Friday 8 January 2016

How To Make Good Morning A Gold Morning

There is a famous proverb that every night has a morning , that is after every dark night there is a morning filled with lights of hope . So morning signifies beginning of a new  day with  new hopes to do positive things in life .
Every morning when I get up I am filled with a positive energy to do lots of work for myself and  for my family and  look for more opportunities in life , help others to make their lives easy and spread smile and happiness every where.
Before going to bed at night I do lots of work so as not to be in a hurry in the morning like few preparations for breakfast , ironing my kids school uniform etc.
When I wake up  first I thank Almighty Allah for a good sleep which relaxes and rejuvenates us , then after getting fresh the first thing I do is my morning prayers (Fajr Salah) . That makes me happy that I had done a good beginning of my day and Prayer/Salah is a way to connect to Almighty , thanking him for all good things he has given to us in our lives and praying for things we want .
After that I do  a short morning walk as after that I have to prepare every ones breakfast and Lunch  boxes.
Morning  walk is very important as walking in fresh air in morning really makes us feel fresh and is good for health , helps to maintain our BP normal and its a kind of warm exercise which every one should do . Looking up at rising sun , listening chirping of birds, looking at greens  makes me happy from inside . The air is fresh , less polluted than in peak hours when we see a huge traffic everywhere .
After all this my morning skin care regime which starts with brushing teeth which is as important as taking care of our health as proper Oral care can prevent dental problems . And our teeth  are so important for good health as dental problems can really make any one cry ( in terms of physical pain and money spent ).
So I always use a tooth brush and a tooth paste from a reputed brand which can do proper oral care .
I have used Colgate tooth brushes since long , they are good as can clean our teeth perfectly from all angles thus keeping it away from dental problems .
Good teeth means healthy eating habit .
After that its washing my face with a good face wash , then applying a good day cream or moisturiser , applying my favourite lip balm .This small routine makes me feel fresh and I am ready for my daily chores which starts with preparing a healthy breakfast for my family .
With small kids around one has to some times innovate and cook new dishes keeping in mind taste and nutrition both , dishes which are nutritious as well as delicious like Spinach paratha , paneer Paratha etc .
After a healthy breakfast a Cup of steaming hot tea is must as it really wakes me up , makes me feel fresh .
This is my morning routine which is very hectic but still I enjoy doing everything .

An important part of morning routine is brushing our teeth to freshen  up  ourselves , and with an excellent brush like Colgate 360 Charcoal Gold Toothbrush  our Good morning can become Gold Morning as this multi action toothbrush is capable enough to rotate 360 degree to ensure best oral health. Thus can prevent dental problems like cavities , tooth decay , bad breath etc.
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I am writing this post in association with  Colgate India .



Chatpatiilife said...

That's really great way to start the morning dear!!

Anonymous said...

Lovely thought and learnt new word salah