Saturday, 28 November 2015

Recipe of Sugar Free Bread Halwa

Today I am going to share recipe of one of my favourite dessert , which is very easy to prepare and takes less time to get ready .
I am talking of Bread Halwa--an Indian dessert .
In India we see variety of sweet dishes and Dessert , each state has its own list of sweets and desserts . Halwa is common every where , one can enjoy various types of halwas in winter season like carrot Halwa , Beet root halwa , channa dal halwa , egg halwa popularly known as Andey ka Halwa .
This bread Halwa is a type of Andey ka halwa prepared from bread and eggs .
 Today I have prepared this andey ka halwa in a sugar free way , instead of using sugar , one can use Sugar free Natura (powder)  to prepare this dish .
Ingredients :
1. White bread --8 slices
2.Eggs -4
3.Ghee -- 1/2 cup
4.Sugar Free Natura (Powder) --1 cup
5.Dry fruits ( of your choice ) -- 1 small bowl , finely chopped.
 I have used cashew , almonds and raisins for this recipe .

Method :
1.Cut the edges of bread slices and remove the brown part .
2.Crumble the bread to make fine powder .
3.In a separate bowl whisk eggs till fluffy .
4.Add whisked eggs to crumbled bread and mix well.
5.Heat ghee in a thick bottomed pan or kadahi , fry dry fruits on medium flame taking care not to burn them , then take them out and keep aside .
6.In the same pan add bread and eggs mixture and cook on a medium flame .Stir continuously  so as not to get clumps .
7.Fry this for around 10 -15 minutes till its cooked properly and the mixture  comes in a granular form .
8.Add sugar free natura and mix properly and cook for 3-4 minutes more , then switch off the gas stove .
9.Dish it out in a serving dish and garnish with fried dry fruits .

Why I like this Halwa so much :
1. Its very nutritious , as it contains eggs , dry fruits and ghee so good for small children .
2.Its very easy to prepare , the recipe is very simple can be prepared by any one.
3. It takes less time to prepare as compared to other Halwa's .I have prepared various types of halwa's like Gajar ka halwa , channe ka halwa , Andey ka halwa ( with eggs & milk) , all of them consumes lots of time , more than an hour and one really gets tired , But this Halwa can be prepared with in 20 -30 minutes . 

Sugar Free Natura is a substitute for sugar , good for people who are calorie conscious and for Diabetic patients also  who want to enjoy sweet dishes but cannot eat sweet dishes prepared with sugar .Sugar Free Natura is derived from Sucralose which is not recognised by body as sugar or carbohydrate and so can be safely taken by Diabetic patients .It does not effects blood glucose level and is calorie free.

I am writing this post in association with Sugar Free Natura   DESSERT CHALLENGE .
Where one has to recreate our favourite dessert recipe with Sugar Free Natura .
For more details one can check this site :

Chef Sanjeev Kapoor is the brand ambassador of Sugar Free Natura , One can watch various recipes of Indian sweets prepared from Sugar Free Natura  on you tube or Khana Khazana  done by Sanjeev Kapoor .
Sugar Free Dessert Challenge

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

First Giveaway on Indian Beauty Bloom[Closed]

Hey Every one
I am so happy and excited to announce my first giveaway .
My blog is going to complete six months , So I wanted to have a giveaway on my blog.
I participate in lots of face book contests and Blog's Giveaway's so I know What Winning Means !!
Its not the prize that matters , its the Happiness that matters , Happiness of winning something .
So I want to share this happiness with all my lovely readers.
Although I am new to this blogging world but I got so much of love and support from my readers , Every positive comment on my posts matters a lot to me .
This is a small Giveaway , there would be many more giveaways depending upon the response of readers.
I have already purchased so many stuffs for my next giveaways , want cooperation from all of you .
Help me to promote my blog by inviting your friends to follow me on social media sites .
 There will be Two winners .
1.First winner will get 3 products .
   Parachute Advanced Body Lotion Coconut Milk 250 ml.
   Fem Anti Darkening Hair Removal Cream
   Cleo Crème Hair Colour
2.Second winner will also get 3 products
   Head & Shoulders anti Dandruff  shampoo 375 ml
   Head & Shoulders Conditioner 80 ml
    Bvlgari Omnia Perfume sample 5 ml

                                                                Winner 1
Winner 2
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4.Subscribe to my blog via email and verify your subscription.
(For email subscription a widget is given at the right corner of page .)
5.Read my blog posts and leave a comment on any of the post .
6.Share on facebook , twitter at least once .
7.Comment below with your Name , City , email ID , twitter name , facebook share link.
8.Must be a resident of India with valid postal address where I can ship the products .
Winners will be chooses on basis of their Active participation and sharing on social media sites .More sharing more chances of winning.
 The giveaway will run for 20 days and winners will be declared after that .
Winners will be declared at this blog and face book page of Indian Beauty Bloom.
Hope to see active participation of all readers .Waiting for your comments !!
  •  All decisions are mine and will be final and I do not want any controversy against it.
  •  This is not a sponsored giveaway and all things have been purchased by me. 
Winner Update on 9/12/2015

Thanks to all participants for putting their effort to win this Giveaway .
Here are the winners of my First Giveaway .

Winner 1 -- Nishat Anjum
Winner 2-- Divya Asha

Congratulations to the winners .
Winners will be contacted soon for their postal address.
One more giveaway  is going to start soon , so keep checking my blog for more updates .
Ghazala Naseem


Wednesday, 11 November 2015

A Role Model Who is Made of Great

In this beautiful  Journey of our life we meet many people , Some of them leave a great impact on our mind , some are there whom we love to follow and they become our Role Model .
One such person whose story I would like to share is my Father - in - law, Mr. Abdul Ahad.
Born and bought up in a small village in Bihar , he was much different from his siblings .He had the vision of importance of education for common man specially women education and empowerment.
Unlike his other siblings he completed his studies including Master's degree and got a job in TNB college Bhagalpur,Bihar.Later on he became the Principle of that college .
I am adding link to official site of TNB college Bhagalpur , where in the History  of college  , name of founders and all principle's are given. One can read Mr.Abdul Ahad's Name in 12th rank , He was principle of college from June 1961 to January 1962 .

That time during 1960's girls education was not given much importance , specially in Muslim families girls were not allowed to attend school and colleges , they use to get basic education at their home. But my father-in-law sent all his daughters to school and college for formal education.He did not cared what relatives and society is saying about him and his family.He believed that it is very important to give formal education to girls as it is the women who runs the household , teaches her kids , so its essential that they should be educated and if required they should also  step out of their house and do a job , something which was not considered good that time in society .
So he believed in Women Empowerment .Giving formal education , then Technical education and then a chance to prove their talent by doing a job.All his daughter were well educated , much more than the women of that time , the youngest one did MBBS and moved to USA for higher studies (after her marriage).
So later on he became a role model for others specially in the Conservative Muslim Families that girls should be given a chance to prove their talent.
He was also  the Founder of URDU GIRLS HIGH SCHOOL , BHAGALPUR .
He wanted girls to come out and study , since girls from minority community were not sent to government or private schools , he thought of opening an Urdu school where those girls can study and get basic education.The school was founded in the year 1969 and its still there at Jagdishpur , Bhagalpur .

He loved his daughters more than his sons , which again was different from the inequality in the society where boys are given more preference than girls .
On festivals he used to make clothes for his daughters first then for others .
Thus taught others that girls should be given due respect and love from their parents family and everywhere.

The other aspect of his nature which I would like to share is Employee Care .
Since he was the principle of  a famous college he took this as his responsibility that he has to take care of all his subordinates and provide them the best of every thing.
He fought for the rights of class IV employees of his college .
In the University meeting in Patna , he requested that the salary of Class IV employees should be increased , they should get Bonus once a year , They should get free uniform and Winter  wear  from College , since they were so poor that they can not afford to buy those things . It took some time but then the Bill was passed and not only in TNB college but in many other colleges in Bihar the salary of class IV  employees was increased with bonus and uniform .
So people use to give him blessings for this .
Thus again he taught that we should have Human Touch with our employees  when they serve us and do so much of hard work , its our responsibility to take care of their needs.
People in Bhagalpur still remember his name and his college employees who are very old now still tell the tales of him that how he had fought for their rights .
So he is a Man Who is Made of Great , who fought for the rights of others , For Women Empowerment and for Employees of various colleges in Bihar .
One more thing which I would like to mention is his Strong Will Power and Trust on Almighty.
Even in stressful situations he used to remain calm and had trust on Almighty  and used to say that Everything would be All right .
After his retirement he was not getting Pension from the college as at that time there was no pension scheme for college employees.Since he had a family to support and he was not very rich person , he took another job.At the age of 60 when people take rest , he started doing a job in college which was very far away from his home , but instead of getting disheartened he took this as a challenge and did that job .
So he taught others How to find a way in any Situation , instead of complaining and crying its better to find  a way.
Thus all this had a great impact of me and I learned many good things from him and I am proud to be his Daughter-in-law.
He was a simple man but his strong Will power made him  extra ordinary , one who was Trust Worthy and Reliable , driven by Self Belief , and a Pioneer in bringing positive change in the society.
I learned Self Belief from him.
We have to have belief in ourselves then only we can rise .
We have to create opportunities for ourselves .
He used to say Rights are not served in a Plate , You have to Fight for it .
And its true , sometimes we have to fight for our rights .That makes us more strong and confident.
So my father-in-law is #madeofgreat.
His honesty , sincerity , love for everyone , love for Almighty made him  such a Great Person.

I am writing this post in association with Tata Motors #madeofgreat campaign.
Lionel Messi is global brand ambassador of Tata Motors .
He is talented and icon for todays youth .
And Tata Motor is a Brand which is Reliable ,Trustful and innovative.
So association of  Tata Motors and Lionel Messi is a great thing .

Now my question to readers :
What do you think of Tata Motors association with  Lionel Messi ?

The best comments can get an  voucher worth 750/-!!
The last date to comment and win is 25th Nov.2015.

So  enjoy reading the post and do comment , waiting to read answers.

Watch this video :


Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Review of parachute Advanced Body Lotion Coconut Milk

Today I am going to review Parachute Advanced Body lotion Coconut Milk .
Its made for dry skin .Its a 100% natural moisturizer that nourishes from deep inside .
It has a shape like hourglass that makes it easy to hold.
Glycerine , Coconut milk, Cocus Nucifera oil ,Hydrogenated vegetable oil , Fragrance
Price 132/- for 250 ml
Expiry date -  2  years from date of manufacture
 The lotion is white in colour having thick texture and nice fragrance .
It gets absorbed easily and makes the skin moisturized .
Since it is bit greasy a small amount is required .
The best part is it keeps the skin moisturized for a long period of time so excellent for dry skin and winters .
 1.It moisturizes the skin from deep inside so the skin remains moisturized for many hours .
2.Pocket friendly - Rs 132 for 250 ml is good and small amount is required , so its value for money as a single pack will last for more than a month.
3.Ideal for winters and for people having dry and rough skin.
Since its bit oily it might not be suitable for people having oily skin .
Over all its a good product and one must give a try specially in winters when we look for a good body lotion .Regular usage makes the skin soft and smooth .
My rating 4.5/5

Sunday, 1 November 2015

Review of Aster Luxury Bath Lime Soap

Recently I had won a Giveaway from AlivenKicking blog by Shilpa Bindlish .
I got 3 variants of Aster Luxury soaps as my prize.
The first one to try is Lime soap.
Its a green coloured soap with lemony fragrance .
Ingredients :
1.Extra Virgin coconut oil
2.Castor oil
3.Myristic Acid
4.Stearic Acid
6.Lime essential oil
Price : Rs 150 for 125 gms
Expiry date :24 months from the date of packaging.
Packaging :Aster Luxury soaps comes in plastic packaging which is not very attractive.
Details about Aster Luxury Soaps :
Aster Luxury soaps are handmade soaps made from natural ingredients , do not contain any harsh chemicals .
They are additive and preservative free.
Suited for all skin type.
Made through old soap making process using coconut oil and castor oil.

My review on this soap :
I like to use natural products as they do not contain any harsh chemicals .
This soap is type of glycerine  soap with nice lemony fragrance .
It contains castor oil , coconut oil and glycerine  all good for skin specially during winters.
The best part is it does not melts fast unlike other soaps and is easy to use .
The soap makes good lather .
Pros :
1.Contains natural ingredients .
2.Do not contain harsh chemicals , Paraben.
3.Contains coconut oil , castor oil , glycerine which helps to moisturize the skin.
4.Has a nice lemony fragrance .
5.Is long lasting , does not melts fast .
6.Lathers well
7.Not tested on animals
1.Product packaging is not attractive , could have been better.
2.Its bit Pricy as natural products have high price .
3.The fragrance does not stays for long .
Overall its a good product to try .
One an buy these soaps from online stores like, ,
One can know more about these soaps at their site