Saturday 10 October 2015

World Mental Health Day

10th October is  World Mental Health Day . Mental Health is as important as Physical health but this fact is completely  ignored in our society specially in India.
If some one is having a physical ailment  as simple as a cold or cough he /she is immedietly taken to a doctor , but if any one is depressed people hardly seek medical advice ,patient is simply asked to Cheer Up and Be happy .
In most of the cases the problem is not even properly understood and diagnosed , so no body thinks of taking any sort of medical help. In fact if some one talks of Psycatric  help then people think that the patient is completely mad , which is wrong and so people hesitate to take medical help.
In western counties specially USA people do go for counselling and psycatric treatment if required but in India , this figure is very low.
And this is a dangerous situation , patients  are left untreated  and they slowly loose all interest in life and finally end their life.
So one has understand that if some one  near is showing signs of depression then he/she needs immediate help.
Personal counselling is very useful and if that does not works then medical help should be taken.
Reasons of  depression can be many :
1.In students its the exam pressure , the pressure to Perform well , Excel in exam , get a seat in medical or engineering college .......
Not all students  are brilliant and not that everyone can become doctor .
So parents and teachers have to understand this and stop forcing their kids towards this .
Life is much more that. Medical and Engineering are not the only carrier options in this world , there are many better options too .
 2.In youngsters its the failure in Love life that causes depression.
Many cannot digest the fact that they have been rejected by some one they love .
Again it is very important to make them understand that Life does not ends at one person , it is much more then that . We can get better persons as our life partners .
3.After marriage , if marriage does not works or if the couple are not compatable to each other , that also causes severe depression .Its a very difficult situation , specially if Kids are involved .One needs to think the gravity of situation and then take a proper decision.If there is  no room for improvement then its better to part their ways and live a better life without having any grudge or bad feeling towards each other.
 Various people have various reasons for depression .
People close to such should give moral support and try to understand the seriousness of situation.
And there is absolutely no harm in taking medical help .
Counselling and medicines really helps.
I would like to share one incident .
One of my close friend was having a crush on her childhood friend who was very close to her family.
He used to spend lot of time with her , giving her lot of attention and making her feel special.
When she was in the final year of her college , she asked her mom to fix her marriage with him.
When her mom went with  the proposal the Guy refused saying "We are just Friends ", I can't marry her , she is not fit to be  my wife.
My friend  got  Shock  of her life .
She was so depressed that she stopped every thing , studying , talking with any one , her social life ...everything was haulted .I came to know this via one of her roommates in her hostel.
I went to meet her few times , tried my best to make her understand that  "The Guy was not worth her " and she should not  waste her life after some one who does not cares about her .
Thankfully her family was very supportive .Her mom took her for medical help , took a long leave from her job so to spend lot of time with her .
With passage of time she became better . Completed her studies , took a job .
And after many years got ready to marry a guy of her mother's choice .
I kept in touch with her through letters and phone .
Her family helped her to come out of depression but not all are so lucky .
So we should support a person who is depressed without blaming them for any thing.
 There are few  things which can be helpful:
3.Believing in Yourself
4.Diverting the mind from current problem.
5.Moving on in life .

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