Tuesday 2 June 2015

Lets Celebrate Mothers day Everyday

Mothers day is celebrated on second Sunday in May .This year it is on 10th of May .
It is celebrated to honour mothers and grandmothers for their contribution to family and society.
It is celebrated with gifts , cards , flowers etc to show your love to your Mom.
Now a days on social media platforms like facebook and twitter we can many Mothers day contest going on , show your love to your Mom by writing few lines about her or posting a selfie with your mom etc etc .But my question is should we celebrate Mothers day only One day in a year , showing her love and affection and giving her some gifts ? Can't we celebrate mothers day everyday , all 365 days in a year ? YES we can.
When ever I see something which my mom likes , I purchase it and gift it to her .The sweet smile on her face gives me immense happiness.
The gift can be as small as a cotton saree , her favourite magazine , an ice cream which she loves to eat.
Some times when I could not meet her for few days for some reasons , I do try to call her daily and ask her about her health .A short phone call also gives her happiness thinking that her daughter is concerned about her
So we should not confine Mothers Day to a single day but should celebrate it everyday.
Mothers love for her kids is pure , unmatched , unconditional . She loves her kids even after knowing their mistakes or flaws , But can a child do the same for her Mom , Perhaps No.
A mom forgives and forgets all mistakes done by her kids but when they grow old and are dependent on their kids , their small mistakes are not easily forgiven or forgotten.
This is saddest part of story .A mother can feed five kids , But when she grows old Five kids are unable to take care of her , all thinking that its other siblings responsibility.
 So the mistake does not lies in mothers unconditional love , mistake lies in kids attitude towards their old parents

So just by showing your love to your mother for a single day (Mothers Day) by showering her with some gifts and spending some time with her does not really shows that you love your mother. Instead  try to celebrate Mothers day everyday by taking care of her small needs , giving her happiness in those things which she likes , showing her affection by making calls to them daily and talking with them about anything , enquiring about her health etc.This will keep her happy through out the year and regarding gift , It does nor requires a reason to gift anything to your mother who has gifted you everything , starting from bringing  you to this world , feeding , teaching , loving , caring , everything.
When I take care of my kids , feeding them , teaching them , taking care of their small needs , I always remember my childhood , how my mom has done so much for me.Then my love and respect for her increase many fold.
 I am not against Mothers day , yes  we can celebrate it  as a function or festival as we celebrate so many festivals , we can spend some quality time with our Mom , giving her some gifts , asking her to take a break from her daily chores and enjoy the day.My point is we should not confine all these things to a single day but should do it as often as possible


Unknown said...

you are so right..we should celebrate mothers day every day..very thoughtful.. :)


Unknown said...

Truly said.

HEJAZI said...

Enforcing only a particular day for mother is unfair; under the mother’s feet lays the paradise. Mother is the embodiment of care and the cradle of shelter .. well said Ghazala !!