Tuesday 28 July 2015

Review of Parachute Advansed Aromatherapy Oil

Parachute coconut oil is a well know brand in Indian Market .
Earlier only Pure  coconut  oil was available but now we can get various variants of Parachute Coconut oil .
This Parachute Advansed Aromatherapy oil  is the latest version or addition of Parachute coconut oil.
Its a Special Edition oil which is not easily available in market.
One can get this from online stores like amazon.in and snapdeal.com
I got it as a promotional product and I am happy to use and review it.

Mineral oil 59%(v/v)
Vegetable oil like coconut oil an sunflower oil
Essential oils like Rosemary , Lavender and Bergamot
Vitamin E and perfume

What the product Claims :
The product claims to De stress mind and Body

Product details :
The oil is colourless and has light consistency . It is not at all greasy .
It has a nice fragrance of flowers  and it gets easily absorbed .
Since it is a type of aromatherapy oil it really works wonder and helps to relax mind .
A good massage from this oil can be relaxing.
When I tried it for the first time , I felt sleepy .

Apart from this it does not gives much nourishment to hair like other coconut oils .
It does not prevents dandruff or hair fall.

So one can use it only for massage and for getting relaxed  and for hair growth or nourishment one has to use other oils.
 Price Rs 99 for 175ml

1. It really helps to relax and de stress our mind.
2. A good massage with this oil  can help to have a good sleep.
3. Price ok , not too high , is easily affordable.
4. Its flowery fragrance is awesome .
5. Its light and non sticky , so can be used daily .
6. It can be easily rinsed off with any mild shampoo.

1. Its packaging is not travel friendly.
2.It does not nourishes the hair .
3. It cannot control dandruff and hair fall.
4. It is not easily available every where .

Overall its a good oil which can be used for daily massage and would help to relax and de stress a thing very important these days .One should not expect some miracle by using this oil , it would not help in hair growth .

Sunday 26 July 2015

Recipe of Healthy Palak Paratha

Making your kids eat vegetables is a challenge these days.
I remember when we were small we would obediently eat what ever was served to us without making much fuss . But with the change of lifestyle and economy things have changed .
Kids do not want to eat green vegetables , instead love to have junk foods like Pizza's , Burger's , Sandwiches , Chocolates etc.
So I  always try to find out ways to make my kids eat vegetables.
Sometimes I add vegetables to fried rice and paneer curries , some times to daals like Moong dal with added vegetables.
So a new recipe which I tried and was very successful is Palak Paratha --Paratha made with finely chopped spinach leaves .
It looks very good and also tastes very good .
My kids loved it and now I prepare it regularly .
Today I will share my recipe of  Palak Paratha.
 Ingredients :
1. Wheat flour - 4 cups
2. Finely chopped spinach leaves - 2 cups
3. Salt - to taste
4. Chaat masala powder - 1 tea spoon
5. Saunf --1 tea spoon
6. Ghee/oil - for cooking

1. Wash and chop spinach leaves.
2. In a mixing bowl add wheat flour , salt , saunf , spinach leaves , little ghee /oil  and knead the flour adding little water.
3. Make equal sized balls from the flour .
4. Roll it using rolling pin , the parathas should be little thick then normal phulkas or rotis.
5. Cook it on a hot tawa turning both sides and adding little oil or ghee .
6. Cook till crispy .

This delicious paratha can be served with Tomato ketchup or Pudiney ki chutney .
Good for break fast and can also be given in Lunch box.

Since it is made from wheat flour and not white flour its healthy , spinach is a good source of iron so very good for health.I use ghee for its preparation as it gives a nice  aroma and taste.
I add saunf as it gives a unique taste to paratha and also helps in digestion of food.

So this way we can innovate new dishes which are healthy and delicious .


Tuesday 7 July 2015

Home Made Face Packs

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Beauty industry is blooming , skin care products are in demand , services to improve your skin colour and tone are becoming famous  ,as every one wants to look good and feel good .
People are using expensive creams , lotions , serums to improve their skin colour .
Facials and chemical peeling are common thing now , people do not think twice before spending a big amount on these services .
So among all these expensive things if we can get some effective and affordable products which will work wonder on our skin  then its a boon.
In this blog post I would share some good and effective Home made face packs which are easy to make and use and  helps to get naturally fair n glowing  skin.

1. Milk Cream and saffron face mask
 Saffron makes the skin fair and milk cream moisturizes the skin making it smooth .
To make this face pack add few strands of saffron to milk cream and leave it overnight.
In the morning mix it with your finger tips and then apply on your face , leave for 15 minutes and then wash it off with water .It gives a healthy glow to your skin.

2.  Face pack of Mashed Ripened  Papaya
I have tried this face pack several times , its very effective.
Take a ripened papaya , mash it with your fingers , apply it to your face and leave for 15 minutes .
Then wash it off with plenty of water .
It gives instant glow to your skin.
Papaya contains certain enzymes which removes the dead skin from the face and face looks bright .

3. Face Pack from Honey and Lemon
Mix  2 tablespoon of each honey and lemon juice , apply it on your face and leave for half an hour .
Wash it off with plenty of water .
Gives naturally fair skin instantly.

4.  Almond face Mask
 Soak 3-4 almonds in milk for 5-6 hours then make a paste of it in a grinder .
Use this paste as a face pack or mask and leave it for an hour , if possible little more time ,
then wash it off with water . This almond mask helps to improve skin colour and make the skin smooth and silky.

5. Banana Face pack for Oily Skin
Banana  face pack is very effective for oily skin .
Take half a mashed banana , 1 egg white , 1 table spoon curd , make a face pack from these three ingredients and apply it on your face and leave for 15 minutes , then wash  it off with plenty of water , it removes oiliness of skin and gives instant glow to your face .

So by using these simple home made face packs we can get glowing and fair skin , and also would not make hole in anyone's pocket .

Some good home made beauty products details are given at Rewardme.in   in the  beauty section , one can see that article to know more about home made face packs .
link to article

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Tips To Maintain Work Life Balance

Some two decades back , life was not so hectic as it is today .
Men use to do 9 to 5 job , women were mostly homemakers , staying at home and taking care of family needs . There was not much pressure of studies also.
People were  not in MAD  RACE  to earn surplus  money and be ahead of others.
Most of the people were living simple life and were happy and satisfied , I agree there were some financial problems but that was also tackled efficiently with patience and proper planning .
 But now Scenario has changed , people are in a Mad race to earn more and more money , to be ahead of everyone in their circle , be it be their friend circle or relatives , they want to outshine .
This has resulted in Stress related problems , because money does not comes easily .
Change in lifestyle has also increased many  stress related problems.
BPO's , Call centres , IT  industry , Health sector all have work hours in shift rotation  that includes night shifts as well .So people working in these shifts get stressed because of lack of sleep and are first ones to have stress related problems like high BP ,  Sugar , anxiety etc.
Then the madness to earn more and more money add to their woes.
I was reading an article on Rewardme.in on 8 Ways To A Work Life Balance  .
Its a good article which explains how to Manage your time and maintain Work life Balance.
The article can be read here :

So Time Management is the Key to Maintain Work Life Balance

Every body gets that 24 hours in a day but some people manage their time so well that they have time for everything , for their family , friends , Social life , Job etc.
But there are many who can't manage their time and always cry that "I don't have time for anything"
They mess up their life and are unhappy .
So its very important to learn how to manage your time well so that we have time for everything.
This increases efficiency .
When at work we should be very careful and attentive so not to do any mistake there and try to finish our work quickly so that we are free to do other things .
When spending time with family and friends , it should be a Quality time , enjoying each and every moment of it .
Specially with your kids the spent should be memorable because it has deep impact on their psychology , Kids want emotional bonding with their parents , so it should not be that while with kids we are busy  chatting with some one on phone or checking our mails , it should be a quality time , talking to them , listening to their queries and problems .
Following these simple rules we can manage our time efficiently and easily maintain work life Balance , which is ultimately good for our health and relationships.

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Saturday 4 July 2015

Motivate Your Kids To Do thier Daily Chores

I was reading an article on Rewardme.in  on  Creative ways to make children do their chores with a smile , its a good article on Parenting.
Link to the article  :  https://www.rewardme.in/family/child-and-you/article/make-children-do-their-chores-with-smile

Its a challenge to make the kids do daily house hold chores but with love , patience , creativity and early training this could be done efficiently.
Proper training at the early age is the most important thing.
I have small school going kids , during weekends and holidays they mess up their bedroom by doing all sort of activities like painting , crafts   like paper cutting , taking out their toys and playing with them .
I give them sufficient time to play and enjoy , with a condition that in the evening they have clean their room.
So this thing I have taught them from an early age , its in their mind that they have to clean their room , no one else would do that , neither mama nor maid will do , they have to clean it themselves.
 To motivate them I say after cleaning we will go out to park and I try to give them some small gifts to make them happy .
The best thing  is  APPRECIATION
We all love appreciation , so when small kids are appreciated for their hard work and effort , they really  feel happy and confident and behave obediently.
I do appreciate their work and efforts in front of others , this really motivates them to do their work more nicely.

I like the section the article  "  Creativity is Key "
My daughters are very creative , once I told  them that  It looks so good to have a clean room with lots of pictures of flowers and fruits around us , They took it very seriously and next day they collected  colourful pictures of fruits and flowers from  some  old books and they decorated their bedroom with those colourful pictures , pasting it on walls , doors etc , and gave a surprise to me  saying mama  we have decorated our room .Now its looking so beautiful.
 So its important to motivate them to be creative.
But all kids are not alike , some are very difficult to handle and to make them work is a big thing , specially boys , as I see my son does not wants to do all these  work , So one has to very cool that time and with patience we have to make them understand that they have to do certain work , no one else would do that .
As I have set some rules in my home that they have to keep their room clean , they have keep their study table clean and  if I ask them to do any work , they have to do it , they can't say NO.

We can set some rules from an early age like:

 1.They have to make their bed clean before sleeping.
 2.They have to put their shoes in shoe rack.
 3.They have hang their wet towel in sun after taking bath.
 4.They have to throw papers and other waste in the  bin , not any where in the house .
 5.They have to take care of their things , no one else is responsible for it.

This develops a sense of responsibility in them at an early age , which is good for them.

So with these small efforts we can give right teaching to our kids and make them good human beings.

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Massage your baby with Love

Massaging baby with oil is a ritual in India and many other countries as it has lots of benefits.
It is popularly called as TEL MALISH
Earlier there use to be a lady masseuse  who use to do massage to new born baby and the mother both .But now Since its not easy to get that , mothers or grand  mothers are doing massage to babies.

Benefits  of   Massaging:

1.It tones up baby's muscles and makes the bone strong.
2.It  helps to release gas and improves digestion.
3.It moisturizes baby's skin and prevents drying and chapping of skin.
4. It relaxes the muscles and baby feels sleepy after getting good massage.
5. It develops strong bonding between kid and mother as kids and infants really do enjoy getting massaged .

So one needs a good oil for massaging .
There are many baby massage oil available in the market but all of them are not good ,as  they contain paraffin and are loaded with perfumes and preservatives.
So when my kids were small I had used Olive oil for baby massage .
Olive oil is one of the best oil for Massage as well for maintaining good health by using it in cooking.
Olive oil contains Omega 3 fatty acids which contains antioxidants.
It nourishes the skin and is free from any chemicals , perfumes or preservatives.
I remember my kids use to enjoy massage with olive oil , after a good massage of 15 minutes they use to sleep well , I use to do it in night before bed time .
Sometimes in the morning before bathing them .
Massaging has to be done in a proper technique to get maximum benefits.
Right stroke at the right place makes a difference , it helps to relax body and mind , it is also said that during massage some hormones are released which  gives a warm feeling to the baby.

Although I have heard a lot about Dabur baby Massage oil  but I have not used it yet , thinking to buy it for my kids , they are grown up now but still sometimes in winter I do massage to them , to make them feel warm and good.

Since Dabur is a reputed brand and all its products are good , so hope this Baby massage oil will also be a quality product .
After using it , I would surely write another blogpost on Dabur Baby Massage Oil.

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Friday 3 July 2015

Its RainBow Time

With the fresh smell of soil and  splashy colours of rainbow , my heart  fills with joy , Thanking the Almighty for the Lovely Rain .
So One feels like wearing colourful dresses and accessories to enjoy the rain.
People in small town  and villages people celebrate rain by wearing Green  Colour dresses and young girls and women wear green bangles and Say " Saawan Hai"
So with a little change in ones Wardrobe , one can really Enjoy Rains , a dash of colourful dresses , dupattas , stoles , bangles , earrings , sling bags   makes a difference.
limeroad.com is one my favourite online store , I have been shopping from limeroad past one year .
This year for monsoon  celebration I have done some good shopping from limeroad , few Salwaar kameez --bright and colourful , a floral sling bag .

Floral Finesse Printed Bag  tn0
I simply love this floral  sling bag from limeroad .com
A quality product with beautiful design  and affordable price.

Green Embroidered Georgette Kurta Green Embellished Paisley Base Round ClutchElite Green Stones and Crystal Studded Chandelier Earrings
Red and Royal Blue Suit SetRound Tribal Brooch  Raw Silk HandbagBlue acrylic beaded earrings

(Image from  https://www.limeroad.com/)
Colourful suits like these are good for the season. Makes one feel happy and cheerful.
One can shop these products from limeraod.com

1.Choice of Apparels in monsoon:

It is said that Clothes reflect our personality.
So choose your dress wisely .
Choice of colours , fabrics are very important.
For Rainy season we can use cotton clothes in vibrant colours , they are comfortable on skin and pleasant to eyes .
Dresses of Crepe material are also good for Rainy season as they are easy to wash and maintain .

2.Makeup in monsoon:

Makeup during monsoon should be water proof , and its better to use herbal product as many people are having skin related problems during monsoon .

3.Accessories :

Colourful accessories like colourful bangles , bracelets , earrings add a splash of colour to your look .
One can use floral sling bags , stoles and scarfs to their outfits .It looks bright and colourful.

4.Footwears :

Bright colour flip flops , floaters are good for monsoon.

Limeroad.com has excellent collection of apparels , foot wears , accessories like stoles , artificial jewelleries , skin care herbal products like iyurveda body wash , shampoo etc .
One can shop these product from limeroad.com and enjoy this rainy season with colour splash.

last month I had ordered iYurveda Herbal care body wash from limeroad.com , its an excellent product . Good for skin with a nice fragrance , one feels fresh after using it , the skin gets moisturized and there is no dryness like in case of using soaps.
price 194 for 210 ml.




Wednesday 1 July 2015

Review of Acmed Daily Face Wash

Few days back there was a Monsoon Contest on facebook page of Ethicare  Remedies.
I had also participated in that contest . And I won a prize .
Its a face wash from Ethicare Remedies --Acmed Daily Face wash
I  am using this product past one week , Today I will write review of this face wash.

Acmed Pimple care face wash is a specially formulated face wash which is 100% soap free.
It gently cleanses excess sebum or oil from the face removing dirt and dead cells.
It has anti bacterial properties which is required to control pimples and acnes.
It is transparent in colour , contains purple  colour small globules  which acts as scrub and helps to remove dead cells from skin.
It makes good Lather .It  has a nice lemony  fragrance .

Key Ingredients :
Tea Tree oil
Pro Vitamin B5
Vitamin E
Aloe Vera

Tea tree oil has  very powerful anti bacterial , anti fungal  properties which helps to control and treat acnes and pimples.

Aloe Vera is a wonderful plant having therapeutic and  beautifying properties .
It contains vitamins and minerals .
It helps to remove dead cells , makes the skin soft and glowing.
Also  helps to reduce dark spot pigmentation, wrinkles and fine lines.

The anti inflammatory properties of Aloe Vera Prevents the out break of acnes and pimples and heals the acnes scars effectively.

So this face wash has goodness of tea tree oil and Aloe Vera.

Price 165 for 70 gms tube.
Expiry date is 3 years from the date of manufacture.

It is a good product for oily skin which are prone  to pimples and acnes .
Since I have oily skin I found this product too useful for me .
After washing my face with this face wash my skin felt good , It was clean and fresh.

I had heard and read a lot about Ethicare products that they are good and dermatologically tested , but this is the first time I am using it , my experience with this product is good.
Good for people who are having oily skin and acnes problems