immunity , Senior health etc . 

Those in Hyderabad can visit the store at Jubilee Hills .
They have in-store nutritionist who can assist and advice products accordingly .

Other's can check their  website 

NutraC  is associated with 30 + brands with products for all age group. 
The  store is open from 10 am to 9 pm , 7 days a week . 

Hope you all liked this post and found it useful .


Saturday, 5 January 2019

Save Water To Save Our Planet

Water is one of  the basic requirement for life .
Life cannot sustain on earth without water.
97.5 % of world's water is locked in seas and oceans , too salty for human use.
And remaining 2.5 % is in ice caps.
So we humans depends on tiny bit of available water , which is fresh water .
70% of  freshwater is used to produce food we eat.

There are many places like cities & villages  all over the world where there is scarcity of water , people are having tough time collecting water for their daily usage . For drinking and other household activities like washing & cleaning etc .

Image result for areas of water scarcity in world image

We can see that there are many places in India which comes under region of  water scarcity .

In big cities people living in slum areas need to collect and store water for their daily usage .
At many places people are not getting water 24x7 , it's time bound and they need to store water .
So it is necessary for all of us to understand the importance of  preserving water and avoiding any sort of wastage.
As many of us are not realizing the blessings  we  have by getting water to use as per our wish .

With rising population water usage has increased , So we need to preserve and conserve water .

Government , NGO's and some local bodies have taken many initiatives to create awareness about preserving water and  avoiding it's wastage but we need to create  awareness everywhere , all household and at individual level .

 Ways to save water

1. Turn off  Your Taps
Turn off your tap while brushing your teeth and while shaving .
Fix leaky taps too .

2. Keep Your Shower Short
Every minute spent in shower  uses upto 17 litres of water.
So keep the shower short and water saving .
One can even use a bucket & mug so as to use limited quantity of water for taking a bath rather than wasting lots of water in a shower .

3.  Wash fully loaded Machine
It's better to run a fully loaded washing machine than half  loaded one as this way we can wash more clothes and save water .
So collect your dirty clothes and wash when the machine is full.

4. Steam your food
Steaming rather than boiling requires less water .
Even when we are boiling veggies or even meat , we can keep the stock to be used in soups .

5. Time your gardening
Watering  trees in a day time causes immediate evaporation of water , so Time Your Gardening .
So do it either early morning or end of   the day.

6. Harvest Rainwater
Harvesting rainwater is a great way to conserve water .
One can install tank either on terrace or garden , so to conserve rain water which can be used for cleaning or planting trees etc .

One can also use posters to create awareness about conserving water in their  locality and neighbourhood .

With these small steps we can do a lot to conserve water and save our planet.

Livpure  , India's  famous brand for water purifier has come up with a Great Concept of saving water
called  #CuttingPaani

By this initiative the left over water in glasses and bottles can be reused .
This initiative has introduced the concept of  using the amount of   water as per requirement and using it judiciously.
The leftover water in glasses can be saved in bottle to be used later or can be  used for cleaning or planting trees .

There are many video's which educate us to stop wasting water in office , restaurants etc.

So let us pledge to save water and avoid any sort of wastage and to create awareness about it to all and be a responsible citizen .

#Livpure  #CuttingPaani  #KhabarLive 

I am writing this post in association with  Khabar Live  .

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