Tuesday 20 October 2015

Nature Can Help Us to Stay Together

In todays digital world  everyone is hooked to internet and gadgets , be it be laptops, smartphones , iphones , ipads , or Tablets ,We see everyone even kids spending lot of time on net with gadgets .This has effected our society adversely.
Earlier people use to spend lots of time with their family and friends , but now  they feel getting connected means to get connected via social media like face book , twitter or WhatsApp.
This is not a good trend . Instead of spending time with real people and real friend people spend more time with Virtual friends in a virtual world .
Spending more time in a virtual world can adversely effect a person's behaviour and health.
When some one sees their friends photos on face book and find them more happy and successful they start comparing their life with them , that often leads to depression .
We are seeing only the happy part of their life , they are not showing their pains and struggles but we compare ourselves with others and get effected .
Ultimately people live in a self made cocoon , confining themselves to net and gadgets .
This effects their heath too .
People suffer from various ailments like depression , High BP , weak bones (lack of exposure to sunlight which helps to produce Vitamin D in body)  etc.
So one should try to spend time outside in the lap of nature with real people in the real world to be happy and healthy.

image from scrapwish.com

Spending time in Nature is healing energy , it energises the mind and body.
One feels relaxed in the lap of nature.
Watching  greens , chirping birds , blooming flowers  is a sign of life and growth around us , gives a positive feeling that everything is OK and Good.
 Health Benefits for spending time in nature :
1.Reduces anxiety and depression .
2.Decreases stress.
3.Increases immunity --sunlight helps to make Vitamin D in body , fresh air is good for lungs and heart .
4.Memory performance and attention increases up to 20% after spending an hour outside in nature .
5.Being outside in nature for just 20 minutes boosts Vitality level.

So spending time in nature makes people feel more Alive and Active

Yamashita Nature
image from nationalGeographic.com

There is no Wi-Fi in the forest but we find a better connection with Mother Earth and with Ourselves. As when we are away from our gadgets and internet we have enough time to think many positive things about ourselves and others.
Spending a quality time with our family and friends in the lap of nature is like spending time in Heaven .
One should share real emotions in the real world with real people , only sending messages with smile emoticons is not sufficient , one needs to Hug and shake hands to make them feel that they are special to us .
So   #RealTogetherness  means  Being together and spending quality time together in lap of nature like  Parks , Gardens , Sea Shore , Hills , Lake etc

 Nature can help us to do lots of things together like :
1.we can go for fishing together with kids , they would love to do it .
2.We can go for trekking .
3.We can go to sea shore and enjoy sunset there .
4.We can have a terrace garden or if space is there we can go for a small kitchen garden and plant few trees , shrubs and teach our kids the importance of plants in our lives.
5.On weekends and holidays we can take our kids to Botonical gardens and show them various plants and trees .

Many a times I have taken my kids to Zoological parks  where I can show them various species of birds , and  various types of animals .My kids get too excited  when they visit a zoo as they love watching birds and animals , it is the best type of outing for them .
So its an Outing + Teaching + Fun time .

This way we can spend quality time with family and friends and be happy and healthy.

I am writing this in association with Kissan India   for #RealTogetherness  Activity.


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