Tuesday 19 April 2016

Review of Luke Nose Strip from Skin18.com

Today  I am a going to review a product from Skin18.com --- Luke Mugwort Nose Strip .

About the Brand :

Skin18.com is a Hong Kong based website which supplies Korean Skin care products .
The website has wide range of products like sheet masks , cleansers , serum , toners , BB and CC creams etc.
The website is very easy to navigate and search products one requires .
Their products are of good quality and are affordable .
Skin18  believes  in Skin care than makeup .
Its skin care products are made from natural ingredients and are very easy to use .

The website offers  world wide shipping .
So any one in any part of world can order products from this site .
They offer free shipping on purchase above 40$.
There are few reward programme too , through which customers can be benefitted .

About the Product :
Luke nose strips adhere to dirt and sebum in pores , removes impurities and lift away blackheads on nose .

Ingredients : 
Vitamin E and Aloe Vera Extract

Price :

What the product claims :
1.To remove blackheads on nose .
2.Cleans and tightens the pores .
3.Remove dirt and unclog pores .

How to use this product :

1. Wash and clean your face specially nose area , the strip will not stick to dry skin of nose so it needs to be wet .
2. Remove the plastic sticker from the strip and apply the strip on nose .
3. Leave it for  15-20 minutes , the strip will begin to feel stiff when it is ready to be removed .
4. Peel off this nose patch or strip slowly starting at edges and pulling towards centre.
5. After taking this off , one needs to apply little moisturiser on nose area .

Pros :
1.Easy to use .
2.Has a nice fragrance .
3.Affordable price .
4.An effective product which helps to remove black heads and dirt from nose area .

Cons :
1.Availability might be an issue at its available only on online store of Skin18.com

My Rating : 4.7/5

My experience with this product :
The product is good , very easy to use .
Has a nice fragrance .
It really helps to remove blackheads , since my skin is oily and I have some black heads on my nose area , I wanted to check if this product could remove those black heads and the result was good , not all but it helped to remove some blackheads from my nose area and it looked clean .

One can Buy this product and other skin18 products from their website

*PR Sample But Honest Review

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