Sunday 24 January 2016

My Peppy and Crazy Kids

I have three small kids , a son and two daughters .
My kids are my world , my happiness , my strength .
I love  them more than I love myself .
I am too friendly with them but at the same time I am bit strict also so to maintain discipline at home.
They have to follow their routine , everything on time , going to school , doing their home works , eating healthy , sleeping time etc .
When I am free I talk with them , I talk about their class , their teachers , their friends , their likes and dislikes everything .
My conversation with them is Peppy and Crazy as they get excited sharing about their friends and happenings in school and  I  really enjoy  these sweet and lovely conversations with them .
Like once my youngest daughter Hadia who is Class I , told me that today the Hindi teacher taught some new words like "Vishal " which means big , example Elephant , so from that time she started teasing her classmate named Vishal Gandhi as Vishal Haathi .
Then once she asked my mom that Nani why do you go to Local shops , why don't you shop online , my mom replied , I do not have  a laptop like your mama has and I do not know how to palce an order on online  store , she replied "Oh you are so old fashioned "
So sweet talks like this brings a smile to every once face and its a good way to destress ourselves and spend some quality time with our kids.
My eldest daughter Sabhah who is class IV , is very creative and she loves to create something out of nothing .She collects colourful papers , old cardboard boxes and other stationary items and creates some good craft work from all those stuffs .
Once I aske her , " What do you want to become when you grow up"
She replied --a Youtuber
I was astonished at this answer as I had never heard any kid saying this .
I asked her the reason and she replied -- I love doing creative things like DIY ( DO it Yourself crafts ).
So I can make a channel for that and I am sure it will be a hit .
New generation , New dreams , Kids of our time could not think something like this which kids of this generation dream .
Now about my son Faezaan .
He is a dreamer , a thinker , a writer .
He is in class VI , and can do many things which we cannot .
He can think like a writer and write some good and impressive stories .
He loves gadgets , fast moving cars , toys , Cricket , football and all .
He is Tech savvy , at times when I am unable to download some apps on my mobile , he does it perfectly .which really makes me feel proud that at this age he is able to do many good things which others could not .

So talking with such Peppy and Crazy Kids is a way to destress ourselves .
We teach them at the same time we also learn few good things from them like , How to be friends after a fight (they fight then they again become friends) , make a team and do team work , try to impress me with their good behaviour so that I can reward them with some cool gifts and shower my love and attention on them .

So if you have small kids around do spend some quality time with them and learn some good things which we have forgotten .

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Anjali Sengar said...

Blessed with wonderful kids Mam :)

Chatpatiilife said...

Hi ghazala, your kids are just wonderful!! They are really sweet..

Anonymous said...

Such a cute family hats off to you managing every thing with perfeftion

Anonymous said...

Such a cute family hats off to you managing every thing with perfeftion

Unknown said...

Adorable kids