Sunday, 3 January 2016

What I learned from Year 2015

With  every passing year we learn many new things , gain some more knowledge and experience and become more wise .
Similarly year 2015  taught me many new things , I  learned many new skills , had many wonderful experience in Personal and professional life.
The year started with blogging and writing reviews , something which  I wanted to do since long but was not getting started . Once I saw some blogging activities at , I wrote my first blog post and it  got approved , that motivated me to take blogging seriously .
I also joined a famous Review writing site , wrote reviews on various topics like beauty products review , reviews of hotels , restaurants , brands and services .
Almost all my reviews got approved and one fine day I got a mail from mouthshut team that people are liking my reviews so they asked me to write more and share more of my experiences so that others can be benefitted .
 This mail boosted my confidence to a higher level and I was acknowledged with a hidden talent of me that I can write well.
Then I seriously started thinking  about  blogging as a hobby and as a carrier option .
I started my own blog "Indian Beauty Bloom " which is a personal blog where I write reviews of beauty products and tips on parenting , cooking etc.
So my writing passion/hobby became a part time job for me where as I can positively spend my free time in writing reviews and blogs.
From this experience I learned that we should explore new things and sometimes its necessary to come out of our Comfort Zone so to discover new horizons .

Unless and until we try we can not learn some thing new .
Staring a blog was not easy for me as I had literally no knowledge of Java and HTML , but I learned and was successful .
Today I am Happy to be a Blogger , happy that many people know me as blogger and when any reader leaves a positive comment on my blog post , it really makes me happy .
When  I am conducting small giveaways and contests on my blog and on face book page of my blog and I see a overwhelming response of readers it takes me to cloud9.
Blogging helped me a lot to grow as a person , I learned new things , I got connected to many people via my blog like my readers , fellow bloggers etc .This is a wonderful experience of having virtual friends whom we have not met but we are acquainted via blog and other social media sites like facebook and twitter .

Last year I was working as a Computer teacher in an ICSE school in Hyderabad . In Hyderabad we can see many foreign nationals like people form Somalia , Sudan , USA , Iran  .
In my school there are  many students who were foreign national , many of my students were Irani , Sudanese , Somalians .
This was my first experience of teaching students who were foreign nationals , We were told not to scold them too hard as most of them were US return and in USA one can not scold or punish a student for small things as in India . When I joined the school , other teachers told me that its too difficult to teach and handle these Somalian students , some of them have language problem , they are not fluent in English , some are too aggressive . I was little scared , then I took this as a challenge .
I made friends with them , in my free periods I use to talk with them , talk about their country , their culture , food habit , likes and dislikes and so on .
Initially they were hesitant to open up but gradually  it happened .  When I became too friendly with them they started obeying me . And sometimes when was  I absent for some reasons the next day they would say " mam we missed you , why  were you  absent ?"
some of them made greeting cards for me writing that I am their favourite teacher and so on .
When I showed this to our Principle sir and other staff they were amazed and said how come they behave so nicely with you and not with us ?
My answer was " To get Love and Respect , first we have to love and respect them " .
We have to understand them , then they will obey us .
And my idea clicked , our Principle sir asked all teachers to do what I was doing , thus it created a positive environment  in the school .
And I felt extremely happy that I could bring some good change in the school.
So this experience taught me To be my self . To treat every one equally and we should not discriminate people of basis on region , religion , gender etc.

One more wonderful experience which I had this year is my Trip to Ajmer .
I had been to Ajmer some 10 years back with my husband , ever since I was thinking of going their again but was not getting  a chance.
During summer vacation , I made a program with one of my nephew and I went to Delhi  from Hyderabad , stayed in Delhi for 2 days , Went To Ajmer , stayed there for a day and came back .
It was a kind of religious trip , which has connection with heart and soul.
In our day to day life we are too busy with our daily routines , work , work and work every where at Work Place and at Home also .We hardly get any time to relax and rejuvenate our selves .
Even on weekends we are busy meeting relatives and finishing other works .
So a short religious trip like this is like a boon where we are away from worldy affairs and  think about meditation , religion , self belief and self development .
We went to famous Dargah of Khawja Banda Nawaz at Ajmershareef and simply sitting there in so relaxing . I stayed there for few hours , spend my time in praying and had  a good sleep that night .
So I feel at regular  intervals we need a short break form our monotonous routine like this which
will relax and rejuvenate us .
So with these wonderful experiences  of 2015 I had made few New Year resolutions which I would try to stick :
1.Explore new things , to learn some thing new and grow as a person.
2. Be kind to every one , even if you do not understand their language or their problem . Its better To Be Human with other human beings.
3.At times it is necessary to take break a from daily routines and be Spiritual .
4. Maintain  a healthy lifestyle by eating healthy , doing walks and exercise .
5.Spend some quality time with family and friends specially with small kids as its like a journey back to our childhood , Some times I sit and watch cartoon serials with my kids so to enjoy that moment like a kid.
6. Be positive in your thinking and try to spread smile and happiness every where , The more you will spread happiness the more happy you will be .
With these resolutions I have entered new year with a Smile on my Face and a twinkle in my eye that I am going to explore many more new things this year and bring Smile on many more faces through my blogs and contests/giveaways so to spread happiness every where .

“I’m sharing my #TalesOf2015 with BlogAdda.”



Chatpatiilife said...

Amazing 2015 you had spent ghazala!! I loved to read about your experience with the foreign students and your trip to Ajmer dargah.

I hope you can enjoy 10times mote this year to!!

Nishat said...

Masha allah.great journey.wish u reach a new height of success in coming years. I feel also energetic after reading your journey and experiences. U are a nice human being and nice blogger.
Khuda aage b apko kamyabi de. Aameen

Unknown said...

felt nice reading that you made foreign students feel welcome
your resolution - "2. Be kind to every one ..." is also nice and I hopr you follow it. So many face tough problems and if 1 person is extra nice to them , it makes a big difference to them