Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Enjoy Monsoon With Good Health

Moonsoon in India is not easy for many as people have lots of health problems in this season.
Starting from cough , cold , sore throat , skin problems  the list is long.
One needs to follow some simple and basic rules to maintain good health in monsoon.

 1.Try to wear dresses that are  with full sleeves , body well covered so as to avoid cold as well as mosquito bites. I am not advising to wear thick woollen wears but one can go for full sleeves cotton dresses and shirts.
Cotton clothes are very good for monsoon as it allows the body to breathe .
2.A glass of warm water with a table spoon of honey helps to control cough and cold problem.
This should be taken empty stomach i.e the first thing in the morning before breakfast.
I have been using this past many  years and its very effective.
3.People having cough and cold problem should avoid certain food in monsoon like curd/yoghurt , ripe bananas /(one can use unripe bananas as vegetable) , water melon .
4.For dinner one can have soups , either vegetable soups or chicken soups .Soups are healthy and nutritious , warm soup helps to reduce congestion due to cold .Its fulfilling , low in calories , excellent for dinner as dinner should be light .
5.One should have basic monsoon accessories like a good Umbrella , boots , rain coats, towels  etc .
6.After getting wet one should immediately dry one self using towels , one can do massage with mustard oil as it helps to keep body warm .
7.One must keep few disinfectants at home during monsoon like Dettol or savlon , a good hand sanitizer in our bags . Because its very important to kill those germs which causes infections in monsoon.
 While washing our clothes in the last wash Dettol should be used , while mopping the floor its better to add some phenyl so to make the floor germs free.

So with these simple tips we can enjoy monsoon with good health.

Skin care during Monsoon
To keep ones skin healthy in monsoon is again an important task as there are chances of getting various types of skin infections in monsoon like bacterial or fungal infections.
The most important thing is to keep the skin dry and clean so to avoid any infection.
So proper cleansing of skin and hair is very important , one can go for antiseptic soaps and creams .
Ayurvedic soaps like Margo or Medimix are good for Monsoon , For facial cream I prefer Vicco Turmeric during Monsoon  because its an excellent product .
People with oily skin need to wash their face two or three times a day with lukewarm water as warm water helps to  dissolves skin oil better. One should avoid heavy cleansing creams .
It makes the skin more oily.
Scrubbing is very important as it unclogs the pores and helps to remove dead cells.
One can also use home made face packs like Mud pack or pack of multani mitti with sandalwood paste to keep the skin glowing.
For hair care one can use mild shampoo which would clean the scalp and a good conditioner to condition the hair.


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