Sunday 24 May 2015

Wings To Dream

Its true to say that education gives wings to dream .
A child when born knows nothing , slowly picks up his/her mother tongue or language spoken at home , gradually learns many more things from his/her surroundings .
But Education makes him a COMPLETE MAN , with the POWER OF KNOWLEDGE , Manners and etiquettes , fineness in everything .
Small kids dream many things about future specially about their choice of carrier , What to become -a doctor or an engineer or an architect etc, but without proper education its impossible to full fill that dream.
so education acts as a bridge between child’s dream and reality. Even when they play , they try to act what they want to become in future.
A child’s educational journey starts from preschool or Nursery as we say , here choice of school is very important , because if the child’s foundation is not strong then it would be quite difficult for him/her to cope with higher studies.
In my case for all my kids my decision for preschool was very good , I talked with several parents in my neighbourhood and enquired about various schools then finally selected a good school and sent my kids there and now after several years I feel quite Happy that I made a right decision. Once the base is strong then the child can pick anything themselves , they only need proper Guidance .
I strongly feel its very important to make them master English language because they have to study almost everything in English. So if their English is good they can understand everything nicely.
Since my kids are in primary classes its too early to decide their professional course right now, But I have given them the liberty to choose what they want , Parents Guidance and decision is very important but their choice should be kept in mind.
My son loves Science fiction and often says that he wants to be a scientist so that he can discover new things , I always support him saying try new things and he MAKES MODELS OF VARIOUS THINGS .
My daughter loves cooking and learning new recipes , in her free time she watches various you tube videos to know about various recipes so I always encourage her and say you can become an excellent Chef .
These encouragement gives them Moral boost and makes them happy.


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