Thursday 13 August 2015

Review of VLCC Gold Radiance Facial Kit

Recently I got a new Home facial kit , its VLCC home facial kit from
Its an excellent product for doing  facials at home .

 Price of the kit is Rs1300 .
contains  6 small packs .
From one pack one can do facial  twice ,so total 12 facials can be done from this kit.
Each pack contains 4 sachets .
1. First one is Gold Scrub with turmeric and gold leaf.
This scrub is a gel kind of thing with gold and turmeric , it helps to exfoliate the skin removing dead cells and black heads .One needs to wet it with little water and rub on face and neck for good 5-10 minutes in circular motion after which this should be washed off with plenty of water.It also contains Aloe Vera , Sandal Wood , Vitamin E .
All good for skin.
2.Second one is Gold Peel off Mask .
It contains extract of aloe vera , sandal wood , lemon peel , turmeric , Gold oxide , Vitamin E.
It is also a gel kind of thing , needs to apply on skin and should be left for 20 minutes to dry .After drying a thin mask is formed on skin which should be peeled off starting from neck area in an upward motion.
3.Third one is Gold Gel
Gold gel is a massage gel which should be first applied to face and neck and should be massaged for around 10 -15 minutes .It contains Gold leaf , sandal wood ,turmeric and Galnut.
It revitalises the complexion by providing intense nourishment.
4.Fourth one is Gold Cream .
 Gold cream is a moisturizing cream with Vitamin C and E , extract of sandalwood , wheat germ and Gold .It polishes the skin giving a Luminous complexion.
It is the last thing to do in this facial .
After the first 3 steps , one needs to face wash then pat it dry and then apply this Gold cream and massage gently for few minutes till it is absorbed on the skin.

I have used this only one time and I am satisfied by this product , its an excellent product from VLCC.
using this one can easily do facial at home .
After using this my skin really felt good , clean and clear and the best part is it was Glowing.
So its very effective .
One can do the entire facial with in one hour .
I know it cannot be compared with the facials done at Beauty Parlour , which are done by experts but still I would say its very good .If one does not has time to visit parlour , one can try this .
Easy to do and very Economical too.
My rating 4.5/5.


Sindhura Gurazada said...

Seems to be a good one !

Unknown said...

I have tried only one facial kit...and it reacted on me..Maybe i forgot to chk the expiry before buying..but since then i havent tried it :(

Unknown said...

I love tell my mom about this as she likes vlcc products!

Anjali Sengar said...

Nice review dear :)

shreya said...

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