Tuesday 18 August 2015

Review of Himalaya Herbals Natural Glow Fairness Cream

Last week I brought a new cream , Himalaya Herbals Natural Glow Fairness Cream .
Its a good day cream suitable for all skin type , specially for dry skin .
Its an advanced skin lightening formula enriched with a phyto vitamin complex , containing a combination of Alfaalfa, saffron  and other vitamins .
 Alfaalfa inhibits melanin synthesis and saffron helps to lighten skin tone .

What the product claims :
1.It lightens and evens skin tone
2.It helps to reduce blemishes and dark spots .
3.It helps to reduce under eye dark circles.
4.It nourishes the skin to keep healthy .
5.It moisturizes without leaving skin greasy .

One needs to use it twice daily to get good results .

Price Rs 80 for 50 gms tube .
Expiry date  7 years from the date of manufacture (which is too good)
I am using it past one week , its good .
1. Its a good day cream .
2. Price very economical , much less than creams of other brands .
3.Since its a herbal product one can use it without fearing any allergic reactions .
4.Does not contains any bleach.
5.Its paraben free
The product claims to moisturize the skin without leaving skin greasy , which is not true .
When the cream is applied the skin feels dry and good but after some time it feels bit greasy or oily .
Since my skin is oily I felt more greasiness .
So I thinks its good for dry or normal skin but not for oily skin.
Conclusion  --- Its an excellent day cream in affordable range suitable for dry and normal skin .



Dr. Farhat Sultana said...

Greasiness after sometime is a big no no. I would stay away from this nice review dear.

Ghazala said...

Thanks , I feel its the responsibility of bloggers to give real n true review of products .

Anubhuti Tiwari Lakhwani said...

I would skip it Naseem..thanks for head-up :) It sounds similar to our good old fair and lovely :-D