Wednesday 23 March 2016

Soultree Indian Rose With Cooling Vetiver Shower Gel Review

Today I am going to review a product from famous brand Soultree , which is famous for its organic products .
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This product Soultree Indian Rose With Cooling Vetiver Shower Gel is an ayurvedic product made from herbs like rose and vetiver(Khus)  to cleanse and refresh  the skin .

Its a soap free cleanser made from natural ingredients .

Ingredients : 
2.Gulab Jal
3.Rose extract
4.Vetiver (Khus ) extract
5.Aloe Vera Juice
6.Essential oils

Packaging :
The products comes in a recyclable bottle

Price :
Rs 250 for 200 ml

1.It contains all natural ingredients .
2.Does not contains any harsh chemicals .
3.Organic product so good for skin.
4.Nice lemony fragrance

Cons :
1. Bit pricy but its ok since organic and ayurvedic products have higher price since they are made form all natural ingredients .
2.Although product packaging is good , it can be better as on opening the bottle there is no nozzle kind of thing from which it can be taken out , the mouth of bottle is bit wide .

One can buy this product from their online store or
My rating --4.7/5
My experience with this product :
I have used this product , its good .
It has a nice lemony fragrance .
It cleanses the skin but does not makes it dry like soaps .
It looks like honey and has that colour .
Good for summers and suitable for all skin type .
Those who have used Soultree Products can share their experience in the comment section.

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