Friday, 11 September 2020

Enjoy Your Tea with ExclusiveLane Cups & Mugs

 Morning tea is special, a good way to start your day and feel fresh. 

And one loves to enjoy his/her cup of tea or coffee in a beautiful cup or mug.

We all have some good collection of Tea Cups & Coffee Mugs at home, brought from different stores and we love to have some unique & different designs. 

Nowadays since I do a lot of online shopping, I came across a site ExclusiveLane

Browsed and saw some lovely collection of Cups & Mugs.

Some of the designs which I liked are : 

                       1. Studio Pottery Ceramic Cup & Saucer Set of 6 in Brown 

This elegant set of handcrafted cup & saucer set is lead-free.
It's beautifully created and is ideal for Evening time Tea & snacks.

2. Mediterain High Tea Handpainted Cup & Saucer Set 

This set belongs to the 90's Shores of Morrocco design.

This is a handcrafted product made by craftsmen of Uttar Pradesh inspired by Morrocan geometric pattern. 
This looks elegant & Beautiful with vibrant color and beautiful patterns.

3. Mughal Rims Floral Hand Painted Tea & Coffee Mugs 

This product belongs to the collection Mughal-e- Zahra 

It's inspired by the Floral Mughal pattern.
These products are hand-painted & hand glazed.
Looks elegant & classy.

4. The Hut Jumbo Cuppas 

These are hand-painted ceramic Mugs from the Hut Collection.

The Hut Collection is a representation of an old & rustic Village in South India.
This collection is unique as each piece is different from the other. 

5. Cane handwoven Tea Glasses Set in Sheesham Wood & Iron 

This product belongs to the collection " Beauty of 3 states

A fusion of wood, metal & cane 
Cane from Assam, metal from Maharastra, and Sheesham wood from Uttar Pradesh.

This set has a Desi Touch. 
Ideal to enjoy tea with friends along with some Indian Snacks.
One can enjoy both Milk Tea & Decoction in these transparent tea glasses.

6. Unique Half Cup Ceramic Set 

This white ceramic set with a half-moon shape is so different & unique.
One can serve tea or coffee to their guest in these :)

7. Leaf Sips Hand-painted & Hand Glazed set 

These are Ceramic mugs which are hand made & hand glazed.
This is microwave & dishwasher safe.
With capacity of 400 ml, this is ideal as a Coffee mug for coffee lovers. 

8. Handmade Water Glasses in Earthern Clay

This is hand made in earthen clay.
The use of earthen clay helps in balancing the PH scale because of the alkaline nature and healing elements of the earth.

This looks like what we call Kullhad in India.
Ideal for drinking milk or tea from it especially during monsoon :) 

There are many more such beautiful cups & mugs there.
One can browse the site and choose what they like.
Have a look at their Cups & Mugs Collection

One can pay online and place their order. 
They ship all over India.

What I Liked about These Cups & Mugs 

1. These are handcrafted.
2. They have a unique design, something which is difficult to find elsewhere. 
3. Ceramic Mugs keep tea and coffee hotter than glass mugs.
4. Coffee tastes better in ceramic mugs as it is neutral in nature and preserves its taste. 
5. One can find cups & mugs in various colors and beautiful designs that are eye-catchy and looks classy and elegant.

Hope you all liked this post and found it useful.
Do check the site and their collection and share your views here in the comment section below :)



Thursday, 27 August 2020

Why Hemp Mask is Better than other Fibres

 Hemp is a sustainable, environmentally friendly crop.

It's better than cotton and other fabrics. 

With the current situation of the Covid-19 pandemic worldwide, Mask is a must when we go out.

Listing some reasons why Hemp masks are better than normal cotton masks.

1. Hemp is an organic product

It's a sustainable crop and doesn't require any pesticides to grow.

It requires less water than other crops.

2. Hemp is naturally resistant to microbes

The irregular hollow core of hemp fabric gives it anti-microbial properties.

It's naturally resistant to mould, mildews 

3. Hemp is Bio-Degradable

Hemp masks are biodegradable and do not add to pollution.

One can wash and use it again and again.

4. Hemp masks are durable 

Hemp is one of the strongest naturally occurring fibers on earth.

Hemp fiber is stronger and softer than cotton.

It's washable and reusable.

5. Hemp can block Ultra Violet rays

Hemp has the ability to absorb ultraviolet rays due to their chemical composition.

This makes hemp mask the perfect choice for summer and for a tropical climate like ours.

I am using some Hemp Masks which I received from Hemp Foundation based in Uttrakhand.

These masks are good, have a perfect fit, and are reusable & breathable. 

These are double layered mask, so gives more protection than ordinary masks. 

Available in different colors, these masks look good :) 

To Clean the mask one needs to wash them with detergent and make them dry in the sun or can be washed in hot water to disinfect completely.

One can buy these Hemp masks online through their website.
One can check their Instagram page here: Hemp Mask 

Also can check their Facebook here: FB Page 

Hope you all liked this post and found it useful.


Tuesday, 16 June 2020

Quarantine The New Normal

It was December 2019 when Covid19 started in China, We started reading about it from January 2020. Till that time we were not thinking that it will become a Pandemic and would change our lives.
Initially, I too thought that it would be controlled and there is nothing much to worry but with the passage of time things changed and whatever happened was not imagined as the wildest dream ever.

The fear, anxiety, uncertainty were enough to make anyone feel low and depressed.
I too felt depressed initially but then understood that "This is the Situation now "
This is "The New Normal " and now we have to mentally prepare ourselves to handle this situation and keep ourselves happy in this tough time.

I would like to thank Mayank for introducing me to this blog train.
Sharing my experiences in this quarantine period.

The thing that affected our day to day life :

1. Controlling kids screen time
Kids stay at home during vacation but suddenly schools getting closed and kids at home with a situation that we can not allow them to go out to play or allow them to visit anyone's house is a difficult task for parents ( especially when you have small kids at home )
To keep them engaged and also to control their screen time was not easy.
Like other moms, I tried my best to do that

* Asked them to help me a bit in daily chores
* Asked them to do some activities like DIY's, Paintings, etc
* Asked them to study Arabic in their free time

Still, it's not easy as they feel bored and want to go out.

2. Absence of  Maid
I know for ones who are staying abroad not having a maid is not a big thing but here in India, we have the facility of getting a maid to help us in daily chores.
When the lockdown was declared I gave a paid leave to my maid like others and now doing everything myself ( Which made me more exhausted than before) Especially during the Summer Vacation time which is meant to relax.
 Initially, this made me too upset but again understanding the situation it's Okay :)

3. Not being able to go out

I never thought that there would be a Time where going out will be so difficult but this happened.
I am missing my Morning Walks ( Something which I am missing badly )
Though I see many are doing during the lockdown period also, I didn't.

Then going out to a Superstore to do basic grocery shopping will be so difficult as one needs to stand in a queue for a long then back home sanitize everything.

Now ordering everything online as that's easier.

4.Visiting Relatives and Friends place

Visiting relatives or friends' houses during weekends was a normal thing but not now.
Especially when we didn't go anywhere this Eid, it looked so bad ( But again this is the New Normal)
Connecting via Whatsapp or Video calls is Okay but once gets tired of spending so much time of net and it cannot give that feeling when you meet someone in person.

5. Tight Financial Situation 
Many have lost their jobs, some are not getting Salary, huge loss to business owners.
This is a tough time for all. People are careful in their expenditure and want to save money.
But think of the ones who are not able to get three meals a day.
So we need to offer and help such who are in need.

These are the normal Challenges which everyone is facing.
It's affecting mental health also as people getting bored, depressed.

But on a bigger scale, I Thank Almighty for all the Blessing we have.

This Pandemic Situation and Quarantine period also taught us many good things :)

1. Value What we have 

Having a house, getting three meals a day, and being with your family is a blessing from Almighty.

News of migrant laborers made us cry.
People dying of hunger, dying while trying to reach their native.
That made all of us realize the importance of what we have.
Importance of food we are getting, the importance of our Jobs, House, Savings.

We are lucky to have all these.

2. Humanity 

We have seen many individuals and organizations, NGO's helping the poor and needy.
Ration kits being distributed to needy ones.
People like Sonu Sood doing a fabulous job of helping migrant laborers to reach their home.

Insaniyat Abhi Zinda hai Khatam nahi hui 

( Humanity is still alive )

3. Evolving as a better person

It's said that trials and challenges make you stronger and it's true.
We have emerged as a better person now :)

* No wastage of food or any other resources.
* Value life and Value all your blessings.
* More considerate towards others.
* No fancy shopping or wasting money on unnecessary things.
* No hue and cry over small things ( there are bigger issues in life )

4. More Health Conscious 

Past two months we all are used to have a home-cooked meal
That's good in many ways :)
We are eating healthy now and many have upgraded their cooking skills :)
( Economical on the pocket too )

We are taking more care of our health to improve our immunity and be healthy.
This is something which was needed badly as because of our hectic lifestyle and habit of eating outside frequently it was missed.

5. Family Members staying together and working together

We have heard and read a concept of  #ShareTheLoad 
but that was not followed in all households.
Thankfully because of this quarantine now it is getting implemented.
Whereas we can see husband's and kids also doing daily chores :)
I could not stop my laughter when I saw many Influencers posting Videos and Pics of their husbands doing household chores on social media especially Instagram :)

At my home now hubby helping me in Kitchen and kids doing baking :)

And there was a mad race of a hectic lifestyle
Now couples do have time to spend with each other.
Parents can spend quality time with their kids :)

Moral Learned :
Stay positive
Take care of yourself and your Near & Dear ones
Help the ones you are able to help especially poor and needy
Pray so that things get normal

Till things get back to normal  Stay at Home and Stay Safe.
When outside use Mask & Sanitizer.

( Image source: Google) 

Hope you all liked this post :)

I am writing this post as a part of  Blog Train initiated by Blogger Ila Varma to bring the bloggers together to share numerous experiences of #PandemicLockdown2020

Participating Bloggers

I would like to introduce Writer & Blogger Noor Anand Chawla to this blog train.
Do check her blog to read some interesting book reviews and articles.

#StaySafeStayHome  #QuarantineEdition
#Positivityin Lockdown

I hope you all liked this post.
Do share your opinion in the comment section below.


Thursday, 11 June 2020

Share The Load To Bond With Your Loved Ones

Past two and a half months we all are at home because of  Lockdown and this Self Quarantine has changed our lives.
Not being able to go out, not having any outing, and lots of other issues and problems.
Every adverse situation has something to teach us, it makes us stronger and wiser.
Same in this quarantine situation.
All at home ( hubby and kids) and maids are given leaves, so the work pressure and responsibility of Moms & Homemakers have increased many folds.

( Image source: Google ) 

At my home, I gave paid leave to my maid long back when the first lockdown was declared.
Than mentally prepared myself that now I have to do everything. Cleaning, Cooking, Laundry, etc.

These all are time-consuming works which make one exhausted.
But no other option.

Within a week I felt sick and tired.
Then hubby said Lets Divide the work, It's not good that you should everything.
Then he made few rules for kids :)
That they need to help me with daily chores, either cleaning the house or arranging the table for meals, Cleaning & arranging their wardrobes, etc.
Work was divided and I felt happy that now all are behaving responsibly.

Hubby doing his laundry himself.
Then on weekends, he cooks something for the family, either lunch or some sweet dishes.

So this all came as a sweet surprise to me that now all are taking part in daily chores and more important behaving responsibly.
Not leaving everything for Mom or Maid as earlier it was.

In fact, my kids started trying new recipes and they are good at baking now.
They have learned to bake cakes & cookies.

Then gradually they also started preparing their breakfasts.
A simple menu like Bread Omelet or Pancakes are regular at my house now :)

My birthday was in April.
Since this time it was not possible to go out, my kids planned a simple birthday party at home.
They told a day before that Mama tomorrow you won't work, we will do everything :)
Next morning when I woke up was surprised to see that my Son has prepared my breakfast :)
A simple bread omelet ( heart-shaped omelet ) with a note :)

That made me feel so happy and proud.
That now my son can also cook and he is so concerned that Mama should take rest on her birthday and should not work so much as she usually does :)

Later on, my daughters baked a cake for me and presented it to me with a hand made card.
This will be a memorable birthday for me.

Now when I am not well, I am not tensed about daily chores and meals, I know hubby and kids will manage :)
( This is a relaxing thing for a busy mom like me )

My Son even prepares Tea for me :)

Staying together, Working together, Cooking together has helped to have quality family time.
Something which was missing because of our hectic schedules.

Now we are able to spend quality time together.
So this quarantine time has taught us to be more responsible and value all we have.

When the workload is shared by all family members, bonding increases.
So by sharing the load we multiply the love :)

Ariel India had initiated this #ShareTheLoad Campaign long back
wherein male members of the family were asked to share the workload at home.
Helping females in daily chores.
And doing laundry is not rocket science in the era when we have the facility of using a Washing Machine.
Even kids can do it.
I have asked my kids to do their laundry themselves.

One can watch this lovely video from Ariel


My Husband & Son are now sharing my load :)
From them
I will #ShareTheLoad and help in household chores in association with Ariel India and  Blog Adda

I hope you all liked this post.
Do share your views on this and also tell me your story of sharing the load at your home :)


Friday, 29 May 2020


Summer vacation is the time when we have ample
free time and we love to relax and watch our favorite
shows. This time due to Lockdown Summer Vacation
started a bit earlier and now after spending two months
inside their home people are running out of ideas to
keep themselves engaged.

ZEE5 brings the Summer of emotions for its viewers. 
There are some excellent shows and dramas which
one can watch and enjoy it.

Listing 6 such Drama's here :

1. Aunn Zara 
Aunn Zara is the story of a married couple Aunn&Zara
who are spoiled by their respective families. Destiny
brings them together and they make a cute couple
whereas Zara was bolder than Aunn and Aunn was
over pampered by his mom, grandmother, and aunt.
Maya Ali as Zara has done a great job and Osman
Khalid Butt as Aunn is cute.
I watched this Drama some time back and I totally
loved it.
I watched all episodes and would recommend others
to watch it who like to see light comedy and family

2.  Shehr E Zaat 

This is an Urdu Romantic Drama starring famous
Mahira Khan and Mikaal Zulfiqar. 
Falak ( Mahira Khan ) was a daydreamer and only
child of rich parents.
She was a student of fine arts who makes sculptures
of a man of her dreams. She finds Salman(Mikaal
Zulfiqar) matching her sculpture and she gets married
to him.But sadly was not treated well by her husband.
A tragic incident tears her apart from Salman and
brings her closer to Almighty.

So this is a kind of Spiritual Love Story. 
Sounds interesting and different, watch it :) 

3. Badi Aapa 

This is a family drama starring Savera Nadeem as
Zubeida and Noman Ejaz as Farman.
Zubeida plays the role of badi aapa ( elder sister),
the main character in this drama. 
Zubeida dominates her husband and tries to control
her daughter Sharmeen's life but is unsuccessful.
Zubeida and Ghazanfar loved each other before
Ghazanfar married Zubeida's
sister Firdous. When Zubeida finds out about
Farman's second wife, he decides to divorce her.

There are lots of twists and turns in the story, to know
more watch it on ZEE5 :)

4. Mastana Mahi 

This is a story of an expat girl living abroad falling in
love with a man who is of her father's age. And also
of a politician's son who is forced to marry a child
bride and gradually he falls in love with her.
Starcast: Fahad Mustafa as Adal Soomro 
Mehreen Raheel as Aaleen ( Second wife of Adal ) 
Sajal Ali as Suhaai ( First wife of Adal ) 
I have watched some episodes of this Drama,
which was interesting as Mehreen first dated
an old man then fell in love with Adal and married him.
Adal is trying to balance his relationship with both his
Yet to see till the end to know what was the ending.
Do watch it out :) 

5. Noorpur Ki Rani 

This story is about a poor girl Noorie (Played by
Sanam Balooch) who accidentally lands into a
rich palace which has an old man and his daughter
after a little hesitant Noorie was accepted by them
and is given good care in terms of education and
Now, this makes an interesting plot and I would like to
watch this :) 

6. Main Abdul Qadeer Hoon 

Main Abdul Qadeer Hoon is the story of a boy Abdul Qadeer ( Fahad Mustafa ).
He is an obedient son but his parents are too busy in their own lives.

He befriends a girl in neighborhood Zareen ( Alishaba Yusuf ) who is a spoilt and fast girl and he gets into smoking and drinking. After which he was sent to England by his mom.

There his life changes a lot and he was inclined towards religion and now wants to be a religious scholar. When he returned to his homeland he was a changed person with a cap and beard.

His mom was surprised to see this and after some twist and turns finally, he got married to Zareen .

So these dramas are family drama's and one could really connect with the characters.

And a good source of entertainment during this Lockdown period. 

One can watch these at ZEE5.COM

One can watch watch many more such Dramas and Series.

If you have watched any of these, do share your opinion about these shows in the comment section below.
One can my previous post to know how to get Free ZEE5 subscription from Airtel & Vodafone

Friday, 27 March 2020



21 Days Lockdown in our country and everything closed.
Schools and colleges closed and men at home.
For some, it's difficult to keep themselves engaged and feel extremely bored sitting at home.

ZEE5 is here to entertain its audience with a free subscription from Airtel & Vodaphone.

ZEE5 app comes in 11 different languages and has lakhs of content for its audience.
So it has something for everyone.
Do check it out and download the app, and keep yourself engaged and entertained during this
Stay at home period.

Steps to get this free subscription :

Step 1: Open my airtel app on your mobile.
          Download My airtel app.
           Once its installed, open the app on your mobile phone.

airtel thanks

Step 2:  Click the " Discover Airtel Thanks " Tab at the right corner of the screen.

airtel thanks

Step3: On the next screen click " Claim "under the ZEE5 premium subscription tab.

airtel thanks

Step 4: Click " Activate Now"  to redeem your free subscription.

airtel thanks

Step 5: Register with phone number and set a password, click continue to proceed.

airtel thanks

Step 6: Redirect to the app store. Click GET IT to tab to download the ZEE5 app.

airtel thanks

ZEE5 app will be installed on the mobile phone.

Step 7: Click on the ZEE5 app icon.

airtel thanks

Step 8: Click on " login via mobile number "

airtel thanks

Step 9: Login into the app with the same credentials as registered in My Airtel app.

airtel thanks

And now you can browse and chose what you want to watch and enjoy.
How simple is this.

One can check this site to know more  ZEE5

One can also check free Premium content here at ZEE5

Sunday, 9 February 2020

5 Movie Review Handles on Helo App

5 movie review handles on Helo App, you absolutely need to follow if you are a movie buff.

Films can be purely for entertainment, they can be a mirror to the society we live in and much more.
Like books, you must choose your movies carefully. They are an art form after all.
Regardless of the genre its always better to read up on a film's review before you go watch it.
The reviewing source also needs to be authentic and unbiased.
Social media has done a brilliant job of giving a platform to people for voicing their opinion and movies are no exceptions.
Helo has lots of handles dedicated to film reviews.
Here are 5 such handles you absolutely need to follow if you are a movie buff.

1. Navbharat Times 

This handle needs no introduction, it is a part of one of the giants of Indian media ' The Times Group'
With about 359.6K followers on Helo, it has sections dedicated to different aspects of Journalism including movie reviews. The reviews on this handle are crisp and precise. They generally review movies from the Hindi film industry and do a pretty good job of it.
If you are into Bollywood, you must check out the regular movie reviews on this handle.

2. The Newzbox 

This Delhi based handle is a part of the news website, just like the name suggests.
It has more than 5000 followers on Helo and it posts very honest film reviews.
Bollywood has evolved and a lot of different movies in different genres are being produced.
This channel can help you choose between the latest released films since there really is no dearth of new films being released in Bollywood.

3. Veblr Entertainment 

This handle has quite a fan following on Helo.
With 44 K followers, it is evident that a lot of people get their entertainment news from this handle.
Apart from bringing the latest news to your mobile screen, they also bring you quality film reviews of the latest and even old blockbusters. The reviews are generally honest but can be little condescending, which is good for the viewers. Check out this handle to know about Bollywood and movies.

4. Suraj Kumar Reviews 

This massively popular handle has over 164.7 K followers on Helo and he has a prominent disclaimer which states that he is not a critic but an entertainer. He makes self-starting video's which includes parodies, listicles, and other similar content. Laced with humor and criticism the videos are highly entertaining.

5. Rochak Saxena 

This movie reviewer is quite influential with bout 140K followers on Helo.
His handle is full of latest film reviews done in a hilarious way and other content related to entertainment. He is quite active and the views of his video often exceed his number of followers.
It's a very promising handle that is bound to grow this coming year.

If you want to stay updated about the latest Bollywood movies and Indian Cinema in general, you should follow these accounts on Helo. With so many new films releasing every year, it is good to know what movies in your genre of choice are worth the time and effort.

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Thursday, 23 January 2020

Wonderful Experience At Food Hunt Cum Bloggers Event by MPOC

On 10th January 2020, we had a Blogger Event here in Hyderabad by MPOC
( Malaysian Palm Oil Council).
I was happy to get the invitation and was looking forward to have some great time there.
And yes to my expectation it was a wonderful event with some great insight about Malaysian Palm oil council, details about the benefits of Palm oil and the most interesting part was Food Hunt event:)
So in this post, I will share all the details.

After Meet and Greet with fellow bloggers and Organizers, got a chance to meet Bhavna Vyas Shah
Country head of MPOC( India & Sri Lanka)

She shared details about the benefits of palm oil, its usage, health benefits, etc.

What I learned from the session is :

* Palm oil is widely used in many sectors or industries like Food, Cosmetics, Pharmacy, Animal feed, BioFuel & Energy.
* Indirectly we are consuming it for long but we are not aware of it.
Since it is used in Personal care products, Cosmetics, and Food industry we are consuming it but were not knowing about it.
* There are many myths surrounding Palm oil and the session was to clear all such myths and doubts.
* It has numerous health benefits but people are not aware of it.
* Since in India depending upon region and taste people are more used to prefer oils like Mustard, Coconut but for a large population like in India, we need more oils which are affordable and good for health and Palm oil is a solution for this.
* It provides food security as Plantation of Palm tree requires less land, fewer fertilizers.
so more oil is produced in less land.

Health benefits of Palm Oil:

* Palm oil is a nutritious oil rich in Vitamin A, D, E, K.
* Its free of Trans Fat.
* Palm oil is rich in Vitamin E which is a powerful anti-oxidant
  capable of reducing harmful radicals in the body.
* Palm oil also contains Carotenoids which helps to strengthen the body's immune system.
* Palm oil reduces the risk of heart diseases as it lowers bad cholesterol in the body and increases good cholesterol.
* It helps to increase the absorption of Vitamin A in the body in people suffering from Cystic Fibrosis.
* It increases metabolism, thus helps in weight management.

Apart from learning all these, there was an interesting Food Hunt Event organized for bloggers.
Bloggers were divided into 5 teams, each having 3 bloggers.
We were given some Clue cards using which we have to find a clue to find our next destination( a restaurant nearby)
It was fun and we all rushed to reach there first, Upon reaching the first destination which was 10AsiaKitchen ( A restaurant In Jubilee Hills Area Hyderabad) we had to mix Icecream, Fererro Rocher Chocolate, Biscuits, Nutella together and eat it fast to get the next clue card. From there we ran to Tikki Shak, a restaurant on the other side of the road. where we had to fill a questionnaire which had some question on Palm oil :)
Once that was done we got the next clue card which took us to the third restaurant Eat India Company where we had to do blindfold tasting :)
A mixed veg curry was served and we had to taste it and name ingredients in it.
This was fun and we guessed right :)
The Next destination was  Urban Asia restaurant where we had to prepare a Salad using Palm oil.
We got some Veggies, dressings and palm oil. All team prepared their Salad and was served to Chef who gave points and again we ran back to our original destination where the event was organized ( Smoky Pitara)
It was all fun and was a totally different kind of experience for me:)
Thoroughly enjoyed it.

At 10AsiaKitchen we were given IceCream, Chocolate, Biscuits, Nutella.
Chocolate was Fererro Rocher
All of these contain palm oil.
Since palm oil is semi-solid at room temperature it gives baked goods creamy texture, so used in the preparation of ice creams chocolates, biscuits, cookies, etc.

At UrbanAsia restaurant we had to prepare Salad using Palm oil.
We mixed some veggies like Cabbage leaves, Tomato, Broccoli, Black Olives
Seasoned it with Red Chilli Flakes, Salt, Black pepper, White Vinegar, Honey, and one teaspoon palm oil.
It turned out good with nice flavor and taste.
Palm oil can be used for Salad Dressing and it provides food flavor and texture to the salad.

The winning team was one whose Salad was best and was liked by Chef :)

After these all we had photoshoots and Lunch.

So this was a wonderful experience for me, knowing details about Palm oil and be a part of the Food Hunt event.

One can know more about palm oil by checking this website

One can read more about the benefits of palm oil in a post which I wrote last month
Benefits of Palm Oil & Food Security

Hope you all liked this post and found it useful.
Do share your opinion in the comment section below.