Saturday 30 January 2016

Love and Laughter Moments with my Husband

 I feel its true that Marriages are made in heaven to be executed on earth .
We had an arranged marriage fixed by our relatives .
We had never met or talked  with each other before our Nikah .
After  engagement  he wanted to talk to me about certain things but was stopped by his sisters saying its not good , what ever you people want to talk can do after marriage .
So we  had just seen snaps of each other and knew what  our relatives had told .
I was very nervous at the thought of getting married to an unknown person about whom I literally had no knowledge , I was knowing his family , I knew about his job , that's it , but for me this was not sufficient , as to spend your entire life with some one , one  needs to know many more details .
Any ways I could not do anything but just kept praying that our  Compatibility level matches so that we can adjust with each other .
Initially it took some time to know each other then we were comfortable with each other's nature and behaviour in spite of having few small differences .
We had many similarities too like  Immense Faith on Almighty , Inclination towards good and positive things in life and cracking funny jokes with each other to laugh and  have a lighter and laughter moments .
We had several laughter moments which we  really enjoyed and which helped us to come closer and have a strong bond of  love and affection with each other . Now we are like best friends , know each other so well that sometimes we do not need words to express ourselves , a look is sufficient to tell many tales . We respect each other's likes and dislikes , encourage each other to grow in our respective fields , understand each other so well that  even our siblings cannot  understand us that much .
The biggest thing in any relationship is Trust , and we do trust each other on everything .

We had several laughter moments ,one such moment which I want to share here is :

Some 10  years back when we were in Noida (UP) , we had enjoyed winter there with several funny moments . Since he feels too much cold he would take all precautionary measures to protect himself from getting  cold , after washing his slippers he would say its wet I need to make it dry , so would use my hair dryer for that , that particular scene always made me laugh .
He would make  some drink from Joshina and honey and would force me to drink that saying its good for health , and I would get angry saying I do not want to have it .
Once  on a  weekend we had to go to market to do some shopping , he was feeling very lazy and didn't wanted to go , made several excuses , but when I got angry  got up and said , I won't take my Bike its too cold , let's go by Rickshaw . I agreed  , it was very cold that day with temperature around 3-4 degree . He took his leather jacket , woollen socks , gloves , monkey cap and after wearing  all these  he said I am still feeling very cold . Any how we sat on the rickshaw , after some time he started pulling my Shawl and with its corner tried to cover his face saying  " I do not want the chilled air to touch my face" , this made me laugh and I started laughing , and seeing all this the rickshaw puller also laughed and said " Sahab Ji ko Bahut thanda Lagata Hai " .( Meaning -- Sir feels too much cold )
This is one of my fondest winter memory which I always remember .

These laughter moments are like some treasures which fill our heart with happiness and helps to build a strong relationship with each other .
And  as we all know laughing is good for health  I  would suggest everyone to have some laughter moments with their near and dear ones .

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HEJAZI said...

The irony is that man now lives with sub zero temperature - Midwest Wisconsin, USA:-) Manages the chill next to lake Michigan again with layered approach, muffler and monkey cap.. that time Ghazala used to laugh now office peers laugh...:-)