Thursday 21 January 2016

The Healing Power of Music

We all love to listen songs as we enjoy it . Specially in India its an integral part of any one's life .
If one is happy one sings happy songs  and if one is sad one sings sad songs .
Music is for all occasions , any function or party is incomplete without music .
During wedding ceremonies people love to play Bollywood numbers specially the one which are related to marriage , during festivals people love to listen songs related to that particular festival.
Youngsters love to listen Pop and rock music where as elderly people love to listen classical music or songs from old Hindi movies .
Music has healing power , one feels relaxed after listening some good music and melodious songs .
I like to listen ghazals and Qawwali's as it gives a feeling of spirituality .Getting connected with the Almighty and thus getting connected with ourselves .
Qawwali is the most popular form of Sufi music.
The Qawwali's by famous singers like Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan , Rahet Fateh Ali Khan , Abida Parveen are too good  , better to call it soulful music .
Sufi Music  is the devotional music of Sufis inspired by the work of Sufi Poets like Amir Khusro , Khawja Ghulam Farid .Sufi music touches ones soul and has the healing power , after listening to such music and qawwali's one really forgets ones worries for some time .One gets inspiration to live life to the fullest , thanking the almighty for all good things he has given to us in our lives .
I had been to dargah of Hazrat Nizzamuddin  Aulia  at old Delhi few times .
After doing prayers I used to sit and listen Qawwali by singers there , its unique of its kind , a soulful music which has connection with heart and soul .
One can listen these qawwali's in Indian subcontinent only , only in India , Pakistan , Bangladesh and not else where and these qawwalis are very popular and is liked by people of all age group .
AR Rahman the famous Indian musician has several composition which is inspired by Sufi music .
His famous qawwali like "Khwaja  mere Khwaja "in the movie Jodha Akbar  is very popular .

The famous Pakistani Singers like Abida Parveen and Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan are considered as the finest Sufi singers of this era , I just love to listen these qawwali's .

And among the famous ghazal singers are Jagjit singh whose songs is as famous as he himself is .
During my school days I used to listen all his ghazals and songs including the Bollywood ones .
One of my favourite was " Yeh daulat bhi le lo yeh shohrat bhi le lo magar mujhko lauta do bachpan ka sawan , who kagaz ki kashti , who baarish ka paani "
This was a famous song loved by all. It shows the simplicity and innocence of childhood which we miss after becoming adult .

Now the question is why we all love to listen music --- because a good music can be used to promote wellness , relaxation , stress reduction , healing and connecting deeply to ourselves .
Music has therapeutic and curative ability .
A child finds comfort in his/her mother's lullaby as its a way of representing a mothers love for her child .
So use the power of music to de stress your self and enjoy some soulful music which you like to listen .

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