Tuesday 9 February 2016

10 Ways To Earn Money Online

Today I am going to share some Tips on How to earn money online  with comfort of Work from Home .
The world on Internet is full of surprises , One can learn a set of whole new things , One can win some Good stuff and one can  also do lot of creative things .
The requirement for all this is Passion , Patience and hard work .
I have been very active on  internet past three years and I had learned many new things , made new friends , earned some good amount , won many contests and giveaways and got many useful stuffs .
So I thought of writing this article so that my experience can help others to learn some good things .
I will start with the simplest and easiest which  anyone can do .

1.Survey Sites
There are many survey sites where one can register and join .
One has  to submit their email ID where surveys will be sent , on completion of one particular survey some points are awarded which when gets accumulated can be exchanged for some gift or e voucher of any online store .
There are many Survey sites which one can join and earn some money .
I had also joined few and here I would  name some of the best ones which pays reward on time .
1.Valued Opinion --here minimum pay out is 400 , one can opt for flipkart.com or amazon.in voucher ..
2.AIP Online survey ---Its also good , here minimum pay out is 100 , one can ask for flipkart voucher .
3.Star Panel -- Here number of surveys are less but they pay on time , minimum pay out is again 100 .

Filling surveys is very easy , only takes some time , few minutes .
So any one can do it easily .

2.Limeraod Scrapbook
I had written a post on this earlier that by becoming a Limeroad  Scrapbooker one can earn some credits of that store which can help to shop from that site .
Making a look on scrapbook is very easy as its just mix n match of products with some good sense of style .
One can read detail about this in my Post  Here

3.Joining Deals and Coupons Sites
There are several deal and coupon sites for India where one can become member .
One has to share deals and discounts on various online stores , share contests on web , share freebies available  for Indian users and one earns points for each sharing and when these points gets accumulated one can get some gifts or vouchers .
The two sites which I had joined long back are FreekaMaal.com and IndiaFreeStuff.in .
There are many more , one needs to research and know .

4.Review Writing
There are many sites where one can write reviews and earn some money .
The most famous one for Indian Users is Mouthshut.com .
I had joined this site last year .
That time for one approved review Rs100 was awarded to members , which was too good .
Now they have  reduced it to Rs50  per review , which is still good .
User needs to write real and true  review of the products and services listed in their database .
The best part is one gets cash prize as their reward , the prize is transferred to users bank account .

5.Partcipating in various Contests
Now a days on social media sites like facebook , twitter and instagram one can find various contests from different brands , one can participate in these contests and win some good prizes .

6.Participating in Blog's and Channel Giveaway .
Bloggers and Youtubers are hosting giveaways on their blogs and channel for its promotion , one can join these giveaways and win some good stuff .

7.Starting a Blog
Those who are good in writing can start their own blog and earn some money .
Maintaining a blog is not easy and earning takes time , but one can always start and try .
Bloggers earn by Google AdSense and affiliate marketing of various online stores .
But this requires lots of patience and hard work .

8.Starting a Youtube Chanel
Like bloggers Youtubers also earn by Google AdSense .
But one needs to excellent in a particular field to be a Youtuber and to be famous so that one can earn well from it .

9.Freelance Writing
Those who are good in writing ( in any language ) can do freelance writing , where one has to write some good quality articles for that site and one gets paid for that .
Here quality matters as every site needs good quality content .

10.Open a Free shop on ETSY or EZEEBEE
One can open free online shops on ezeebee or ETSY and can directly sell their products to customers without any middle man involvement , no need to spend huge amount on opening online stores and its maintenance .
One can simply register at these sites and sell their products like handicrafts or some hand made products like artificial jewellery etc and earn money .

These are few simple ways to earn money online , there might be many more , we need to research and find .
I have shared my personal experience of last 3 years on net .
Hope the article is useful to my readers .
One can share their experience too in the comment section so that others can also be benefitted .

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