Saturday 4 July 2015

Motivate Your Kids To Do thier Daily Chores

I was reading an article on  on  Creative ways to make children do their chores with a smile , its a good article on Parenting.
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Its a challenge to make the kids do daily house hold chores but with love , patience , creativity and early training this could be done efficiently.
Proper training at the early age is the most important thing.
I have small school going kids , during weekends and holidays they mess up their bedroom by doing all sort of activities like painting , crafts   like paper cutting , taking out their toys and playing with them .
I give them sufficient time to play and enjoy , with a condition that in the evening they have clean their room.
So this thing I have taught them from an early age , its in their mind that they have to clean their room , no one else would do that , neither mama nor maid will do , they have to clean it themselves.
 To motivate them I say after cleaning we will go out to park and I try to give them some small gifts to make them happy .
The best thing  is  APPRECIATION
We all love appreciation , so when small kids are appreciated for their hard work and effort , they really  feel happy and confident and behave obediently.
I do appreciate their work and efforts in front of others , this really motivates them to do their work more nicely.

I like the section the article  "  Creativity is Key "
My daughters are very creative , once I told  them that  It looks so good to have a clean room with lots of pictures of flowers and fruits around us , They took it very seriously and next day they collected  colourful pictures of fruits and flowers from  some  old books and they decorated their bedroom with those colourful pictures , pasting it on walls , doors etc , and gave a surprise to me  saying mama  we have decorated our room .Now its looking so beautiful.
 So its important to motivate them to be creative.
But all kids are not alike , some are very difficult to handle and to make them work is a big thing , specially boys , as I see my son does not wants to do all these  work , So one has to very cool that time and with patience we have to make them understand that they have to do certain work , no one else would do that .
As I have set some rules in my home that they have to keep their room clean , they have keep their study table clean and  if I ask them to do any work , they have to do it , they can't say NO.

We can set some rules from an early age like:

 1.They have to make their bed clean before sleeping.
 2.They have to put their shoes in shoe rack.
 3.They have hang their wet towel in sun after taking bath.
 4.They have to throw papers and other waste in the  bin , not any where in the house .
 5.They have to take care of their things , no one else is responsible for it.

This develops a sense of responsibility in them at an early age , which is good for them.

So with these small efforts we can give right teaching to our kids and make them good human beings.

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Unknown said...

you have got a nyc and different blog dear.. beautiful read!

Ghazala said...

Thanks , I am happy that you liked my blogs .

TN School Events said...

Nice tips.. I am including my kid to help me in drying clothes :)


Unknown said...

My mum has always been doing that and she still does.. Its a great practise