Saturday 4 July 2015

Massage your baby with Love

Massaging baby with oil is a ritual in India and many other countries as it has lots of benefits.
It is popularly called as TEL MALISH
Earlier there use to be a lady masseuse  who use to do massage to new born baby and the mother both .But now Since its not easy to get that , mothers or grand  mothers are doing massage to babies.

Benefits  of   Massaging:

1.It tones up baby's muscles and makes the bone strong.
2.It  helps to release gas and improves digestion.
3.It moisturizes baby's skin and prevents drying and chapping of skin.
4. It relaxes the muscles and baby feels sleepy after getting good massage.
5. It develops strong bonding between kid and mother as kids and infants really do enjoy getting massaged .

So one needs a good oil for massaging .
There are many baby massage oil available in the market but all of them are not good ,as  they contain paraffin and are loaded with perfumes and preservatives.
So when my kids were small I had used Olive oil for baby massage .
Olive oil is one of the best oil for Massage as well for maintaining good health by using it in cooking.
Olive oil contains Omega 3 fatty acids which contains antioxidants.
It nourishes the skin and is free from any chemicals , perfumes or preservatives.
I remember my kids use to enjoy massage with olive oil , after a good massage of 15 minutes they use to sleep well , I use to do it in night before bed time .
Sometimes in the morning before bathing them .
Massaging has to be done in a proper technique to get maximum benefits.
Right stroke at the right place makes a difference , it helps to relax body and mind , it is also said that during massage some hormones are released which  gives a warm feeling to the baby.

Although I have heard a lot about Dabur baby Massage oil  but I have not used it yet , thinking to buy it for my kids , they are grown up now but still sometimes in winter I do massage to them , to make them feel warm and good.

Since Dabur is a reputed brand and all its products are good , so hope this Baby massage oil will also be a quality product .
After using it , I would surely write another blogpost on Dabur Baby Massage Oil.

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