Tuesday 27 October 2015

How to Keep Your baby Healthy and Happy

Children are precious gifts given to us by the  Almighty to love and take care .
Parents do everything to keep their baby safe and happy .
The Two most important things for baby are
They should safe ,sound and healthy so that they can grow into healthy and happy individual.
When babies are born  parents , grand parents , siblings and relatives take care of them .
They ensure that the baby is safe and healthy and proper care is taken for his/her well being.
The first challenge is to keep them healthy .
They should be given vaccinations on time , proper feeding ( preferably mothers feed ) is necessary for their growth  , and  a good diaper to keep baby dry .
A good diaper is as essential as a medicine as it helps to keep babies skin dry and happy.

Diaper can help to keep the baby happy in following way :
1.It keeps babies skin dry so the wet feeling like that with  cloth diaper is not there and baby feels happy.
2.It helps to maintain hygiene .
3.It helps the baby to have a good sleep as baby does not feels wet and gets up because of that.
4.It helps the skin to breathe , so baby feels fresh .

Skin of small babies are very soft and needs to taken care or else they can have skin allergy or rashes .
While changing diapers it is necessary to clean the private parts with  a wet wipe or damp cloth , put some coconut oil (as it helps to avoid rashes ) and change the diaper with in every 5-6 hours .
This ensures health and hygiene .
If baby is feeling fresh he/she will sleep better and sleeping  is good for babies as it helps to develop brain .
When my kids were small I have used diapers from various brands , the one I found  good is Pampers .

Advantage of using Pampers Diapers :
1.Has good absorbing capacity , thus helps to keep babies skin dry for a long period of time.
2. Is easily available every where , in various sized packs , one can even buy a pack of 2 pieces which is very economical.
3.Price much less than other brands so easily affordable.
4.Helps the skin to breathe , so keeps the baby happy.
5.Since its absorption power is good , babies does not feel wet and so have a good sleep when they wear Pampers diaper.
6.Since its quality is excellent (as its made from softest material ) it does not causes any skin allergy or rashes .

So by using pampers diapers my kids were happy and so am I .
I never had problem while going out with such small kids ( which usually many parents complain) as my kids were using Pampers diaper .
It never stopped them or me to do any thing which we want .
So it was fun with pampers , enjoying every moment of my kids innocence and cute activities .
They even danced with their diapers and showed that they can do any thing they want .

Things  to keep babies skin soft

The things which I  had done to keep my babies skin soft are :

1. I have used Olive oil for massage as it nourishes the skin and makes it soft .
2.I have used Pampers diapers for my kids to keep their skin dry and soft .
3.I have used  Baby creams like Johnson's baby cream to keep my babies skin moisturized and soft.
Its better to use these creams after bath as it gets absorbed quickly and keeps skin soft.
4. To avoid diaper rash  I have used pampers diaper + Coconut oil  . This helped to keep their skin soft .
5.Using a gentle detergent to wash my kids clothes  and washing it many times with plenty of water so that to avoid any residue of detergent in it which can cause allergy or rashes .
6.Using soft clothes like that made from cotton material and making them wear light coloured dresses as  its good for skin . I had avoided dark coloured clothes for infants as in some clothes the colour comes off and could be harmful for babies skin.

Using this simple tips we can keep our babies world safe and sound and make them happy and healthy and let them enjoy their childhood to full extent .

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