Tuesday 19 January 2016

Recipe of Home Made Doughnuts

Today I going to share recipe of Home made  Doughnuts which I had tried few times and it turned out well.


1.White flour  -- 2 cups
2.Sugar  -- 2 Teaspoons
3.Dry active yeast --1 Teaspoons
4.Milk--3/4 Cups
5.Butter --1/4 Cups
6.Salt --1/2 Teaspoons
7.Oil for frying
8.Castor sugar and melted chocolate for garnishing

1.Boil the milk  till lukewarm .
2.Add sugar , salt , dry active yeast to white flour.
3.Bring butter to normal temperature and add to flour .
4.Add luke warm milk to this mixture and make a soft  dough.
5.Knead for 5 minutes till the dough is soft.
6.Roll  it using rolling pin of 1/2 inch thickness.
7.Using a cutter or  steel glass cut the doughnuts in form of circles , again cut using a smaller  cutter to get that ring shape.
8.Heat oil in a pan or kadahi .
9.Fry the doughnuts turning both sides till crispy brown.
10.Take out and keep it on a tissue paper which would absorb excess oil.
11Melt the dark chocolate in a microwave or double boiler .
12.Use melted chocolate and powdered sugar for garnishing

This is quite easy to prepare and is liked by people of all age group specially small kids .


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no eggs too will try

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