Sunday 1 November 2015

Review of Aster Luxury Bath Lime Soap

Recently I had won a Giveaway from AlivenKicking blog by Shilpa Bindlish .
I got 3 variants of Aster Luxury soaps as my prize.
The first one to try is Lime soap.
Its a green coloured soap with lemony fragrance .
Ingredients :
1.Extra Virgin coconut oil
2.Castor oil
3.Myristic Acid
4.Stearic Acid
6.Lime essential oil
Price : Rs 150 for 125 gms
Expiry date :24 months from the date of packaging.
Packaging :Aster Luxury soaps comes in plastic packaging which is not very attractive.
Details about Aster Luxury Soaps :
Aster Luxury soaps are handmade soaps made from natural ingredients , do not contain any harsh chemicals .
They are additive and preservative free.
Suited for all skin type.
Made through old soap making process using coconut oil and castor oil.

My review on this soap :
I like to use natural products as they do not contain any harsh chemicals .
This soap is type of glycerine  soap with nice lemony fragrance .
It contains castor oil , coconut oil and glycerine  all good for skin specially during winters.
The best part is it does not melts fast unlike other soaps and is easy to use .
The soap makes good lather .
Pros :
1.Contains natural ingredients .
2.Do not contain harsh chemicals , Paraben.
3.Contains coconut oil , castor oil , glycerine which helps to moisturize the skin.
4.Has a nice lemony fragrance .
5.Is long lasting , does not melts fast .
6.Lathers well
7.Not tested on animals
1.Product packaging is not attractive , could have been better.
2.Its bit Pricy as natural products have high price .
3.The fragrance does not stays for long .
Overall its a good product to try .
One an buy these soaps from online stores like, ,
One can know more about these soaps at their site



Unknown said...

Sounds really nice!! :)

Have a lovely week ahead

Unknown said...

Oh i have never tries their soaps..will sure give a try.. nice review :)

Unknown said...

i love products with lemon is so refreshing :D

Sangeeta said...

The soap sounds nice. And the fragrance, refreshing.