Sunday 26 July 2015

Recipe of Healthy Palak Paratha

Making your kids eat vegetables is a challenge these days.
I remember when we were small we would obediently eat what ever was served to us without making much fuss . But with the change of lifestyle and economy things have changed .
Kids do not want to eat green vegetables , instead love to have junk foods like Pizza's , Burger's , Sandwiches , Chocolates etc.
So I  always try to find out ways to make my kids eat vegetables.
Sometimes I add vegetables to fried rice and paneer curries , some times to daals like Moong dal with added vegetables.
So a new recipe which I tried and was very successful is Palak Paratha --Paratha made with finely chopped spinach leaves .
It looks very good and also tastes very good .
My kids loved it and now I prepare it regularly .
Today I will share my recipe of  Palak Paratha.
 Ingredients :
1. Wheat flour - 4 cups
2. Finely chopped spinach leaves - 2 cups
3. Salt - to taste
4. Chaat masala powder - 1 tea spoon
5. Saunf --1 tea spoon
6. Ghee/oil - for cooking

1. Wash and chop spinach leaves.
2. In a mixing bowl add wheat flour , salt , saunf , spinach leaves , little ghee /oil  and knead the flour adding little water.
3. Make equal sized balls from the flour .
4. Roll it using rolling pin , the parathas should be little thick then normal phulkas or rotis.
5. Cook it on a hot tawa turning both sides and adding little oil or ghee .
6. Cook till crispy .

This delicious paratha can be served with Tomato ketchup or Pudiney ki chutney .
Good for break fast and can also be given in Lunch box.

Since it is made from wheat flour and not white flour its healthy , spinach is a good source of iron so very good for health.I use ghee for its preparation as it gives a nice  aroma and taste.
I add saunf as it gives a unique taste to paratha and also helps in digestion of food.

So this way we can innovate new dishes which are healthy and delicious .


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