Sunday 17 April 2016

Review of Trichoz Intensive Hair Serum

Today I am going to Review a new product from Ethicare Remedies --Trichoz  Intensive Hair Care Serum .

What the Product Claims :

1.To seal cracked , damaged hair and seal split ends giving it strength .
2.Instanly smoothens and softens the hair making it silky .
3.Protects hair from UV rays .
4.Anti oxidants protects hairs from oxidative damage .
5.It creates invisible protective film coating on each strand and protects the hair from harsh chemicals and conditions.

Ingredients :

Blend of silicone conditioner
Vitamin E
Amino acids
UV filters

Price :
Rs 180 for 50 ml

Shelf Life :
2 years from date of manufacture .

Packaging :

The product comes in a small transparent container from which it can be easily squeezed out and applied on hair .So product packaging is good .

Its a colourless and odourless serum . 

How to use this serum :

1.Pour a coin size on palm and rub both hands together to spread it .
2.Apply it along the length of hair .
3.leave it on hair , comb and manage your hair style without rinsing off.

Pros :
1.It had UV filters so protects the hair form harmful UV rays .
2.It Does not contains too many chemicals.
3.Affordable  price .
4.Travel friendly pack , can be easily carried in purse or bag .
5.Makes the hair soft and silky .

Cons :
Availability might be an issue as its available on online stores and not everywhere .

My experience with this product :
 I have used this product few times and I liked it .
It makes the hair  soft and manageable .
Good for people having dry and frizzy hair as this serum helps to control frizziness of hair .

Since I have not used this for a long time I cannot claim what the product claims but my initial experience is good , would surely think of repurchasing this .

My rating --4.5/5

One can buy this product from online store of Ethicare Remedies

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