Thursday 31 March 2016

Argan Oil of Morocco 3 piece Starter Kit Review

Today I am going to review a new product --Argan Oil of Morocco 3 piece Starter kit .
The Kit contains three product -- a shampoo , a conditioner and a oil.

These products are made in USA and are suitable for all hair type .
They are Sulphate and paraben Free .
Strengths the hair and make them soft and silky .
I am using these products for the first time .
They are really good and worth trying .
Shampoo :
Shampoo is a blend of argan oil of morocco , glycerine .
What the shampoo does :
1. It strengths the hair .
2.Restores shine .
3.Moisturizes dry hair .
4.Protects the hair from UV rays .
5.Is colour safe .
Conditioner :
Conditioner is also a blend of argan oil of morocco , glycerine , cocao  seed butter , avocado oil , keratin , coconut oil .
What the conditioner does :
It moisturizes and renews the hair , makes it soft and silky and protects the hair from harmful UV rays .
Suitable for all hair type and is colour safe .
Oil :
The oil has thick consistency .
Its more like a serum then oil .
Has a nice fragrance .
Suitable for all hair type .
Penetrates into the hair and restores its softness and shine .
Makes the hair strong , soft and silky .
Size and price :
The  shampoo in this pack is 89 ml
Conditioner also 89 ml
Oil 50 ml
Price --RS 895
Available at online stores like ,
Pros :
1.Contains goodness of argan oil .
2.Does not contains sulphates and Parabens .
3.Protecst the hair from harmful UV rays .
4.Makes hair soft and silky .
5.Suitable for all hair type .
6.Product packaging is good .
7.Its shampoo and conditioner are colour safe .
Cons :
1.Not easily available everywhere .
2.Price bit high .
My experience with this product :
Although the product seems bit pricy but since its an excellent combo of shampoo , conditioner and oil and it does what it claims , so its worth trying .
I have been using it past few days and I really liked the products , specially conditioner is excellent  , really makes hair soft and shiny .
Since I have not used it for a long period of time I cannot say whether it really makes hair strong or not , will update that after using it for some more time .
Hope you all enjoyed reading this post , do share your experience with product if you have tried something from this range .

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