Saturday 23 January 2016

Positive Impact of Constructive Parenting

Parenting is not as easy as it seems , there are many challenges which one has to handle carefully .
I can write in length and breadth of this topic as being a mother of small kids and being a teacher of primary classes I have some good experience to share with .
Few decades back the way kids were treated  at home is much different form the way they are treated now . There was a huge generation gap between parents and children, Kids were not free to talk about many things , kids were actually not free with their parents , they use to discuss their secrets with friends and cousins rather than sharing anything with their parents and siblings .
Parents were too strict ( in most of the house hold ) , this was good to maintain discipline but there was a huge gap and lots of misunderstanding between parents  and their kids. 
With time things changed , so the equation or understanding between kids and their parents also got changed .With parents trying to understand their kids more than the previous generation .
This has good impact on kids Psychology and behaviour .
They do not feel oppressed and depressed ---This is the Power of  Constructive parenting .
It helps to develop confidence in children .
Specially with small kids sometimes one has to behave like a kid and think the way they think to understand them .
In spite of my hectic schedule I try to spend some quality time with my kids , talking with them , asking them about their friends , their likes and dislikes , their fears and all so that I can understand them better and help them in all possible ways , this is both for my kids and for my students .
This has helped to build a strong emotional bond with them . They treat me as they friend and share everything with me .
For my kids  I am their Best Friend and for my students I am much more than a teacher , I am more like a friend and Guide to them , I not only help them in studies but help them in many other things as well . And a teacher student relationship  should be like this , Teachers are next to parents , upon whom kids depend for everything , so a good teacher needs to be friendly with their students .
I personally know many people who were not comfortable to talk with their parents , they always lived in a self made cocoon , were shy to discuss their problems with others , felt lonely and depressed . All these things has a negative impact on their behaviour and at times its difficult  for others to communicate with them and make them feel better . 
So from others mistake I learned  a lesson , not to do such mistakes in my life .
To be friendly with kids of all age group , to teach them right moral values so to make them good human beings , to support them in everything they want to do ( not to discourage them for any new ventures ) , to understand their hidden talent and to encourage them to grow in that .
Few years back I had seen the famous movie by Aamir Khan : Taare Zameen Par .
Its one of the best movie I had ever seen , which  teaches how parents  should be .
Parents should not put pressure on their kids to excel in studies but find the field in which their child is interested and is excellent , then parent should support their child to pursue that as his/her carrier .
It is not necessary that every child should become a doctor or an  engineer , there are other good fields too , and a person can grow in the field he/she is interested or has passion other wise like many others they simply drag themselves to  move on which is actually very bad for them.
If a student chooses the field he/she is interested then they can excel in that field and it would also give them satisfaction and happiness.

Its truly said in the movie that every child is special and as  a parent and teacher we should make them feel special .
So the positive impact of constructive parenting is that we  are making  our kids a well behaved , happy , confident individual  . And these kids are our future generation so its very important to make our coming generation happy , well behaved , responsible individuals who are the  pillars of a  civilized society .
I have used the word Constructive parenting as many parents do Destructive parenting by scolding their kids for small and silly things because of which they loose confidence and are always unhappy , they are unable to express their feelings to other and grow up as a confused personalities .

Through my post this is a request to all parents and teachers to rethink the way they are behaving with kids and if possible do try to change it for betterment .

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