Wednesday 20 January 2016

Impact of Social Media Sites on our Lives

Few years back when I was not on any social media site  many of my friends asked me to join so that we could connect with each other . That time I did not realised its importance but now feel happy that I am active on various social media sites .
When I joined facebook , I got so many friend  request from my cousins and friends and slowly my friend list started becoming long with more and more people joining with me , starting from  my high school friends , college friends , my cousins , my relatives etc .
I was so happy to connect with them after a long period of time .
Sharing my family pictures with them and watching their family pictures became a hobby .
Then many of my close school friends with  whom I was not in touch , got connected and took my address and came to my home to meet me .
So I really felt that facebook has done a great thing by letting people get connected with each other .
Some of my cousins and relatives who are living abroad like in USA , Australia , Gulf  whom I have not met since ages also got connected and now I do not feel that I am away from them , they are just a call away , I can call them over Skype , text them on facebook or WhatsApp . 
So  this feeling of getting connected is great , something which I wanted since long and is perhaps the best thing Social media has provided .
Next comes various kinds of activities like participating in various contests and giveaways .
Initially I use to do it for fun without worrying whether I win or loose .
But now it has become a passion .
I love participating in contests  as its fun , one learns  many new things and winning is thrilling , boosts once confidence and gives lots of happiness (which is a million dollar thing ).
I love my prizes , big or small , I share them  with every one , with my sisters , cousins and friends and feel happy in doing so .
 And the biggest advantage of being on Social media is I got to do lots of activity which has helped me to grow as a person , learned  many new things , have a decent earning ( Work from Home kind of thing ) , some thing which people could not imagine few years back .
When I was reading others blog I always wished to have my own blog because of my passion for writing ,  writing is an excellent way to  share your personal experience with others .
When I started my blog I was bit worried whether or not I will be successful , but gradually as my readers started leaving positive comments  on my blog posts , I gained confidence and now I am happy to be blogger .
I made new friends on social media sites some of whom are bloggers , some my contest buddies .
This virtual friendship is very  dear to me as I have not met them but still we are connected and we care about each other .

Social media has given me many things , I feel its better to spend time on internet doing good things like blogging , connecting with friends , participating in activities rather then wasting time on television watching  use less daily soaps .
I have literally stopped  watching all those stuff  which is a sheer wastage of time .

These were all good Impact of social media sites .
Now we cannot ignore the bad aspect , teenagers waste lot of time on these sites chatting with their friends  , and their time is too valuable as they have to study .

Every Technology is developed for the betterment of humankind , its our decision that how we are using them , for our benefit or for our loss.
Intelligent  people  make good use of everything and foolish people cannot make good use of anything .
So its wise to make good use of technology .

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