Tuesday 16 June 2015

Home Made Skin Exfoliators

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Rewardme.in  is a wonderful site from where we can read useful articles on skin care , hair care , fashion tips , home d├ęcor , family bonding etc.
Of the various articles on Skin care and beauty , the article I liked most is

5 Best Skin Exfoliators From Your Kitchen

Link to this article   https://www.rewardme.in/beauty/skin-care/article/5-best-skin-exfoliators-from-your-kitchen

Its true that  now a days most of us are using scrubs and exfoliators available in the market .We hardly think of making it ourselves from simple things available in our kitchens.
Market is flooded  with  skin care and beauty products from various brands but  all of these products might not be good for our skin , some of them might not suit our skin .And most important they might contain chemicals which can be harsh on skin .The worst part is  they may dehydrate the skin and leave ugly scars.So it is better to use home made scrubs and exfoliators which are safe and more economical then ready to use scrubs.
This article on Rewardme.in has beautifully explained  about making scrubs and exfoliators at home from simple products available in our kitchens.

1. Exfoliator from sugar and coffee - Can be made from grounded coffee bean and sugar , lavender oil  .
 To make this exfoliator one needs to ground the coffee bean and sugar to a fine texture and add little lavender oil to it , this should be applied to face and left for 15-20 minutes , then should be washed with water.
Result --Smooth skin with no blemishes.

2.Sugar and olive oil  helps in deep cleansing of pores.
 The glycolic acid of sugar helps to break down the dead skin cells and appearance of fine line .Thus this can be used as an anti wrinkle product.

3.Lemon and honey mask --cleanses the skin and makes it smooth.
   Lemon juice contains Alpha hydroxy acid which helps to remove protein glue that causes dead skin cells. This pack has a nice fragrance .

4.Oatmeal --It is said to be the gentlest exfoliator .Oatmeal mixed with milk can be used as an exfoliator , makes your skin clean and beautiful.
 An excellent exfoliator for sensitive skin.
 To use , ground the oats in a blender or mixer , then add milk to it and use it as a face pack .Leave for 15 minutes then wash it off with water.

5.Sea salt and Baby oil --Sea salt mixed with baby oil should be left for 24 hours and then should be used as an exfoliator , result - It gives a polished and glowing skin.

I found this article extremely useful  as it gives lots of information about exfoliators made naturally .Going to try these home made scrubs and exfoliators.

I love to try these types of home remedies for skin care and hair care as they are safe , easy to prepare and use , more economical then expensive skin care and hair care products .

In todays world where beauty is skin deep and people are ready to spend  a huge amount on skin care , beauty products and services to look good and beautiful , simple and effective home made  beauty products has its own charm , tried and tested  by few and loved by all.
Hope to get some more useful articles like this on Rewardme.in

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TN School Events said...

Sugar is too good. I love it always.www.pinkandpink.com

Unknown said...

Nice tips dear. Very useful

Unknown said...

The tips are really nice ! I am gonna try the oatmeal scrub ! :-)

Hema Thakur said...

Thanks for lovely Tips :) really very useful

sujata bansod said...

hi ghazala
I really liked this article very much N I m going to use sea salt n baby oil to polished my dry skin as i heard about sea salt first time I always like home made solutions as tips. gud :)

Chatpatiilife said...

hi ghazala,
really amazing tips you have given really great tips i would gonna try them soon!!

Anonymous said...

love the sugar n coffee scrub - will try