Tuesday 29 September 2015

Protect your Heart With Love and Healthy Lifestyle

Heart is not just an organ which pumps and purifies blood , its much more than that .
A human heart is filled with feelings and emotions like love , likes and dislikes , choices and many more .
So it our duty to take care of our heart both medically and emotionally .
The common factors which effects our heart badly are :
Stress is the root cause of all disease , specially heart problems .
People who are hypertensive by nature tend to get stressed over small issues and this ultimately affects their health specially heart.
So Being Stress free is the First Step to have a Healthy Heart.
2.Poor and Sedentary Life style
Earlier people use to walk few miles to reach their destination .Then it was cycling .
Both of which were good from of exercise but now people use vechiles  like car , scooters , motor bikes to go even small distance , so this has reduced the level of physical activity .
Some people are too busy or too lazy to do regular exercise .
Most of the people specially Homemakers or House wives have sedentary life style , hardly going out for any thing  so this sedentary lifestyle also leads to many health issues like being over weight which then leads to other problems like High BP , Sugar or heart problems .
So Physical exercise as simple as a walk for 30 minutes is essential to maintain good health and heart.
3.Poor Eating Habit
 Few decades back the culture of eating outside food was nil .But now it has become a fashion .People feel pride in eating outside specially in Big Hotels and restaurants .Forgetting that this is spoiling their health. Any outside food can never be compared with home cooked food , we never know the ingredients used , oils or preservatives used , amount and quality of salt used and hygiene is a big thing which can not be ignored.
So the one who are eating outside regularly suffer many health problems like Gastro Intestinal troubles, High BP ( because of High quantity of salt used) , allergies ( because of colours used) etc.
So its much better to eat food cooked at home which is hygienic and  good quality ingredients are used  with right amount of salt in it .
 To take care of my Health and Heart I have already started doing few things like :
1.Eating Healthy :
I have made my diet chart according to my weight and age.
I eat lots of Fruits like apple , orange as both are good for heart .
Orange juice helps to reduce level of cholesterol.
I eat lots of green leafy vegetables like Spinach which is a good source of iron.
I eat nuts like almonds regularly as it is good for heart.
I avoid outside food as much as possible , eat simple home  made food .
I have started using Olive Oil in my cooking as Olive oil is one of the best cooking oil and its good for heart too as it helps to reduce bad cholesterol in our body.
I like fish and also try to eat it regularly as fish is a healthy food , good for heart .
I use Saffola Active oil other olive oil in my cooking it has Vitamin E and helps to reduce Bad Cholesterol .
I use low sodium salt like Tata Lite and Saffola Salt Plus as they have low sodium and helps to maintain Normal BP .

2.Doing Walks
Inspite of having a hectic schedule , I try to go for a walk daily .
For going to super store near our house I do not use any vechile instead prefer walking .
I  go to a park near by my house when ever I get time and do some walk .
My daughters school is in our locality  I myself go to drop them at school in the morning so that I can walk some distance .In the afternoon also I try to go and pick them from their school so that I can have some walk .
3.Being Stress Free
Being stress free is very important to have good health and healthy heart .
So I try to remain stress free by doing my Prayers regularly , Spending quality time with my kids and near and dear ones , which makes me happy .
Taking out some time for my hobbies like writing blogs or reading books  which makes me happy and I feel stress free.
Try to bring Smile on others face by helping them in any way , their happiness and Thanks makes me feel happy and Content .


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Anubhuti Tiwari Lakhwani said...

All points covered perfectly... i need to get rid of stress :-D

Shilpa Bindlish said...

I seriously need these tips and tricks to be incorporated in my cooking and eating style. I am sure it will help me look better from outside and most importantly feel stronger from inside. :) Would love to read more such posts!!

Anonymous said...

its so useful post !
Am bookmarking the page to share the useful information with my friends & Family :)

Really appreciate your work GHAZALA !