Wednesday 23 December 2015

New Year Giveaway on Indian Beauty Bloom [Closed ]

Hey everyone
I am back with another Giveaway , New year Giveaway for my lovely readers .
There will be one winner who will get this prize .
Prize includes two products :
1.Kiara Golden Wallet worth 499/-
2.Svelte Earrings worth 99/-
I have used several Kiara bags and wallets , they are of good quality , I usually purchase them from online stores like or
This wallet has 10 card slots and many pockets , is made of leather and looks good .
I have also used this Svelte earrings many a times , they are cute and good for daily wear .
So I have chosen these two products from my favourite brands for this giveaway .
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 The giveaway will run for 20 days and winners will be declared after that .
Winners will be declared at this blog and face book page of Indian Beauty Bloom.
  •  All decisions are mine and will be final and I do not want any controversy against it.
  •  This is not a sponsored giveaway and all things have been purchased by me.  
Winner   Sumita Kapoor

Sunday 20 December 2015

Review of Livon Serum

Recently I got a Gift Hamper from Livon , the hamper is in form of a beautiful basket with a Livon serum , a wooden comb & a candle , everything is good , the thing I liked most is the basket .
That made me realise that product packaging and gifting makes a difference .

Livon is not a new product in market , its available since long , I have used it before also .
Again I am using it now.
Its a good product which helps to control Frizz , ease out tangles and reduces hair breakage .
Its a light colourless serum which has a nice fragrance .

 Price-- Rs 215 for 100ml
Shelf life --2 years
Product packaging  is  good , its available in a plastic bottle from which serum can be easily squeezed out .

It can be used either on shampooed hair or dry hair .
One can apply small quantity of it on damp hair or  even dry hair , it eases the tangles and thus there is less hair fall while combing the hair .
It should not be applied on Scalp but should be applied hair specially the at the bottom of hair length. 

Regular usage helps to get  Silky and Shiny Hair .

Pros :
1. Has a nice fragrance which stays for  long .
2.Helps to Detangle hair .
3.Reduces breakage while combing .
4.Helps to control Frizz.
5.Does not makes the hair look or feel oily .
6.Its a light hair serum which is easy to apply .

Cons :
Price may seem bit high but its ok as its an excellent product.

My rating 4.7/5

Because of pollution and harsh climate some times it is difficult to maintain our hair , hair becomes dry , rough and looks life less , so such hair Serums do really helps to restore and maintain shine and health of hair , helps to keep it healthy and silky . It moisturises the hair and forms a protective coating which protects the hair from dust , harsh sun rays etc.
This serum can also be used to style our hair .It gives bouncy and shiny effect to hair with in few minutes and one can do hairstyle of their choice .
Those who have not used it should give a try once .

(This is not a sponsored review and these are  my personal opinion )

Thursday 10 December 2015

Review of Soultree Utsaah Collection

Hey everyone
Glad to share that yesterday I received a gift Hamper from Soultree --Soultree Utsaah Collection
A gift hamper containing four soultree products .

The gift pack has a cute packaging , a small cylindrical box  with four excellent products .
1.Soultree apricot oil & honey body butter.
2.Soultree amla & Brahmi hair oil.
3.Soultree turmeric & Indian rose face wash .
4.Soultree Indian rose shower gel.

MRP of this gift pack is Rs 350/-
Can be brought from online stores of

This gift box is called From The Heart of Nature

Soultree  products are natural products which are safe to use and are made from natural products like herbs , flowers , wild fruits .
The best part is they do not contain any harsh chemicals like parabens, silicones ,sulphates etc .
They use organic , non genetically modified ingredients .
The price of products may seem bit higher but if we consider the fact that these are natural and safe products then its ok and good.

The first product from this range which I have used is Soultree apricot & honey Kokum butter .
Its a type of moisturizer which contains glycerine , Kokum Butter .

It has a nice fragrance which stays for long .
Its white in colour , can be easily applied on skin and gets absorbed quickly .
Nourishes the skin and keeps it hydrated for a long period of time .
Its non greasy lotion which is a blend of vitamin rich apricot oil and wild honey .
It is also infused with Kokum Butter which is hydrating and makes the skin soft and supple.
It can be applied on both body and face , but for people with oily skin it is not recommended to use on face .

My views on this product
Its an excellent product for winters as we have dry skin problem in winter.
This body butter moisturises the skin and keeps it hydrated for a long period of time with out that greasy feeling which we get in many body lotions .
The best part is its a natural product , so safe on skin.
My rating 4.6/5


Wednesday 9 December 2015

Review of Lotus Herbal Natural Blend Liquid Foundation

Today I am going to review Lotus Herbal Natural Blend Liquid Foundation.
 The foundation comes in a 30 ml cute bottle with a dispenser pump.
It is meant for oily skin and has SPF value 20.
The product claims that its is an oil free , light weight matte finish foundation which gives flawless look.
 Price Rs 345
Shelf life 3 years
The foundation has a creamy consistency rather then liquid .
Pros :
1.Its a herbal product with creamy texture and good fragrance .
2.Has SPF 20 which is good.
3.Product packaging is good and one can easily apply the foundation using the dispenser.
4.Gives a smooth finish after the foundation gets absorbed in the skin.
1.Although the texture is creamy still it takes lot of time to get absorbed in skin .
2.It is not the foundation for a quick make up.
3.It is not very light , one feels like made up and does not gives a natural look .
4.Gives a wet feeing and if not blended properly gives a muddy look as when I left it on my palms for sometime it wasn't going easily.
My rating 3/5
I brought this as I have oily skin and I thought it would be good for my skin tone .
But it isn't the perfect foundation , better options are available .
The BB and CC cream which we use daily are much better then these.

Friday 4 December 2015

Hyderabad is made of Great

I am a north Indian born in Patna, Bihar . Spent my childhood in various cities of India like Patna , Gangtok , Cuttack . Then after my marriage I came to Secunderabad , and it seemed I have reached a different world .  A metro city with  both metro and Indian culture .On weekends we use to come to Hyderabad either for shopping or to meet our relatives .  Stayed there for one year then stayed few months in Mumbai , then two years in Noida but I always wished we could move back to Hyderabad .Finally I asked my husband to request for a transfer to Hyderabad in his company (if its possible ) as I wanted to come back to Hyderabad .
 And when he got approval to join his company's Hyderabad branch I was on cloud9 .
The reason I like Hyderabad so much is  , its made of great , Great people , great culture .
People of Hyderabad are decent , humble , friendly and accept  people from other states  as their friend , unlike many north Indian state where one feels like alien .
Law and order situation in Hyderabad is much better than other cities of India.
One can freely move any where even during late hours in night .
Some ten years back when I was new to this city , I used to fear while going out late in the night for any functions or parties but my husband assured me that there would not be any problem here and he was right , At times I was wearing many gold jewelleries and we were on bike still I never felt that its unsafe . Some thing which I could not imagine in any other city of India even my native place Patna .
So this was some thing new for me , I agree things have changed now , we read many cases of chain snatching in Hyderabad but earlier it was not like that .
Hyderabad has a rich culture of both Muslims and Telgu's .
Few decades back it was ruled by Nizam so people still do maintain that Nizami Tehzeeb , manners and ettiquetes .
Lavish weddings with delicious food , Great collection ethnic wear and all sorts of jewellery to suits every ones budget .
The best part is people live in Peace and Harmony with each other , something which is need of the hour .
Both Muslims and Telgu's respect each others traditions and cultures and there is hardly any conflict for anything .
One can see this from their food culture also .
In many Muslim families people have south Indian breakfast like Idli , dosa ,  upma etc.
Where as Hyderabadi Biryani has found its way in Telgu  families also .
Festivals are celebrated together , like Eid is for every one , every one asks for Sheer Khurma and on Makara Sankranti even Muslim youths and boys enjoy Kite flying.So I really love this brotherhood shown by people of all community .
So one really feels safe staying in Hyderabad which is the Birth right of all .
So I would say Hyderabad has the Drive to keep people motivated to stay together .
It helps people to Connect with each other and connect with Indian tradition and culture something which is fading in other Metro cities of India , there is more Westernisation .Where as in Hyderabad there is more of Indianisation.
File:Charminar Hyderabad 1.jpg
(Image source

With in the same city one can get  two totally different  worlds.
At old city of Hyderabad near Charminar area one can see old buildings , hospitals built during Nizam's  time , local people mainly traders and their families , ethnic wears , bangles , biryani's etc.
So one gets the feeling that one is in India .
Where as when one goes to Hitech city at Madhapur , one can see high rise buildings , MNC's , IT companies , IT and  BPO professionals , wide roads ,  shopping malls, so one gets the feeling that this is some other part of the world.

(image source

I enjoy going both , some times old city for shopping and some times Hitech city and its malls for weekend outings .
So various different cultures and traditions have beautifully merged to form a Hyderabadi culture which is loved by all .
So I really feel Hyderabad is #made of great .
Great  City with Great People .
And I am sure after staying here for some time , no body would ever want to go any where else , even their native .
So according to me and many others Hyderabad is One of the Best City in India .
The city which gives opportunity to every one to do some thing , earn something good , so we find people from other states coming here for education and job.
City which has the Design to accommodate  Old as well New lifestyles of people ,
City which has the Drive to motivate people to do something good for themselves and for others,
City which Connects old tradition with new culture and Connects people of different religion , places and countries to stay together happily.
We can even see people from other countries coming here for education and job .
In various schools one can find students of foreign nationals like from Iran , Somalia , Sudan etc.
In colleges and Universities again there are many foreign nationals specially in the famous Osmania University .
So every one has found a place in this city and lives with Dignity .

I am writing this post in association with Tata Motors #madeOfGreat  activity .
For more details  check this site