Monday 29 February 2016

Review of and its Products

Today I am going to review a site as well as its products . is a Hong Kong based website which supplies Korean Skin care products .
The website has wide range of products like sheet masks , cleansers , serum , toners , BB and CC creams etc.
The website is very easy to navigate and search products one requires .
Their products are of good quality and are affordable .
Skin18  believes  in Skin care than makeup .
Its skin care products are made from natural ingredients and are very easy to use .

The website offers  world wide shipping .
So any one in any part of world can order products from this site .
They offer free shipping on purchase above 40$.
There are few reward programme too , through which customers can be benefitted.
They also give some free samples of their products .
There is an offer where one can get free samples , one only needs to pay the shipping charges , How Good is that .
Link to freebie section :
Free samples

Upon placing the order one receives the product with in 10 days .

I also got some products from this site , some sheet masks .

I have used some sheet masks , they are really very good and easy to use .
The one I tried today is Aloe Sheet mask.
Ingredients :
Water , Grape Fruit extract , Castor oil , Aloe extract ,Glycerine etc .
Price :
around 1$
Packaging :
Each sheet mask comes in plastic sheet so individual sheets can be taken out and used .No need to open all at a time.One can also carry it in bag or purse so the packaging is travel friendly .
To use :
One needs to wash the face with water and then apply this sheet mask on face avoiding eye area and then keep it for some 15-20 minutes and pat for better absorption.After removing the sheet one needs to rub the serum in circular motion for some time for better absorption.
My experience with the product :
I really liked the product as its very easy to use and one really feels fresh after using it.
One can apply it on skin and do their work or simply take rest for some time .
Better then applying face packs which needs proper cleansing .
It moisturises the skin and makes it soft as it is rich in serum .

1. Soft texture .
2.Easy to use , no need to rinse off .
3.Pocket friendly price .
4.Travel friendly pack .
5.Makes the skin healthy and moisturized .
6.Sticks to skin and does not falls down .
7.Post application does not requires any moisturizer .

Cons :
Availability might be an issue as its available only at

My rating 4.8/5

One can buy these products at their site

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