Sunday 24 May 2015

Bring your Inner child out

Being a mom of small kids I learned many new things especially regarding kids behavior and psychology.
Then I realised that its better to behave like a kid when you are with a kid. It helps to make the bond stronger and ultimately you develop a strong relationship with them.Their innocent question like why sun rises and why birds chirp are sometimes difficult to answer but if your answer convinces them then you are a great teacher and friend for them. The biggest thing while dealing a kid is patience . you ought to have lots of patience to answer all their silly queries, give sufficient time to them while teaching or feeding or even while playing with them. I remember when I was teaching my daughter how to play badminton it took many days but kept on telling her that its very easy , you can learn and play well and now she really plays well.
At times I really forget my likes and dislikes rather try to remember my kids likes and dislikes like what to cook, what to watch on TV etc.
while cooking I am extra careful not to make the curry too spicy else they wont like it instead try to make dishes of their choices like cakes , homemade chocolates, doughnuts etc. while watching TV sometimes I sit with them enjoy their favourite cartoon shows like Doraemon or Tom & Jerry series.
Even at my School when I am teaching students of Primary sections I am too friendly with them , giving them surprise gifts like toffees or colourful pencils , so that very freely they can ask me doubts and after having confidence in me they really behave very obediently and call me their favourite Teacher.
So I Say bring Your Inner child out and Behave like a Kid when you are with them.

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Unknown said...

Very nice. I also try to follow these.