Saturday 31 October 2015

Simple Ways to Keep Your Baby's Skin Soft

Babies are so cute and adorable , we need to take proper care of babies in all respect .
For new born babies one has to be careful about feeding , clothing , vaccinations , choice of skincare and hair care products , choice of diapers.
Skin is the softest part of a persons body and for small babies it is a sensitive part , if baby will have any problem in skin they would feel uncomfortable and can cause rashes and skin allergy.
So it is very important to protect baby's skin .
From my personal experience I am listing 5 ways to keep baby's skin soft and safe :
1.Before touching small babies one should clean their hand , better to wash it use a sanitizer , so that they do not get any allergy or rashes.
2.For bathing use luke warm water and a mild baby soap or body wash which is gentle on skin .Do not use products that contain harsh chemicals .
3.For oil massage , use a good quality baby oil from a top brand or else simply use Olive oil or pure coconut oil for massage .
4.After bath use a good quality baby lotion or cream , this makes baby's skin soft and keep it moisturized for a long period of time.
5.Use diapers of good quality like Pampers diaper , which helps to keep baby's skin dry .

Using these simple tips we can keep baby's skin soft and safe .
If baby is happy so are we.

Apart from this the other things which we can do to keep our baby's skin soft and safe are :
1. Good  choice of apparel
One should be careful about choosing baby's cloth , it should be of soft material , which is gentle  on skin , light coloured , light weight .
2. Regular massage
Baby's skin needs regular massage with a good oil .
This helps to make their bone strong and improves blood circulation in the body .
Also relaxes  the baby and baby sleeps after massage
3. Protecting from Sun
Since baby's skin are very sensitive one should avoid taking out baby's in  harsh sunlight as we can not apply sunscreen or sunblock creams to them .Its better to cover them with some soft cloth .
4.In India still many parents do not use diapers instead use cloth nappies for their kids .The cloth nappy gets wet soon , and the baby feels uncomfortable , so its better to use a good quality diaper and change it regularly so that the baby does  not gets diaper rash .And the baby's skin remains dry and soft .
As a parent it is our responsibility to take care of our young ones , specially new born babies which are totally dependent on their parents for everything. So choose good quality products and keep them happy and enjoy their innocence and cuteness .

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