Thursday 22 October 2015

Smile --A Precious Gift

Smile is one of the most precious gift we can give to someone .
To  spread a smile we can do lots of things like :
1.Spending quality time with near and dear ones.
2.Gifting some useful and unique gifts to others.
3.Solving others problems .
4.Cracking some good Jokes .
5.Preparing favourite snacks and dishes for our near and  dear ones .

 I have small kids who love to eat delicious snacks prepared at  home .
 The first question they ask after coming from school is "What's in the Lunch?"
 If  its  something they love , a big Smile comes to their face .
 Similarly in evening and on holidays again they expect something special like  some Delicious  snacks of  McCains .
 I have brought  McCains Snacks  like french fries , McCains Crispy Happy Potato  several times .
They like it a lot specially McCains Crispy Happy Potato because of its smile  shape .
It looks good and also tastes good.
McCains smiles potato are mashed potato formed into happy faces.
Its crispy from outside and soft from inside .
A form of Indian Aloo Tikki but having an awesome taste.
Contains carbohydrate , protein .
Does not contain any Cholesterol , so good for people who avoid cholesterol rich food.
Its an excellent snack which is fulfilling .
One can add various toppings to make it more delicious .
Like topping of Cheese spread , tomato ketchup or sweet and sour tamarind chutney .
One can do topping depending on one's taste  to make it look more appealing and delicious .
Since  it contains carbohydrate , a good source of energy for growing children .
Ideal for lunch box as we often worry what to give in lunch box . As many kids are bit choosy and do not eat everything happily given in lunch box , so its a challenge for moms to give some good and healthy snacks which their kids would eat happily.
I also try various healthy snacks for my kids lunch box , Mccains Happy Potato is one of them as I know they just love it and would eat it without any fuss.
The best part is a Big Smile on their face .
So its a matter of health and happiness .

 Since it is a type of frozen food , one can easily store it in freezer for a long time .
One has to just check the expiry date before frying .
To cook one needs to keep it outside for some time and then it should be fried in oil turning both sides till crispy and brown .
Sometimes when we are too busy we do not get sufficient time to prepare snacks for our kids and family , we can use McCains snacks that time .It becomes easier for us to prepare delicious healthy snack in less time.
Some times when unexpected guest arrive to give us a Surprise , the first thing that comes to my mind  is " What to serve ?" and I start thinking about snacks available at home .If McCains is there in my freezer then I feel relaxed as I can prepare a delicious snacks within few minutes and bring a smile to every ones face .

On special occasions like Festive Time or Kids Birthday parties or Celebration Time when my kids get  excellent results in exams  I do try to Prepare McCains Smile to bring a Smile on their face .
And after all this I get the best compliment from my daughter
My Mama is the Best Chef in this World
That makes me happy and satisfied that my kids love what I do for them.

So try McCains to bring to smile to other's face .