Saturday 30 January 2016

Funniest Laughter Story with My Better Half

My husbands sense of humour is quite good , he can make any body laugh with his jokes  and with his funny and weird activities .
Because of this Great sense of humour we   had several  laughter moments which  is difficult to forget .
Among the several funny incidents and laughter moments in our married life the one I want to share here is quite interesting .

Its the Fight between a father and a son to get my attention .

 Since ours was an arranged marriage we hardly knew each other , we were from different places with different family backgrounds . We met first time only after our Nikah .So it took some time to know each other and  we used to talk a lot about our childhood , friends , relatives and everything .
It was like a routine that daily after dinner we would chat for some time , around one hour  about anything , then only we would sleep .
We would share our childhood tales , our friends and  our activities during school and college days etc.
This all went for some three years , till my first delivery .
After my first delivery when my son was born our routine got changed .
Since parenting is not too easy that too for the first time , we were not getting time for each other .
With me busy with my son and his activities like I had to follow his routine , his sleeping time , feeding time and all , I was getting totally exhausted , and we could hardly spend some time with each other and I always missed those golden moments when we use to talk and chat .
When my son was around  two years old , my  husband said now he is grown up , we can relax and try to take out some time  for ourselves , we could now chat and talk as we used to do earlier ( That was such an important part of our relationship as it really helped to get closer and know each other better ).
But my husband did not realised  that it would  not be so easier .
When ever he tried to talk with me my son would interrupt and say " mama is mine , she will play with me and talk with me and not with anyone else ".
It took some time for us to understand a child's psychology,  that he does not wants to share his mother with any one else , not even with his dad .
At times my husband would  get angry and say  I never thought   this would happen , a simple thing like chatting with you is so difficult now .
But he didn't give and said I will find a way out .
This father- Son  fight to get my attention was  really  very funny  and I used to laugh a lot on this with my husband getting furious and my innocent son saying "Mama is Mine ".
Then one day he called me from his office during his lunch hour , it  was strange as usually he never called before like that as he is too busy with his work there .
So I asked "Is everything  ok ?"
He replied , yes everything is fine .  He was free for some time during his lunch break and now he would talk to me over phone during this time daily from his office , so that  he could talk to me .
This really made me laugh at his struggle to find a way to talk to me as he would complain your son does not lets us talk .
So this became a routine and we enjoyed this also and my innocent son could not realise  that I am talking with his dad over phone .
One day during weekend when he was at home and wanted to talk to me , again looked at my son and said " leave it , he won't let us talk , I will do my way ", he went to another room , closed the door from inside and then from his mobile called on my mobile and said now we can talk .
That made us laugh , and my son wondered and asked "mama why are you laughing ?"
I could not explain him that because of his naughty behaviour and   over Possessiveness  towards me , his father is getting a tough time .
This laughter moments really helped us to come closer and have a strong bond of love and affection towards each other  with realising that some times we will have to accept some challenges and find a way out to stay connected and spend some quality time together .

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