Sunday 30 August 2015

Review of Dr Batra Intense Moisturizing Cream

Few months back I got a new  product , Dr Batra Intense Moisturizing Cream .
We all know that Dr Batra is a famous name for Homeopathic medicines , now they have also started skin care product .I have two of them   Intense Moisturizing cream  and face wash .I have used both the products , they are good .

This cream contains Echinacea and Vitamin A
Echinacea is known to have anti bacterial properties and prevents allergy.
Echinacea slows down the degeneration of skin cells , keeping the skin strong and youthful.
Vitamin E has anti oxidant properties.
This cream has a thick texture and a nice fragrance .
This cream is approved by dermatologist ,  so can be safely applied on skin.
Suitable for all skin type.
I am using it and I am satisfied with its quality.
Its an excellent product for dry skin .
Specially for monsoon and winter when the skin becomes too dry .
It deeply moisturizes the skin and keeps it hydrated for a long period of time .
Price 350/- for 100gms
Shell life 2 years
The product keeps it claim to moisturize the skin and keep it soft and supple .
Product Packaging is also good , its in a white plastic tub , which is travel friendly , can be easily carried any where , without fearing of it getting leaked .

One can buy this from
Pros :
1.Moisturizes and hydrates the skin for a long period of time.
2.Travel friendly pack.
3.Nice fragrance
4.Gets absorbed in the skin easily

1. Not easily available every where .
2. Price seems bit high .

Sunday 23 August 2015

Review of Wahl Pen Trimmer

Last week there was a contest on facebook page of Wahl India .
I too participated and was on of the winners.
They had  send a good product as my prize, its a ladies pen Trimmer.
Since I have not used any such product before , I was very excited to try it .
After using it for the first time I found it very useful .
Its a pen trimmer with steel blade using which one can trim facial hairs.
It helps to remove unwanted hair without nicking or pulling.
Its a chord less product which requires only one pencil battery .
It has a compact design and the trimming head provides unlimited detailing possibilities.
Its brushed Anodized Aluminum body provides strong casing .
It can be used to shape eyebrows , that I had not tried yet .
I tried to trim hairs on upper lips and chin area and result was amazing .
Its very easy to use it .
The blade can be washed and dried , so cleaning is not difficult.
Price around Rs 750.
Available at many online stores like , , etc .
 What I liked about the product :
1. Its very handy , one can easily carry it any where keeping in their bags or purse.
2. Price is very economical as  Trimmers and Epilators from other brands are too expensive.
3. Its safe and hygienic .
4. Its very easy to use , and requires only one battery for its functioning .
5.Its very fast , in few minutes one can trim their facial hairs , so would save lot of time going to a parlour and doing waxing or threading .

  So my rating for this product will be 4.8/5

Review of Banjara's Multani + Orange face wash

Last week I brought a new face wash , its Banjara's Multani + Orange face wash .
Its a Herbal product from famous brand Banjara's.
Its an Oil clear Exfoliating face wash with goodness of Multani and Orange .
It has a unique combination of Multani and orange peel .
Multani Mitti absorbs excess oil and sebum from skin ,
Orange peel exfoliates the skin removing dead skin .So a combination of both is excellent to make your skin clean , clear and fresh .
Orange is a good source of Vitamin C and Multani Mitti is a good source of Magnesium Chloride .
Both Vitamin C and Magnesium Chloride are good for skin .
Its a soap free formula which contains natural moisturizers and antioxidants .
It does not makes the skin too dry .
It cleanses and moisturizes the skin.
 It also helps to remove tan.
After using it for few days I found it really good .
Although its for all skin type , its best for oily skin .
As it helps to control oil secretion , removes oil& dead cells from skin .
Helps to control and prevent pimples and acnes problem .
Should be used twice daily for good results .
Price Rs 100 for 100 ml pack .
Product packaging is also good and attractive .
Its travel friendly , one can easily carry it any where .
It has a nice fragrance of Orange .
Its gel  kind of thing with small multani beads as exfoliator .

The product Claims to give a Tan free flawless skin.

My Experience with this product :
 I would a rating of  4.5/5  to this product .
Its ideal for oily skin , although I can't say about their claim of removing tan , because I did n't had any tan on my face.
Its a good daily face wash for Oily skin .
Its fragrance is too good .
One feels fresh and oil free after using this .

Tuesday 18 August 2015

Review of Himalaya Herbals Natural Glow Fairness Cream

Last week I brought a new cream , Himalaya Herbals Natural Glow Fairness Cream .
Its a good day cream suitable for all skin type , specially for dry skin .
Its an advanced skin lightening formula enriched with a phyto vitamin complex , containing a combination of Alfaalfa, saffron  and other vitamins .
 Alfaalfa inhibits melanin synthesis and saffron helps to lighten skin tone .

What the product claims :
1.It lightens and evens skin tone
2.It helps to reduce blemishes and dark spots .
3.It helps to reduce under eye dark circles.
4.It nourishes the skin to keep healthy .
5.It moisturizes without leaving skin greasy .

One needs to use it twice daily to get good results .

Price Rs 80 for 50 gms tube .
Expiry date  7 years from the date of manufacture (which is too good)
I am using it past one week , its good .
1. Its a good day cream .
2. Price very economical , much less than creams of other brands .
3.Since its a herbal product one can use it without fearing any allergic reactions .
4.Does not contains any bleach.
5.Its paraben free
The product claims to moisturize the skin without leaving skin greasy , which is not true .
When the cream is applied the skin feels dry and good but after some time it feels bit greasy or oily .
Since my skin is oily I felt more greasiness .
So I thinks its good for dry or normal skin but not for oily skin.
Conclusion  --- Its an excellent day cream in affordable range suitable for dry and normal skin .


Thursday 13 August 2015

Review of VLCC Gold Radiance Facial Kit

Recently I got a new Home facial kit , its VLCC home facial kit from
Its an excellent product for doing  facials at home .

 Price of the kit is Rs1300 .
contains  6 small packs .
From one pack one can do facial  twice ,so total 12 facials can be done from this kit.
Each pack contains 4 sachets .
1. First one is Gold Scrub with turmeric and gold leaf.
This scrub is a gel kind of thing with gold and turmeric , it helps to exfoliate the skin removing dead cells and black heads .One needs to wet it with little water and rub on face and neck for good 5-10 minutes in circular motion after which this should be washed off with plenty of water.It also contains Aloe Vera , Sandal Wood , Vitamin E .
All good for skin.
2.Second one is Gold Peel off Mask .
It contains extract of aloe vera , sandal wood , lemon peel , turmeric , Gold oxide , Vitamin E.
It is also a gel kind of thing , needs to apply on skin and should be left for 20 minutes to dry .After drying a thin mask is formed on skin which should be peeled off starting from neck area in an upward motion.
3.Third one is Gold Gel
Gold gel is a massage gel which should be first applied to face and neck and should be massaged for around 10 -15 minutes .It contains Gold leaf , sandal wood ,turmeric and Galnut.
It revitalises the complexion by providing intense nourishment.
4.Fourth one is Gold Cream .
 Gold cream is a moisturizing cream with Vitamin C and E , extract of sandalwood , wheat germ and Gold .It polishes the skin giving a Luminous complexion.
It is the last thing to do in this facial .
After the first 3 steps , one needs to face wash then pat it dry and then apply this Gold cream and massage gently for few minutes till it is absorbed on the skin.

I have used this only one time and I am satisfied by this product , its an excellent product from VLCC.
using this one can easily do facial at home .
After using this my skin really felt good , clean and clear and the best part is it was Glowing.
So its very effective .
One can do the entire facial with in one hour .
I know it cannot be compared with the facials done at Beauty Parlour , which are done by experts but still I would say its very good .If one does not has time to visit parlour , one can try this .
Easy to do and very Economical too.
My rating 4.5/5.

Monday 10 August 2015

Review of Maybelline Baby Lips Pink Lolita

Maybelline Baby Lips lip balms have became very popular .They are available in various variants .
I bought  Pink Lolita .

Product packaging is good .
 One can easily apply it on lips .
The shade is good , light pink in colour, Suits Indian skin tone.
It moisturizes the skin , prevents chapping or drying of lips.
Contains SPF 20.So good for summer .
Expiry  date  36 months from date of packaging.
Price Rs 175
Easily available every where in super stores , malls and online stores.
Its travel friendly , can be easily carried anywhere keeping in bags , purse or even in a small pouch.

What I liked about the product is its better in quality  than lip balms of other brands , when applied the lips look light pinkish in colour which looks very beautiful , and the best part is it keeps the lips moisturized for a good period  of time.
Rating - 4.5/5
So I recommend to use this product which is pocket friendly and Good.

Wednesday 5 August 2015

Enjoy Monsoon With Good Health

Moonsoon in India is not easy for many as people have lots of health problems in this season.
Starting from cough , cold , sore throat , skin problems  the list is long.
One needs to follow some simple and basic rules to maintain good health in monsoon.

 1.Try to wear dresses that are  with full sleeves , body well covered so as to avoid cold as well as mosquito bites. I am not advising to wear thick woollen wears but one can go for full sleeves cotton dresses and shirts.
Cotton clothes are very good for monsoon as it allows the body to breathe .
2.A glass of warm water with a table spoon of honey helps to control cough and cold problem.
This should be taken empty stomach i.e the first thing in the morning before breakfast.
I have been using this past many  years and its very effective.
3.People having cough and cold problem should avoid certain food in monsoon like curd/yoghurt , ripe bananas /(one can use unripe bananas as vegetable) , water melon .
4.For dinner one can have soups , either vegetable soups or chicken soups .Soups are healthy and nutritious , warm soup helps to reduce congestion due to cold .Its fulfilling , low in calories , excellent for dinner as dinner should be light .
5.One should have basic monsoon accessories like a good Umbrella , boots , rain coats, towels  etc .
6.After getting wet one should immediately dry one self using towels , one can do massage with mustard oil as it helps to keep body warm .
7.One must keep few disinfectants at home during monsoon like Dettol or savlon , a good hand sanitizer in our bags . Because its very important to kill those germs which causes infections in monsoon.
 While washing our clothes in the last wash Dettol should be used , while mopping the floor its better to add some phenyl so to make the floor germs free.

So with these simple tips we can enjoy monsoon with good health.

Skin care during Monsoon
To keep ones skin healthy in monsoon is again an important task as there are chances of getting various types of skin infections in monsoon like bacterial or fungal infections.
The most important thing is to keep the skin dry and clean so to avoid any infection.
So proper cleansing of skin and hair is very important , one can go for antiseptic soaps and creams .
Ayurvedic soaps like Margo or Medimix are good for Monsoon , For facial cream I prefer Vicco Turmeric during Monsoon  because its an excellent product .
People with oily skin need to wash their face two or three times a day with lukewarm water as warm water helps to  dissolves skin oil better. One should avoid heavy cleansing creams .
It makes the skin more oily.
Scrubbing is very important as it unclogs the pores and helps to remove dead cells.
One can also use home made face packs like Mud pack or pack of multani mitti with sandalwood paste to keep the skin glowing.
For hair care one can use mild shampoo which would clean the scalp and a good conditioner to condition the hair.