Saturday, 9 January 2016

Review of Ethicare Remdies Lipz Lip Moisturiser

Today I am going to review an essential product for winter care , a lip moisturiser from Ethicare Remedies , its Lipz SPF15 Lip Moisturiser .
I got this from Ethicare remedies along with other products for winter skin care .

1.Kokum Butter
2.Mineral oil
3.Shea Butter
4.Silicon Oil
The product claims that it is colour free , preservative free , fragrance free and Hypoallergenic .
weight --9 gms
Shelf  life --3 years
Price --Rs 90
Caution --It should not be used by children below 3 years of age .
Its texture is like Vaseline and it can be easily spread on lips .
Since it contains SPF 15 its good for Day use as it would protect from harmful UV rays .
My experience with this product :
I have been using this past one week and I really liked it .
Its easy to apply and it moisturises the lips without making it feel or look too oily , it heals cracked and chapped lips .
 Pros :
1.Makes lips soft and supple and keeps it moisturised for a long period of time .
2.Contains SPF so good for day use when one is going out in sun.
3.Has Good texture which spreads easily.
4.Pocket friendly price .
5.Travel friendly pack
6.Clinically approved product .
1.Not easily available everywhere , one has to buy online .
2.Product packaging could be better and more attractive .
My rating 4.8/5


Anonymous said...

Thanks for detailed review

Anonymous said...

Thanks for detailed review

Chatpatiilife said...

Really good review!! I like the consistency of the lip balm.

Sangeeta said...

Apart from availability this sounds like a great lip balm.

Unknown said...

will get his now that I've read the benefits

Anonymous said...

will buy it after readin your review