Tuesday 29 September 2015

Protect your Heart With Love and Healthy Lifestyle

Heart is not just an organ which pumps and purifies blood , its much more than that .
A human heart is filled with feelings and emotions like love , likes and dislikes , choices and many more .
So it our duty to take care of our heart both medically and emotionally .
The common factors which effects our heart badly are :
Stress is the root cause of all disease , specially heart problems .
People who are hypertensive by nature tend to get stressed over small issues and this ultimately affects their health specially heart.
So Being Stress free is the First Step to have a Healthy Heart.
2.Poor and Sedentary Life style
Earlier people use to walk few miles to reach their destination .Then it was cycling .
Both of which were good from of exercise but now people use vechiles  like car , scooters , motor bikes to go even small distance , so this has reduced the level of physical activity .
Some people are too busy or too lazy to do regular exercise .
Most of the people specially Homemakers or House wives have sedentary life style , hardly going out for any thing  so this sedentary lifestyle also leads to many health issues like being over weight which then leads to other problems like High BP , Sugar or heart problems .
So Physical exercise as simple as a walk for 30 minutes is essential to maintain good health and heart.
3.Poor Eating Habit
 Few decades back the culture of eating outside food was nil .But now it has become a fashion .People feel pride in eating outside specially in Big Hotels and restaurants .Forgetting that this is spoiling their health. Any outside food can never be compared with home cooked food , we never know the ingredients used , oils or preservatives used , amount and quality of salt used and hygiene is a big thing which can not be ignored.
So the one who are eating outside regularly suffer many health problems like Gastro Intestinal troubles, High BP ( because of High quantity of salt used) , allergies ( because of colours used) etc.
So its much better to eat food cooked at home which is hygienic and  good quality ingredients are used  with right amount of salt in it .
 To take care of my Health and Heart I have already started doing few things like :
1.Eating Healthy :
I have made my diet chart according to my weight and age.
I eat lots of Fruits like apple , orange as both are good for heart .
Orange juice helps to reduce level of cholesterol.
I eat lots of green leafy vegetables like Spinach which is a good source of iron.
I eat nuts like almonds regularly as it is good for heart.
I avoid outside food as much as possible , eat simple home  made food .
I have started using Olive Oil in my cooking as Olive oil is one of the best cooking oil and its good for heart too as it helps to reduce bad cholesterol in our body.
I like fish and also try to eat it regularly as fish is a healthy food , good for heart .
I use Saffola Active oil other olive oil in my cooking it has Vitamin E and helps to reduce Bad Cholesterol .
I use low sodium salt like Tata Lite and Saffola Salt Plus as they have low sodium and helps to maintain Normal BP .

2.Doing Walks
Inspite of having a hectic schedule , I try to go for a walk daily .
For going to super store near our house I do not use any vechile instead prefer walking .
I  go to a park near by my house when ever I get time and do some walk .
My daughters school is in our locality  I myself go to drop them at school in the morning so that I can walk some distance .In the afternoon also I try to go and pick them from their school so that I can have some walk .
3.Being Stress Free
Being stress free is very important to have good health and healthy heart .
So I try to remain stress free by doing my Prayers regularly , Spending quality time with my kids and near and dear ones , which makes me happy .
Taking out some time for my hobbies like writing blogs or reading books  which makes me happy and I feel stress free.
Try to bring Smile on others face by helping them in any way , their happiness and Thanks makes me feel happy and Content .


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Wednesday 23 September 2015

Simple Yet Powerful Advices by my MOM

My Mom is one of my Best Friends .
I share everything  with her , my joys , my sorrows , my worries and concerns .
She has always helped me by giving an Emotional Support and The Right Advice .
So I have learned  a lot from her #SachhiAdvice .
She advices about every thing , about managing my work and kids and personal relationships .
Her advice are very practical and useful .
One such advice which she gave many years back was : SAVE MONEY .

She says earning money is not easy , one has to work hard to earn a good amount so one should not waste money , rather Save Their Hard earned money .
Because Money Saved is Money Earned .
She gives small tips on How to save  money by spending wisely , making budgets , doing investments like buying gold or simply saving money  in a bank account.
 She opened my bank account when I was very young , still in my school .
I started earning at an young age by giving Home Tutions and then after my Bachelor's degree I joined a School as a teacher .
So she always advices  me to spend my money wisely and do some saving .
When I wanted to spend or shop she asked me to shop gold ornaments .
Now I think because of wise advices I had collected many ornaments from my own earning!!
So She Taught Me The Art of Saving.

This art of saving is the Key to Peaceful life as Money helps to solve  some problems (if not all).
Financial security is a very important thing which gives Peace of Mind .
So for this financial security Saving money is very important .
One can save their hard earned money in a way they like , either in form of bank accounts or buying gold or investing in Properties like land or flats or in Share after checking the risk factors.
This powerful advice of Saving by my Mom helped me a lot to save some good amount of money and be happy and have some peace of mind.
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Participate in Giveaway from Alive n Kicking

Dear all
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Tuesday 22 September 2015

Wonderful Advices For Self Improvement By My Husband

In the beautiful Journey of our life we meet many people , some of  them become very close to us , few of them leave a deep impact on our mind and heart .
 One such person who had changed my life in a positive way is my Dearest Husband Mr.Hejazi .
 Our's was an arranged marriage , we met first time after our Nikah.
 I had lots of things in my mind that time that What kind of a person he is , How would I adjust with him etc , the things which are common in any Indian Bride's mind .
 To my surprise I found him very different from what image I had about him .
 He taught me many good things in all aspects of life.
 The best is to have a positive attitude towards life

Take life as it comes , accept  new challenges  and trials boldly taking it as a test from Almighty and keep praying for the best .
 He taught me to Create something out of Nothing .
 At first I could not understand what he is saying but gradually I got it , Life is not a bed of Roses for every one .We have to find and create opportunity for ourselves . We have to  constantly  fight with the odds of our life and find  a way out .
 I love this fighting spirit that keeps me motivated to work and proceed in life by removing all hurdles and not loosing hope.
 So after my marriage I learned many new and good things from my husband , His Sachhi Advice helped me a lot to Grow as a Person , to be more matured and confident .
 He does not follows others rather does something which people would love to follow ,
 He is Trendsetter .
 So I also learned that We should not Blindly follow what others are doing saying This is In or This the todays Fashion rather we should do the right thing which we like and inspire others to follow it.
 I find his advices very useful in every step of my life .

One more Advice which he always give is To Dream Big .
Unless and until we dream big we cannot achieve any thing in our life  .For that we have to set goals and take actions .We have to keep our Goal very clear , work on it and  Pray for our success .
So its Hard Work + Prayers that makes any one successful .

These Wonderful Advices by my Husband helped me to improve as a person .
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Earn Cashback with Cashkaro.com

Last year I had joined a good site Cashkaro.com.
 One can register or join this site for free.
 Users can browse the site for various discount coupons from various online stores in India .
 After zeroing on the product user want to purchase , user can click out of cashkaro to retailers site and shop normally as any one does .After placing order at the site within 72 hours cashback amount is added to User's wallet .
 So one does not needs to do any extra effort to earn cashback .
 Once the cashback amount reaches 250 RS , one can request for redemption.
 The cashback amount is transferred to user bank account .
 I had used this and my cashback money was transferred to my bank account with in few days .
 I felt so happy that I got a good amount as cashback with out any hassle and now when ever I shop from any online store like flipkart.com , Myntra.com or amazon.in I simply do it through cashkaro.com---An Excellent Cashback site.
 They have almost all Indian online stores in the list .
 They give some percentage of Order value as cashback like 2.5% , 8% , 7.5% etc .
 So one can earn good cash back from this site.
 One can also refer their friends and earn Extra 10% cashback.
 They also have a feature called Restaurant Offers where they give discounts from various Restaurants from Delhi and Mumbai.To get the discount one has to make reservation via Cashkaro.com.
 It is one of the Best Cash Back site in India having 500+ partners sites.
 So Join CashKaro.com and Earn some Good cashback on your online shopping and Restaurant Reservation.

Tuesday 15 September 2015

Effective Ways to Relieve Stress

Life has become very stressful these days .People get exhausted and stressed fulfilling their professional and personal commitments, This ultimately effects our health .
So being Stress free is the first step to be Healthy and Happy .
Inspite of having every thing people are not happy because of some stress or others .
People tend to eat more when stressed  thus increasing their weight and having skin problems like acnes and pimples .
So stress management is very important .
Some Effective Ways to Relieve Stress :
1. Think Positive
Positive thinking can cure all illness because we get motivated to be well and fight all odds.
People with positive thinking have a different approach towards life , They Fight Back to all odds and emerge as a Winner.
2.Pursue Your Hobby
Every one has some or the other hobby , A hobby is a good way to Divert your Mind from Problems and relax. Like I love writing ,so in my free time I write Reviews and Blogs , it really helps to de stress me and divert's my mind form the current problem.
Exercise is a good way to relieve stress . A simple exercise like walk helps to relax to a great extent . So next time when you feel stressed just put on  your shoes, go out  and have a walk in a park or garden or on a road .
4.Read a Good Book
Reading a good book helps to relax to a great extent .Many people read magazines , story books and Novels .Its actually a very good habit . Books takes us to a different world , we see through the writer's eye . And to  some extent forget about our problems and worries .
5.Talk to a Friend
Good friends are like Assets .They are with us in all situations , gives us moral support and help us to make right decision .
So when ever I feel too stressed I try to talk to my best friends , discuss my problems with them .Sometimes their suggestions are too good and effective .
6.Have Some Fun Time With Family and Friends
Everyone is too busy these days .So sometimes we do not get sufficient time to spend with our near and dear ones .Having some fun time with family and friends is a good way to de stress one self .
Simple activities like going to a park or shopping together , eating together is fun.
7.Drink Green Tea to Destress

Research has shown that drinking Green Tea helps to relieve stress as it contains antioxidants .
8.Eating Protein Rich Snack
Anxiety  could be a sign of low blood sugar , so a Protien and Fiber rich Diet helps to relieve stress .
The best is to eat an ounce of Almonds --which also contains magnesium  which has a calming effect on nervous system.
9.Have a Good Sleep
People have hectic lifestyle these days , so they do not  have sufficient time to sleep .This sleep disorder also causes lot of stress and other health problems .So having a good sleep is very important .It should be 8 hours during night and if one is lucky enough to get some time in the afternoon then a short Nap of 30 minutes is also useful.This short nap is very powerful as it energises body and mind .

So by following these simple Tips one can de stress one self to have a healthy life.

Tuesday 8 September 2015

My Shopping Spree with Limeroad.com

Limeroad.com is an online store for Women .
I would call it as a shopping paradise , where one can shop apparels , accessories , foot wears , bags , skincare and hair care products , kitchen and bath products .
Their collection of  products is amazing , bringing it from all over India , from various cities and places .
So one can easily shop products from any Indian City sitting at their home .
The courier service is also very good , when ever I have placed order I got my product with in three to four days .
Limeroad.com has a Unique  feature called  Scrapbook  using which user can create look and share it with their friends .
A scrapbook helps to find the perfect match of apparels with accessories and foot wear.
I having  been creating looks on scrapbook past one year and I simply love it , its so creative .
A look to my scrapbook
Palazzos Please Green Kurtas, Bead Blue Earrings with Green Sandals ComboGold Dust Beige Sarees, Gold Earrings with Gold Wedges Combo

I love the Ethnic wear collection at limeroad.com
Salwar suits , Kurtis , Pallazos , Lehnga's ,Sarees , Dupatta's , Stoles , Scraves  their collection is brilliant .
Part wear , daily wear , Office wear they have some thing for all occasions .
I shop regularly from lime road , almost every month , some thing or the other .

Last month I had ordered a Bandhej  Long Skirt , Its beautiful and colourful .
Its material is cotton and its of free size .
Lining is also of cotton.
I liked it too much.
Price Rs 799.

Few months back I had ordered a Bandhej suit piece from limeroad.
Its Yellow and Blue Festive Zari Gota Suit Piece by seller Ruhaan.
Its a beautiful Set of Yellow Kurta with Blue Bandhej salwar cloth and dupatta .
The Kurta has Kundan flower patches all over and the border of Kurta has zari gota with kundan work .Price Rs 1499/-
Its an excellent piece of work at reasonable price .
I simply loved this and will buy many more like this for my self and for others .

One more product from limroad.com which I liked too much is a Floral Sling Bag .

Its a beautiful sling bag  with a long black coloured handle .
Material of bag is Cotton and  lining is polyester .
Price Rs 299/-
So a good bag in affordable range .

So simply browse limeroad.com to see excellent products at reasonable price , create scrapbook , share it with your friends .
So  Love , Create and Shop from limeroad.com.
Happy Shopping.