Saturday 30 April 2016

Review of Aroma Essentials Detan Soap

Dear Readers
Today I am going to review a new product from the brand Aroma Essentials .
Its a De tan Soap .

 About the Brand :

Aroma Essentials supplies skin care and hair care products that are made naturally without using any harsh chemicals or preservatives .
They make their product in small batches to be used with in six months from  date of manufacture .
They suggest us to keep their product in Fridge as they do not add any preservatives to their products .

The first product from their range which I have tried is Detan soap .

About the product :

This De tan Soap  contains citrus peel powder , papaya powder , aloe vera powder and vetiver .
All natural ingredients .

The soap has a cute look as its in shape of a lotus flower .
It has a nice fragrance which stays for  long .
In this soap one side is soft and velvety to touch where as the other side is bit rough because the rough side is a scrub .
As one can see from both the images that back  side is soft and front  side is bit rough , the rough one can be used as scrub .

I found this concept very unique and interesting and immediately opened the pack to try the soap.
The soap forms good lather and one feels fresh after using it .
My skin felt clean , clear , soft and fresh after using this soap .

Price --Rs 150
Shelf life --Six  months from date of manufacture .

Pros :
1.Made from natural ingredients .
2.No harmful chemicals used .
3.Does not contains any preservatives .
4.Can be used as a Scrub .
5.Helps to De tan the skin .

Cons :
Availability might be an issue as its not  available every where .

My rating --4.6/5

My experience with this product : 

I have used this product few times and I am satisfied with it .
Since my skin is oily I am too carful about choosing products for my skin or else it could lead to acnes or pimples problem .Thankfully this product suited my skin .
My initial experience with this product is good , I will share more details after using it for some more time .

To purchase this product or other Aroma Essential product one can place order at WhatsApp Number
7760988272 or one can contact the brand on their face book page
Aroma Essentials

They have wide range of products for skin care and hair care , all made from natural ingredients .

Hope you all enjoyed reading this post and found it useful .
If any one has tried any Aroma Essential product , they can share their  experience in the comment section .
After using other products from this brand I will share my experience in another post .

*PR Sample but Honest Review .

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