Tuesday 22 September 2015

Wonderful Advices For Self Improvement By My Husband

In the beautiful Journey of our life we meet many people , some of  them become very close to us , few of them leave a deep impact on our mind and heart .
 One such person who had changed my life in a positive way is my Dearest Husband Mr.Hejazi .
 Our's was an arranged marriage , we met first time after our Nikah.
 I had lots of things in my mind that time that What kind of a person he is , How would I adjust with him etc , the things which are common in any Indian Bride's mind .
 To my surprise I found him very different from what image I had about him .
 He taught me many good things in all aspects of life.
 The best is to have a positive attitude towards life

Take life as it comes , accept  new challenges  and trials boldly taking it as a test from Almighty and keep praying for the best .
 He taught me to Create something out of Nothing .
 At first I could not understand what he is saying but gradually I got it , Life is not a bed of Roses for every one .We have to find and create opportunity for ourselves . We have to  constantly  fight with the odds of our life and find  a way out .
 I love this fighting spirit that keeps me motivated to work and proceed in life by removing all hurdles and not loosing hope.
 So after my marriage I learned many new and good things from my husband , His Sachhi Advice helped me a lot to Grow as a Person , to be more matured and confident .
 He does not follows others rather does something which people would love to follow ,
 He is Trendsetter .
 So I also learned that We should not Blindly follow what others are doing saying This is In or This the todays Fashion rather we should do the right thing which we like and inspire others to follow it.
 I find his advices very useful in every step of my life .

One more Advice which he always give is To Dream Big .
Unless and until we dream big we cannot achieve any thing in our life  .For that we have to set goals and take actions .We have to keep our Goal very clear , work on it and  Pray for our success .
So its Hard Work + Prayers that makes any one successful .

These Wonderful Advices by my Husband helped me to improve as a person .
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