Monday 15 February 2016

Review of Lever Ayush Suvarna Poshak Cream

Today I going to review a new product , Suvarna Poshak Cream from Lever Ayush .
Lever Aysuh is a brand of Ayurvedic products from Hindustan Unilever Limited .
We have been using several  HUL products including skin care and  hair care .
This time they had come up with some ayurvedic products .
This is the first product from its range which I have tried .

Its a type of day cream which we can use after cleansing our face in the morning .
Ingredients :
1.Rubia cardifolia root powder
2.Aloe Barbendid leaf juice
3.Germ oil
4.Santalum Album heart wood extract
so all natural and herbal ingredients to improve skin tone .
It contains added preservative --Sodium benzoate
Price --210 for 50 gms
shelf life --24 months from date of manufacture
Available on online stores like , Big
What the product claims :
The product claims to remove blemishes , wrinkles , and to enhance skin tone , complexion.
Pros :
1.Ayurvedic product so does not contains any harsh chemicals .
2.Does not contains any artificial colour .
3.Does not contains any bleaching agent .
4.Good for daily use .
5.Product packaging is good and pack is travel friendly .
Cons :
The product is not that great as it claims .
I have been using this product past 20 days and I did not found any magical change in my skin tone or complexion .
Its quite similar to fair n Lovely cream which we have used since ages .
Initially after applying it on face one feels or gets that feeling as it happens on applying fair n lovely cream , some dry feeling and I really liked it since my skin type is oily.
But there is no improvement in skin tone or complexion as the product claims .
So its like a normal Day cream .
My rating -3.5/5
This is my personal opinion after using the cream , result may vary for other skin types .


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