Sunday 31 January 2016


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Saturday 30 January 2016

Funniest Laughter Story with My Better Half

My husbands sense of humour is quite good , he can make any body laugh with his jokes  and with his funny and weird activities .
Because of this Great sense of humour we   had several  laughter moments which  is difficult to forget .
Among the several funny incidents and laughter moments in our married life the one I want to share here is quite interesting .

Its the Fight between a father and a son to get my attention .

 Since ours was an arranged marriage we hardly knew each other , we were from different places with different family backgrounds . We met first time only after our Nikah .So it took some time to know each other and  we used to talk a lot about our childhood , friends , relatives and everything .
It was like a routine that daily after dinner we would chat for some time , around one hour  about anything , then only we would sleep .
We would share our childhood tales , our friends and  our activities during school and college days etc.
This all went for some three years , till my first delivery .
After my first delivery when my son was born our routine got changed .
Since parenting is not too easy that too for the first time , we were not getting time for each other .
With me busy with my son and his activities like I had to follow his routine , his sleeping time , feeding time and all , I was getting totally exhausted , and we could hardly spend some time with each other and I always missed those golden moments when we use to talk and chat .
When my son was around  two years old , my  husband said now he is grown up , we can relax and try to take out some time  for ourselves , we could now chat and talk as we used to do earlier ( That was such an important part of our relationship as it really helped to get closer and know each other better ).
But my husband did not realised  that it would  not be so easier .
When ever he tried to talk with me my son would interrupt and say " mama is mine , she will play with me and talk with me and not with anyone else ".
It took some time for us to understand a child's psychology,  that he does not wants to share his mother with any one else , not even with his dad .
At times my husband would  get angry and say  I never thought   this would happen , a simple thing like chatting with you is so difficult now .
But he didn't give and said I will find a way out .
This father- Son  fight to get my attention was  really  very funny  and I used to laugh a lot on this with my husband getting furious and my innocent son saying "Mama is Mine ".
Then one day he called me from his office during his lunch hour , it  was strange as usually he never called before like that as he is too busy with his work there .
So I asked "Is everything  ok ?"
He replied , yes everything is fine .  He was free for some time during his lunch break and now he would talk to me over phone during this time daily from his office , so that  he could talk to me .
This really made me laugh at his struggle to find a way to talk to me as he would complain your son does not lets us talk .
So this became a routine and we enjoyed this also and my innocent son could not realise  that I am talking with his dad over phone .
One day during weekend when he was at home and wanted to talk to me , again looked at my son and said " leave it , he won't let us talk , I will do my way ", he went to another room , closed the door from inside and then from his mobile called on my mobile and said now we can talk .
That made us laugh , and my son wondered and asked "mama why are you laughing ?"
I could not explain him that because of his naughty behaviour and   over Possessiveness  towards me , his father is getting a tough time .
This laughter moments really helped us to come closer and have a strong bond of love and affection towards each other  with realising that some times we will have to accept some challenges and find a way out to stay connected and spend some quality time together .

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Love and Laughter Moments with my Husband

 I feel its true that Marriages are made in heaven to be executed on earth .
We had an arranged marriage fixed by our relatives .
We had never met or talked  with each other before our Nikah .
After  engagement  he wanted to talk to me about certain things but was stopped by his sisters saying its not good , what ever you people want to talk can do after marriage .
So we  had just seen snaps of each other and knew what  our relatives had told .
I was very nervous at the thought of getting married to an unknown person about whom I literally had no knowledge , I was knowing his family , I knew about his job , that's it , but for me this was not sufficient , as to spend your entire life with some one , one  needs to know many more details .
Any ways I could not do anything but just kept praying that our  Compatibility level matches so that we can adjust with each other .
Initially it took some time to know each other then we were comfortable with each other's nature and behaviour in spite of having few small differences .
We had many similarities too like  Immense Faith on Almighty , Inclination towards good and positive things in life and cracking funny jokes with each other to laugh and  have a lighter and laughter moments .
We had several laughter moments which we  really enjoyed and which helped us to come closer and have a strong bond of  love and affection with each other . Now we are like best friends , know each other so well that sometimes we do not need words to express ourselves , a look is sufficient to tell many tales . We respect each other's likes and dislikes , encourage each other to grow in our respective fields , understand each other so well that  even our siblings cannot  understand us that much .
The biggest thing in any relationship is Trust , and we do trust each other on everything .

We had several laughter moments ,one such moment which I want to share here is :

Some 10  years back when we were in Noida (UP) , we had enjoyed winter there with several funny moments . Since he feels too much cold he would take all precautionary measures to protect himself from getting  cold , after washing his slippers he would say its wet I need to make it dry , so would use my hair dryer for that , that particular scene always made me laugh .
He would make  some drink from Joshina and honey and would force me to drink that saying its good for health , and I would get angry saying I do not want to have it .
Once  on a  weekend we had to go to market to do some shopping , he was feeling very lazy and didn't wanted to go , made several excuses , but when I got angry  got up and said , I won't take my Bike its too cold , let's go by Rickshaw . I agreed  , it was very cold that day with temperature around 3-4 degree . He took his leather jacket , woollen socks , gloves , monkey cap and after wearing  all these  he said I am still feeling very cold . Any how we sat on the rickshaw , after some time he started pulling my Shawl and with its corner tried to cover his face saying  " I do not want the chilled air to touch my face" , this made me laugh and I started laughing , and seeing all this the rickshaw puller also laughed and said " Sahab Ji ko Bahut thanda Lagata Hai " .( Meaning -- Sir feels too much cold )
This is one of my fondest winter memory which I always remember .

These laughter moments are like some treasures which fill our heart with happiness and helps to build a strong relationship with each other .
And  as we all know laughing is good for health  I  would suggest everyone to have some laughter moments with their near and dear ones .

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Thursday 28 January 2016

Review of Sheer Skinz Madurai Jasmine & Mogra Shower Wash

Today I am going to review a new product in the market , its Sheer Skinz Madurai Jasmine & Mogra Shower Wash .
 Sheer Skinz is a traditional skin care brand . Its a pioneer in Luxury Ayurvedic segments .
All its products are pure and natural. They use cold  pressed oils ,herbal essence , extract of fruits and vegetables and pure essential oils to make their products .
This shower Wash is  a type of Silkening body wash with nice aroma of Jasmine & Mogra flowers .
1.Aloe vera  extract
3.Kumud Extract
5.Jasmine & Mogra  Essential  oil
Product packaging is excellent .
Comes in a good quality plastic dispenser with a nozzle through  which  shower gel can be easily squeezed out .
I would give a rating of 5/5 for the product packaging .
Shelf life ---2 years
Price ---195/-
Its a colourless liquid with fragrance of Jasmine and Mogra .
Makes the skin soft and smooth , and one  really feels fresh after using this shower wash .
This  Body Wash has  active ingredients to cleans and exfoliate for silken and smooth skin. The blends of real essential oils make these body washes aroma therapeutic.
They cleanse, nourish and hydrate the skin.
And since they contain Glycerine they do not make the skin dry but keep it moisturised for  a long period of time .

It is available on various online stores like , ,
One can also buy from their online store

Monday 25 January 2016

Review of Sheer Skinz Mashobra, Wild Honey, Rose Water face Wash

Today I am going to review  Sheer Skinz Mashobra Wild Honey Rose water face wash .
Sheer Skinz is a traditional skin care brand . Its a pioneer in Luxury Ayurvedic segments .
All its products are pure and natural. They use cold  pressed oils ,herbal essence , extract of fruits and vegetables and pure essential oils to make their products .
Their product range includes :
Luxurious Soaps
Luxurious Hand Wash
Silkening Body Wash
Natural Face Cleansers
Facial Scrub & Masque
Bhringraj Head massage Oil

The product of this range which I am using right now is Mashobra, Wild Honey , Rose water face wash . I have been using this past 1 week and I really liked the product as its good and much different from any  regular facewash .

Ingredients :
1.Rose water
2.Lemon oil
4.Kumud Extract
5.Nagkesar extract
6.Anantmool extract

Its a delicate facewash which removes oil , dirt and impurities and makes the skin clean , clear , oil free. Makes the skin feel refreshed and velvety soft .
Lemon oil acts as a natural astringent and is good for oily skin , it has antibacterial properties too .
Its a golden liquid kind of face wash with thin consistency .

Product packaging is excellent .
Shelf life --24 months from date of manufacture .
Price --Rs 95 for 50ml
(which is good for such a good product )
It is dermatologically tested for all skin type .
Since my skin is oily , I found  it too good .

So my rating for this product is 4.7/5

It is available on various online stores like , ,
One can also buy from their official site

Sunday 24 January 2016

My Peppy and Crazy Kids

I have three small kids , a son and two daughters .
My kids are my world , my happiness , my strength .
I love  them more than I love myself .
I am too friendly with them but at the same time I am bit strict also so to maintain discipline at home.
They have to follow their routine , everything on time , going to school , doing their home works , eating healthy , sleeping time etc .
When I am free I talk with them , I talk about their class , their teachers , their friends , their likes and dislikes everything .
My conversation with them is Peppy and Crazy as they get excited sharing about their friends and happenings in school and  I  really enjoy  these sweet and lovely conversations with them .
Like once my youngest daughter Hadia who is Class I , told me that today the Hindi teacher taught some new words like "Vishal " which means big , example Elephant , so from that time she started teasing her classmate named Vishal Gandhi as Vishal Haathi .
Then once she asked my mom that Nani why do you go to Local shops , why don't you shop online , my mom replied , I do not have  a laptop like your mama has and I do not know how to palce an order on online  store , she replied "Oh you are so old fashioned "
So sweet talks like this brings a smile to every once face and its a good way to destress ourselves and spend some quality time with our kids.
My eldest daughter Sabhah who is class IV , is very creative and she loves to create something out of nothing .She collects colourful papers , old cardboard boxes and other stationary items and creates some good craft work from all those stuffs .
Once I aske her , " What do you want to become when you grow up"
She replied --a Youtuber
I was astonished at this answer as I had never heard any kid saying this .
I asked her the reason and she replied -- I love doing creative things like DIY ( DO it Yourself crafts ).
So I can make a channel for that and I am sure it will be a hit .
New generation , New dreams , Kids of our time could not think something like this which kids of this generation dream .
Now about my son Faezaan .
He is a dreamer , a thinker , a writer .
He is in class VI , and can do many things which we cannot .
He can think like a writer and write some good and impressive stories .
He loves gadgets , fast moving cars , toys , Cricket , football and all .
He is Tech savvy , at times when I am unable to download some apps on my mobile , he does it perfectly .which really makes me feel proud that at this age he is able to do many good things which others could not .

So talking with such Peppy and Crazy Kids is a way to destress ourselves .
We teach them at the same time we also learn few good things from them like , How to be friends after a fight (they fight then they again become friends) , make a team and do team work , try to impress me with their good behaviour so that I can reward them with some cool gifts and shower my love and attention on them .

So if you have small kids around do spend some quality time with them and learn some good things which we have forgotten .

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Impact of eating Junk Food on our Health

With time eating habit of people have changed , earlier it was only home made food but gradually with the change in economy and globalisation , eating habits got changed and people started eating out frequently .
Through fast food outlets we were introduced to global cuisines like Noodles , Pizzas and Burgers which our parents  and grand parents have not tried in their childhood.
The journey of  Parathas to Pizzas and  Samosa to noodles has done a big impact on health  of people .
Youngsters prefer to eat  these junk foods like Pizza's , Burgers , noodles rather than eating simple home made food like Rice -dal -Sabzi or roti and chicken .
For parents its very challenging to make their kids eat  healthy food and make them avoid junk foods .
These Junk foods has lots of negative effect on our health like --
1.They are high in fat , thus makes people obese .
2.They contain preservatives which are not good for health and in long run does harm to our body .
3.These foods can cause nutritional deficiencies , like lack of calcium , vitamins and minerals .
4.Processed food brings down energy level and make people feel lethargic or lazy .
5.Processed food has no fiber content so causes constipation which can further lead to other problems like piles.
6.Since junk food has high saturated fat it can cause cardio vascular diseases .
7.These food can trigger digestive problems .
8.It can cause depression among teenagers as it lacks essential nutrients and a lot of hormonal changes occurs in teenagers and they need healthy or well balanced diet to control that hormonal changes .
9.Junk food or processed food can fluctuate blood sugar level in the body  which is very bad for health .
10. These junk food have high salt content so can cause kidney problem like stones in Kidney .

So these fast food should make minimal part of a healthy diet .
I agree its very difficult to keep  children away from these junk foods but one can try innovative ways to  prepare healthy and delicious food at home which kids would love to eat .
Like I prepare Palak paratha ( Spinach Paratha ) made with finely chopped spinach leaves , my kids love its taste and  its a good source of fiber and iron .

 While preparing Pulav ( fried rice ) I add lots of vegetables in it like carrot , peas etc so that they eat vegetable this way .
By little effort one can surely make their kids eat healthy food .
This takes time , food habit can not be changed in a day , but keeping in mind health and nutrition one can always start and  try to have a balanced diet with all essential nutrients , so to be healthy and happy .
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Saturday 23 January 2016

Positive Impact of Constructive Parenting

Parenting is not as easy as it seems , there are many challenges which one has to handle carefully .
I can write in length and breadth of this topic as being a mother of small kids and being a teacher of primary classes I have some good experience to share with .
Few decades back the way kids were treated  at home is much different form the way they are treated now . There was a huge generation gap between parents and children, Kids were not free to talk about many things , kids were actually not free with their parents , they use to discuss their secrets with friends and cousins rather than sharing anything with their parents and siblings .
Parents were too strict ( in most of the house hold ) , this was good to maintain discipline but there was a huge gap and lots of misunderstanding between parents  and their kids. 
With time things changed , so the equation or understanding between kids and their parents also got changed .With parents trying to understand their kids more than the previous generation .
This has good impact on kids Psychology and behaviour .
They do not feel oppressed and depressed ---This is the Power of  Constructive parenting .
It helps to develop confidence in children .
Specially with small kids sometimes one has to behave like a kid and think the way they think to understand them .
In spite of my hectic schedule I try to spend some quality time with my kids , talking with them , asking them about their friends , their likes and dislikes , their fears and all so that I can understand them better and help them in all possible ways , this is both for my kids and for my students .
This has helped to build a strong emotional bond with them . They treat me as they friend and share everything with me .
For my kids  I am their Best Friend and for my students I am much more than a teacher , I am more like a friend and Guide to them , I not only help them in studies but help them in many other things as well . And a teacher student relationship  should be like this , Teachers are next to parents , upon whom kids depend for everything , so a good teacher needs to be friendly with their students .
I personally know many people who were not comfortable to talk with their parents , they always lived in a self made cocoon , were shy to discuss their problems with others , felt lonely and depressed . All these things has a negative impact on their behaviour and at times its difficult  for others to communicate with them and make them feel better . 
So from others mistake I learned  a lesson , not to do such mistakes in my life .
To be friendly with kids of all age group , to teach them right moral values so to make them good human beings , to support them in everything they want to do ( not to discourage them for any new ventures ) , to understand their hidden talent and to encourage them to grow in that .
Few years back I had seen the famous movie by Aamir Khan : Taare Zameen Par .
Its one of the best movie I had ever seen , which  teaches how parents  should be .
Parents should not put pressure on their kids to excel in studies but find the field in which their child is interested and is excellent , then parent should support their child to pursue that as his/her carrier .
It is not necessary that every child should become a doctor or an  engineer , there are other good fields too , and a person can grow in the field he/she is interested or has passion other wise like many others they simply drag themselves to  move on which is actually very bad for them.
If a student chooses the field he/she is interested then they can excel in that field and it would also give them satisfaction and happiness.

Its truly said in the movie that every child is special and as  a parent and teacher we should make them feel special .
So the positive impact of constructive parenting is that we  are making  our kids a well behaved , happy , confident individual  . And these kids are our future generation so its very important to make our coming generation happy , well behaved , responsible individuals who are the  pillars of a  civilized society .
I have used the word Constructive parenting as many parents do Destructive parenting by scolding their kids for small and silly things because of which they loose confidence and are always unhappy , they are unable to express their feelings to other and grow up as a confused personalities .

Through my post this is a request to all parents and teachers to rethink the way they are behaving with kids and if possible do try to change it for betterment .

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Be a Fantastico Fashionista by Being a Limeroad Scrapbooker is one the best online store for women in India.
One can shop apparels , footwear , bags , accessories , skin care products from there .
Their collection is very vast   including ethnic wears , dresses , party wears , artificial jewellery , bags , footwear . Every section has a wonderful collection of products  from various sellers from all part of India.
Limeroad also gives chance to small  sellers to sell their product on its site .
So one can get Lucknowi collection from north and Kanjeevaram sarees from south .
 The CEO of Suchi Mukherjee has done a great job by introducing the concept of Scrapbook at Where  a user can create a scrapbook my matching and mixing apparels with bags , accessories etc.
I joined  Limeroad scrapbook some 2 years back.
There was a contest on facebook page of where participants had to create some look and share it on facebook , the best looks got some prizes and others were invited to join scrapbook.
I got a call from scrapbook team and they gave me the details , then they had send a mail where everything was explained in detail regarding how to make templates , how to add products and how to share it on social media sites .
And for creating these looks we were given some LR credits ( Limeroad credits ) which could be used to shop at that site .
I liked the concept as I love doing creative things and this scrapbooking was something I loved to do , mixing and matching various products and making some cool looks. 
The LR credit earned was used for shopping at that site , that was great , doing something of your interest and getting rewarded for that .
Then it was told to us that if somebody places an order from our look then  for every look sold we would be given 100 LR credit , it  also sounded cool .
So we started sharing our looks on facebook and twitter and some of my looks were liked by many and some orders were also placed and I got rewarded for that as well.
So this whole thing was very exciting and the best part was a feeling of satisfaction that I am doing some creative work.
After few months of doing scrapbooking I really felt  that my sense of style has improved .
Now I can do a better mix and match and create  stunning looks .
So a simple plain Jane or I can a  say girl next door can become a Fantastico  Fashionista by becoming a Limeroad scrapbooker , so simple but effective  way of improving your style sense .

(image source

There   are many contests at limeroad from time to time where the best looks are rewarded with some great prizes like products  from that site  or a good amount of LR credit as big as 5000-10,000 .
Which is a big amount and the winners can shop their favourite product from that site .

In todays world where fashion changes every now and then and  people are mad after  catching up with latest  fashion ,  to create your fashion or style is something great as it gives you confidence and happiness .

Those who not tried their hand in this can still try and create some magical looks and feel like a fashion designer  by just being a scrapbooker , so give a try , who knows you might just love it and get addicted to it like many , who have found creative satisfaction in being apart of limeroad scrapbook.
Starting from celebrity Neha Dhupia to CEO Suchi Mukherjee to some fashion and dress designers and common people like me all are a part of this wonderful family .

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Thursday 21 January 2016

Impact of TV serials on Society

I remember during my childhood when Doordarshan was the only channel aired on Indian television it had quality programmes .
There were only few serials which were very good and  kids of that time were more involved in outdoor games rather then being hooked to TV and Internet .
So they were physically more active and social then kids of today .
During 90's when Dish TV started gaining popularity  then there were many channels and many programmes , some of the famous one like Antakshari by Annu Kapoor , some horror serials on Sony Tv etc , it was still very enjoyable .
Then when channels were flooded with Saas Bahu sagas it became boring .
The daily soaps had  big star cast , abnormal twist and turns in the story and some of these  serials ran for years .
Viewers started loosing interest in such boring stuffs specially the youngsters .
Now I feel that the Indian television has lost its charm , it is not like that of 80's and 90's when emphasis was given on quality not quantity .
These TV  serials have a great impact on mind of people.
People copy what they see , be it be style or fashion or the way these actors talk  and behave .
So its the responsibility of Producers and directors to show some thing good on television .
Stories which are enjoyable , have moral teaching and could create some awareness among viewers against the social ills .

I used to watch  few serials like Kumkum Bhagya and Qubool Hai on Zee TV , but I stopped watching them as there was enough negativity in these stories .
Evil plots and abnormal twist and turns and new seasons with new actors finishes the charm of story .
Some times I really wonder "Can't they show something good ?"
People watch these serials for entertainment  not for emotional turmoil .
The leading actors are always shown crying and their life is made hell by negative characters of the serials .
Seems viewers are taught how to plot against your in laws and all .
 This is definitely having a bad effect on society .
Its high time that directors should stop showing  kitchen politics in these series .
So I thought its a sheer wastage of time sitting in front of idiot box and watching all negative stuffs , its better to spend some time on internet and do something good like blogging and connecting with friends on social media sites .

Last year  I had watched some Pakistani Drama's on youtube like Zindagi Gulzar Hai , HumSafar and Aunn Zara . I had heard a lot about these dramas and wanted to see . I found them much better than Indian Serials as these stories were like real stories of middle class family where a girl child struggles to get education in a conservative society and there was no negative or borings stuff .
The story was finished  in around 20-25 episodes which seems so good unlike Indian serials  which runs for years and it becomes difficult to keep track of those stories .

I wish Indian directors and producers learn some thing from these Pakistani Dramas and make something of that sort for Indian television . 

There are some reality Shows in India which are really good  and gives platform to budding talents to be popular and pursue their hobby .
Reality Shows like Satyamave Jayate by Aamir Khan is a real good  thing on Indian television as it works on bringing some positive change in the society .
Aamir Khan has done justice to his Celebrity image by doing such a show .
We need many more shows like this .

(Source )

Shows like Kaun Banega Crorepati  are also excellent which has give name , fame and money to many common  people , For them its like a dream come true to be on television ,  meet superstars like Amitabh Bacchan  and Shahrukh Khan and earn some good money .

Televisions is a very  important medium to spread awareness among people as it reaches mass , specially to people in rural areas .
Through Commercials and programmes people can be taught many good and useful things .
And since many people in rural areas are still illiterate they blindly believe what is shown on TV and Films . So they should be shown some thing good  not bad .

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The Healing Power of Music

We all love to listen songs as we enjoy it . Specially in India its an integral part of any one's life .
If one is happy one sings happy songs  and if one is sad one sings sad songs .
Music is for all occasions , any function or party is incomplete without music .
During wedding ceremonies people love to play Bollywood numbers specially the one which are related to marriage , during festivals people love to listen songs related to that particular festival.
Youngsters love to listen Pop and rock music where as elderly people love to listen classical music or songs from old Hindi movies .
Music has healing power , one feels relaxed after listening some good music and melodious songs .
I like to listen ghazals and Qawwali's as it gives a feeling of spirituality .Getting connected with the Almighty and thus getting connected with ourselves .
Qawwali is the most popular form of Sufi music.
The Qawwali's by famous singers like Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan , Rahet Fateh Ali Khan , Abida Parveen are too good  , better to call it soulful music .
Sufi Music  is the devotional music of Sufis inspired by the work of Sufi Poets like Amir Khusro , Khawja Ghulam Farid .Sufi music touches ones soul and has the healing power , after listening to such music and qawwali's one really forgets ones worries for some time .One gets inspiration to live life to the fullest , thanking the almighty for all good things he has given to us in our lives .
I had been to dargah of Hazrat Nizzamuddin  Aulia  at old Delhi few times .
After doing prayers I used to sit and listen Qawwali by singers there , its unique of its kind , a soulful music which has connection with heart and soul .
One can listen these qawwali's in Indian subcontinent only , only in India , Pakistan , Bangladesh and not else where and these qawwalis are very popular and is liked by people of all age group .
AR Rahman the famous Indian musician has several composition which is inspired by Sufi music .
His famous qawwali like "Khwaja  mere Khwaja "in the movie Jodha Akbar  is very popular .

The famous Pakistani Singers like Abida Parveen and Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan are considered as the finest Sufi singers of this era , I just love to listen these qawwali's .

And among the famous ghazal singers are Jagjit singh whose songs is as famous as he himself is .
During my school days I used to listen all his ghazals and songs including the Bollywood ones .
One of my favourite was " Yeh daulat bhi le lo yeh shohrat bhi le lo magar mujhko lauta do bachpan ka sawan , who kagaz ki kashti , who baarish ka paani "
This was a famous song loved by all. It shows the simplicity and innocence of childhood which we miss after becoming adult .

Now the question is why we all love to listen music --- because a good music can be used to promote wellness , relaxation , stress reduction , healing and connecting deeply to ourselves .
Music has therapeutic and curative ability .
A child finds comfort in his/her mother's lullaby as its a way of representing a mothers love for her child .
So use the power of music to de stress your self and enjoy some soulful music which you like to listen .

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Impact of E commerce on Indian Consumers

Few years back when e commerce was not so popular in India people use to shop in traditional ways , super stores and shops , then came the era of Shopping malls where one can get variety of products under one roof . It became very popular specially in metro's and big cities then slowly it reached small towns as well.
It has its own charm , shopping every thing under one roof , starting from grocery products to apparels , skincare , footwear , even electronics and furniture available at one place .
I had also  shopped from various famous shopping malls like Big Bazar , Spencer's , Hyper City etc .
Shopping there at week ends was a routine .
Then came Online shopping in India . Like many others I was too hesitant initially thinking of various factors like quality of products , payment options , return and refund issues etc. But I always wanted to try as I love trying new things and products .When one of my relative told me that he  has been shopping from online store like  , and its good , I gained some courage and thought of giving it a try . was the first online store from where I had started doing online shopping.
My first order was worth Rs 500 , some skin care products , when my order was fulfilled  within 2 days  , I was happy and I got a good discount on  those products which was difficult to get else where .
Then it was apparels , my ethnic wears and my kids apparels , I got a good discount on those products by using discount coupons and vouchers .
My overall experience with was excellent , products were of good quality , return and exchange was easy , every order was delivered with in 2-3 days .
This was a pleasant experience and I started enjoying it , trying new stores one by one .
Then I learned about various deal and coupon sites like and , the sites where one can know about discounts and promotion on various online stores , using which consumer can save lot of money .
All this happened some three years back and at that point of time when my kids were too young and shopping with them was bit difficult for me , this online shopping was a boon for me .
Placing order from home and getting products with in few days .
And after trying apparels , footwear ,  books and other stuff I wanted to shop online for grocery products as its the basic requirement of every house hold .
Then I found the online grocery shop , after my first order I was satisfied with their service . It was much needed for me as going to a grocery shop or super store every weekend with small kids and carrying so much of stuff was difficult .
So like me many other people have been benefitted with online shopping .
People have a hectic schedule these days , busy with their professional and personal lives ,
online shopping  helps to shop almost every thing from home using various payment options like cash on delivery , net banking , payment via credit or debit cards .

From my experience of online shopping I would like to share few things :

1. Do not shop from unknown and new stores of which one has no idea .
2.Shop from reputed online stores like , , etc.
3.Its better to opt for Cash on Delivery as when we receive the product at that time we can pay by cash , if pre payment is done and the online store is not good one has to keep on tracking their order .
4.Before placing order  do read the review of sites, stores or products on internet .
5.Before placing order make sure that return and refund is easy on that store , this could be done by calling at their customer service and getting details of return and refund policy .
\6. One can check at deal and coupon sites so that one can know about latest deals and discounts and save their money while shopping on these online stores.
7.There  are many Cash Back sites like which gives a good percentage as cashback if one shops via their site.Its very easy as one need not do any thing extra , just on any online store as they do but via their site , I have used and got good amount as cash back which was credited to my bank account.

E commerce has given lots of options and choices to Indian Consumers where Consumer is the King .
One can choose from various stores , avail good discounts , get products delivered at their home .
Shopping habits has changed a lot because of e commerce as more and more people are now going for it thus giving a tough competition to local stores and shops .
One needs to be a Smart Shopper , shopping from both online stores and  local stores where one finds good products at good discounts .

This blog post is inspired by the blogging marathon hosted on IndiBlogger for the launch of the #Fantastico Zica from Tata Motors. You can  apply for a test drive of the hatchback Zica today.

Wednesday 20 January 2016

Impact of Social Media Sites on our Lives

Few years back when I was not on any social media site  many of my friends asked me to join so that we could connect with each other . That time I did not realised its importance but now feel happy that I am active on various social media sites .
When I joined facebook , I got so many friend  request from my cousins and friends and slowly my friend list started becoming long with more and more people joining with me , starting from  my high school friends , college friends , my cousins , my relatives etc .
I was so happy to connect with them after a long period of time .
Sharing my family pictures with them and watching their family pictures became a hobby .
Then many of my close school friends with  whom I was not in touch , got connected and took my address and came to my home to meet me .
So I really felt that facebook has done a great thing by letting people get connected with each other .
Some of my cousins and relatives who are living abroad like in USA , Australia , Gulf  whom I have not met since ages also got connected and now I do not feel that I am away from them , they are just a call away , I can call them over Skype , text them on facebook or WhatsApp . 
So  this feeling of getting connected is great , something which I wanted since long and is perhaps the best thing Social media has provided .
Next comes various kinds of activities like participating in various contests and giveaways .
Initially I use to do it for fun without worrying whether I win or loose .
But now it has become a passion .
I love participating in contests  as its fun , one learns  many new things and winning is thrilling , boosts once confidence and gives lots of happiness (which is a million dollar thing ).
I love my prizes , big or small , I share them  with every one , with my sisters , cousins and friends and feel happy in doing so .
 And the biggest advantage of being on Social media is I got to do lots of activity which has helped me to grow as a person , learned  many new things , have a decent earning ( Work from Home kind of thing ) , some thing which people could not imagine few years back .
When I was reading others blog I always wished to have my own blog because of my passion for writing ,  writing is an excellent way to  share your personal experience with others .
When I started my blog I was bit worried whether or not I will be successful , but gradually as my readers started leaving positive comments  on my blog posts , I gained confidence and now I am happy to be blogger .
I made new friends on social media sites some of whom are bloggers , some my contest buddies .
This virtual friendship is very  dear to me as I have not met them but still we are connected and we care about each other .

Social media has given me many things , I feel its better to spend time on internet doing good things like blogging , connecting with friends , participating in activities rather then wasting time on television watching  use less daily soaps .
I have literally stopped  watching all those stuff  which is a sheer wastage of time .

These were all good Impact of social media sites .
Now we cannot ignore the bad aspect , teenagers waste lot of time on these sites chatting with their friends  , and their time is too valuable as they have to study .

Every Technology is developed for the betterment of humankind , its our decision that how we are using them , for our benefit or for our loss.
Intelligent  people  make good use of everything and foolish people cannot make good use of anything .
So its wise to make good use of technology .

This blog post is inspired by the blogging marathon hosted on IndiBlogger for the launch of the #Fantastico Zica from Tata Motors. You can  apply for a test drive of the hatchback Zica today.


Tuesday 19 January 2016

Recipe of Home Made Doughnuts

Today I going to share recipe of Home made  Doughnuts which I had tried few times and it turned out well.


1.White flour  -- 2 cups
2.Sugar  -- 2 Teaspoons
3.Dry active yeast --1 Teaspoons
4.Milk--3/4 Cups
5.Butter --1/4 Cups
6.Salt --1/2 Teaspoons
7.Oil for frying
8.Castor sugar and melted chocolate for garnishing

1.Boil the milk  till lukewarm .
2.Add sugar , salt , dry active yeast to white flour.
3.Bring butter to normal temperature and add to flour .
4.Add luke warm milk to this mixture and make a soft  dough.
5.Knead for 5 minutes till the dough is soft.
6.Roll  it using rolling pin of 1/2 inch thickness.
7.Using a cutter or  steel glass cut the doughnuts in form of circles , again cut using a smaller  cutter to get that ring shape.
8.Heat oil in a pan or kadahi .
9.Fry the doughnuts turning both sides till crispy brown.
10.Take out and keep it on a tissue paper which would absorb excess oil.
11Melt the dark chocolate in a microwave or double boiler .
12.Use melted chocolate and powdered sugar for garnishing

This is quite easy to prepare and is liked by people of all age group specially small kids .

Sunday 17 January 2016

Review of Vizigly Bathing Bar

Today I am going to review Vizigly Bathing bar from Ethicare Remedies .
 Its a type of Glycerine soap which cleanses and moisturises the skin .
Key Ingredients :
1.Glycerien --10%
2.Sodium Lactate --2%
3.Alovera --1%
4.Almond oil --0.25%
5.Wheat germ oil--0.25%

Shelf life -36 months
Price --Rs 63 for 75gms

Product packaging
Product packaging is good with the bar packed in a good card board box with a thin sheet of polythene cover .

Its a type of transparent bathing bar , excellent for winter as it contains glycerine , almond oil which helps to moisturise skin.  

The product claims that it cleanses , moisturises , and nourishes the skin as it contains high percentage of  natural moisturisers and skin softeners and because of its unique combination its ideal for dry and sensitive skin .

My experience with this soap :
I have been using this past few days and I really liked the soap.
It forms good lather , does not have  a strong fragrance like many other soaps ,
cleanses and moisturises the skin .

1.Contains glycerine , almond oil , aloe vera  , all ingredients good for skin.
2.Does not contains any harsh chemicals .
3.Does not melts quickly like many other soaps .
4.Does not has strong irritating fragrance .
5.Good for winter skin care .
6.Good for people of all age group , even kids.
7.Affordable Price
1.Availability might be an issue .

My Rating  4.5/5

One can buy this online at


Saturday 16 January 2016

Open a Free Shop on

Today I am going to review a site called which is an online selling site for small business network .Its an online platform which connects  artisan with  consumers and designers.
The best part is its free to join and register at and open your own online store or showroom where one can show their products and sell them directly to customers without any  middleman involvement . Thus saving lots of money and effort .

Advantages of  Opening a  Free Shop on
1.Its free
Its free to register or signup at and open your own store and start selling your products to consumers .ezebee does not takes any commission so the seller gets the full price of items without giving any commission to anyone .
2.Gives a chance to promote your small business to a world wide audience .
3.One can sell or buy variety of products  world wide ,  one can also avail services like Web design , IT service ,Event planning , Interior designing and many more .
 4.One can shop local , there are City pages where one can find shops in our city near our locality and help to promote those small business and entrepreneur .
5.One can buy original handmade designs at
6.One can get materials and supplies for DIY crafts and projects .
7.One can buy personalised and unique gifts for their loved ones .

Products and Services available at
2.Women's Fashion
4.Kids products like apparels , woollen wears , toys etc .
5.Paper and Stationary
6.Home D├ęcor
8.Food and Beverage
9.Men's Fashion
10.Beauty and Wellness
12.Mobile and pad
13.House and Garden

Services includes
2.IT services
3.Graphics design
5.Event Planning
7.Commission artist

So the list of product and services is long and one can find variety of products and services .
So this site is for anyone and everyone .
It can help any one to become an Entrepreneur  Without spending a big amount on opening store , giving commissions and taxes etc,and one gets the advantage of having a world wide audience .

One can find Unique and beautiful products at which is otherwise difficult to find else where .
 Join this free online Market Place FREE ONLINE MARKETPLACE
Open your free Online Shop  FREE ONLINE SHOP
Become an entrepreneur , have your own online store and make money online .


Saturday 9 January 2016

Review of Ethicare Remdies Lipz Lip Moisturiser

Today I am going to review an essential product for winter care , a lip moisturiser from Ethicare Remedies , its Lipz SPF15 Lip Moisturiser .
I got this from Ethicare remedies along with other products for winter skin care .

1.Kokum Butter
2.Mineral oil
3.Shea Butter
4.Silicon Oil
The product claims that it is colour free , preservative free , fragrance free and Hypoallergenic .
weight --9 gms
Shelf  life --3 years
Price --Rs 90
Caution --It should not be used by children below 3 years of age .
Its texture is like Vaseline and it can be easily spread on lips .
Since it contains SPF 15 its good for Day use as it would protect from harmful UV rays .
My experience with this product :
I have been using this past one week and I really liked it .
Its easy to apply and it moisturises the lips without making it feel or look too oily , it heals cracked and chapped lips .
 Pros :
1.Makes lips soft and supple and keeps it moisturised for a long period of time .
2.Contains SPF so good for day use when one is going out in sun.
3.Has Good texture which spreads easily.
4.Pocket friendly price .
5.Travel friendly pack
6.Clinically approved product .
1.Not easily available everywhere , one has to buy online .
2.Product packaging could be better and more attractive .
My rating 4.8/5

Friday 8 January 2016

How To Make Good Morning A Gold Morning

There is a famous proverb that every night has a morning , that is after every dark night there is a morning filled with lights of hope . So morning signifies beginning of a new  day with  new hopes to do positive things in life .
Every morning when I get up I am filled with a positive energy to do lots of work for myself and  for my family and  look for more opportunities in life , help others to make their lives easy and spread smile and happiness every where.
Before going to bed at night I do lots of work so as not to be in a hurry in the morning like few preparations for breakfast , ironing my kids school uniform etc.
When I wake up  first I thank Almighty Allah for a good sleep which relaxes and rejuvenates us , then after getting fresh the first thing I do is my morning prayers (Fajr Salah) . That makes me happy that I had done a good beginning of my day and Prayer/Salah is a way to connect to Almighty , thanking him for all good things he has given to us in our lives and praying for things we want .
After that I do  a short morning walk as after that I have to prepare every ones breakfast and Lunch  boxes.
Morning  walk is very important as walking in fresh air in morning really makes us feel fresh and is good for health , helps to maintain our BP normal and its a kind of warm exercise which every one should do . Looking up at rising sun , listening chirping of birds, looking at greens  makes me happy from inside . The air is fresh , less polluted than in peak hours when we see a huge traffic everywhere .
After all this my morning skin care regime which starts with brushing teeth which is as important as taking care of our health as proper Oral care can prevent dental problems . And our teeth  are so important for good health as dental problems can really make any one cry ( in terms of physical pain and money spent ).
So I always use a tooth brush and a tooth paste from a reputed brand which can do proper oral care .
I have used Colgate tooth brushes since long , they are good as can clean our teeth perfectly from all angles thus keeping it away from dental problems .
Good teeth means healthy eating habit .
After that its washing my face with a good face wash , then applying a good day cream or moisturiser , applying my favourite lip balm .This small routine makes me feel fresh and I am ready for my daily chores which starts with preparing a healthy breakfast for my family .
With small kids around one has to some times innovate and cook new dishes keeping in mind taste and nutrition both , dishes which are nutritious as well as delicious like Spinach paratha , paneer Paratha etc .
After a healthy breakfast a Cup of steaming hot tea is must as it really wakes me up , makes me feel fresh .
This is my morning routine which is very hectic but still I enjoy doing everything .

An important part of morning routine is brushing our teeth to freshen  up  ourselves , and with an excellent brush like Colgate 360 Charcoal Gold Toothbrush  our Good morning can become Gold Morning as this multi action toothbrush is capable enough to rotate 360 degree to ensure best oral health. Thus can prevent dental problems like cavities , tooth decay , bad breath etc.
                                 (Image source ---

I am writing this post in association with  Colgate India .


Sunday 3 January 2016

What I learned from Year 2015

With  every passing year we learn many new things , gain some more knowledge and experience and become more wise .
Similarly year 2015  taught me many new things , I  learned many new skills , had many wonderful experience in Personal and professional life.
The year started with blogging and writing reviews , something which  I wanted to do since long but was not getting started . Once I saw some blogging activities at , I wrote my first blog post and it  got approved , that motivated me to take blogging seriously .
I also joined a famous Review writing site , wrote reviews on various topics like beauty products review , reviews of hotels , restaurants , brands and services .
Almost all my reviews got approved and one fine day I got a mail from mouthshut team that people are liking my reviews so they asked me to write more and share more of my experiences so that others can be benefitted .
 This mail boosted my confidence to a higher level and I was acknowledged with a hidden talent of me that I can write well.
Then I seriously started thinking  about  blogging as a hobby and as a carrier option .
I started my own blog "Indian Beauty Bloom " which is a personal blog where I write reviews of beauty products and tips on parenting , cooking etc.
So my writing passion/hobby became a part time job for me where as I can positively spend my free time in writing reviews and blogs.
From this experience I learned that we should explore new things and sometimes its necessary to come out of our Comfort Zone so to discover new horizons .

Unless and until we try we can not learn some thing new .
Staring a blog was not easy for me as I had literally no knowledge of Java and HTML , but I learned and was successful .
Today I am Happy to be a Blogger , happy that many people know me as blogger and when any reader leaves a positive comment on my blog post , it really makes me happy .
When  I am conducting small giveaways and contests on my blog and on face book page of my blog and I see a overwhelming response of readers it takes me to cloud9.
Blogging helped me a lot to grow as a person , I learned new things , I got connected to many people via my blog like my readers , fellow bloggers etc .This is a wonderful experience of having virtual friends whom we have not met but we are acquainted via blog and other social media sites like facebook and twitter .

Last year I was working as a Computer teacher in an ICSE school in Hyderabad . In Hyderabad we can see many foreign nationals like people form Somalia , Sudan , USA , Iran  .
In my school there are  many students who were foreign national , many of my students were Irani , Sudanese , Somalians .
This was my first experience of teaching students who were foreign nationals , We were told not to scold them too hard as most of them were US return and in USA one can not scold or punish a student for small things as in India . When I joined the school , other teachers told me that its too difficult to teach and handle these Somalian students , some of them have language problem , they are not fluent in English , some are too aggressive . I was little scared , then I took this as a challenge .
I made friends with them , in my free periods I use to talk with them , talk about their country , their culture , food habit , likes and dislikes and so on .
Initially they were hesitant to open up but gradually  it happened .  When I became too friendly with them they started obeying me . And sometimes when was  I absent for some reasons the next day they would say " mam we missed you , why  were you  absent ?"
some of them made greeting cards for me writing that I am their favourite teacher and so on .
When I showed this to our Principle sir and other staff they were amazed and said how come they behave so nicely with you and not with us ?
My answer was " To get Love and Respect , first we have to love and respect them " .
We have to understand them , then they will obey us .
And my idea clicked , our Principle sir asked all teachers to do what I was doing , thus it created a positive environment  in the school .
And I felt extremely happy that I could bring some good change in the school.
So this experience taught me To be my self . To treat every one equally and we should not discriminate people of basis on region , religion , gender etc.

One more wonderful experience which I had this year is my Trip to Ajmer .
I had been to Ajmer some 10 years back with my husband , ever since I was thinking of going their again but was not getting  a chance.
During summer vacation , I made a program with one of my nephew and I went to Delhi  from Hyderabad , stayed in Delhi for 2 days , Went To Ajmer , stayed there for a day and came back .
It was a kind of religious trip , which has connection with heart and soul.
In our day to day life we are too busy with our daily routines , work , work and work every where at Work Place and at Home also .We hardly get any time to relax and rejuvenate our selves .
Even on weekends we are busy meeting relatives and finishing other works .
So a short religious trip like this is like a boon where we are away from worldy affairs and  think about meditation , religion , self belief and self development .
We went to famous Dargah of Khawja Banda Nawaz at Ajmershareef and simply sitting there in so relaxing . I stayed there for few hours , spend my time in praying and had  a good sleep that night .
So I feel at regular  intervals we need a short break form our monotonous routine like this which
will relax and rejuvenate us .
So with these wonderful experiences  of 2015 I had made few New Year resolutions which I would try to stick :
1.Explore new things , to learn some thing new and grow as a person.
2. Be kind to every one , even if you do not understand their language or their problem . Its better To Be Human with other human beings.
3.At times it is necessary to take break a from daily routines and be Spiritual .
4. Maintain  a healthy lifestyle by eating healthy , doing walks and exercise .
5.Spend some quality time with family and friends specially with small kids as its like a journey back to our childhood , Some times I sit and watch cartoon serials with my kids so to enjoy that moment like a kid.
6. Be positive in your thinking and try to spread smile and happiness every where , The more you will spread happiness the more happy you will be .
With these resolutions I have entered new year with a Smile on my Face and a twinkle in my eye that I am going to explore many more new things this year and bring Smile on many more faces through my blogs and contests/giveaways so to spread happiness every where .

“I’m sharing my #TalesOf2015 with BlogAdda.”