Sunday 29 May 2016

Review of Inveda Sunscreen Cream Gel

Hello Every one
Today I am going review a Sunscreen cream from Inveda .
Its Inveda Sunscreen Cream Gel with SPF 30 PA .
I got this product in May Fab Bag .

About The Brand :
Inveda is an Ayurvedic  brand which prepares products from Natural Ingredients .

About the Product :
This sunscreen cream gel from Inveda is a sunscreen cream for Indian skin .
Its a broad spectrum cream for all skin type .
It has SPF value 30 ( which is good ) and it also contains Gotukola and cucumber extract .
Its a milky white cream which gets absorbed in the skin easily .

Ingredients :
Glycerine , cucumber extract , aloe , fragrance , sodium Benzoate etc .

Price :
Rs 250 for 75 ml

Shelf life :
 3 years from the date of manufacture ( which is good ) .

Product Packaging :
The product comes in an attractive tube from which it can be easily squeezed out and applied on skin . Its travel friendly too , one can easily carry it on their bag or purse .

Pros :
1. It gets absorbed in the skin easily without much effort ( I have used sunscreen creams from other brands which take much time to get absorbed in the skin ) .
2.Has SPF value 30 .
3.Does not contain Paraben .
4.Product packaging is good and attractive .
5.Shelf life is good .
6. Affordable price , not too expensive .
7.Suitable for all skin type .
8.Does not makes the skin feel or look oily .
9.Travel friendly pack .

Cons :
None .

IBB Rating --4.7/5

What the product claims :
The product claims to protect the skin form tanning and pre ageing . 

My Experience with the Product :
I am using this product past few days and I really liked it .
Its a milky white cream which when applied on skin gets absorbed quickly and easily .
Gives complete protection from sun .
One does not feels oily or sticky after using it .
My skin type is oily and it suited my skin so its good for people with oily skin .
Will definitely go for a repurchase .

One can buy this product from their website

Thursday 26 May 2016

Spawake Whitening Scrub Face wash Review

Hello Every one
Today  I am going to review  new  product , its Spawake  Whitening Scrub Face Wash .

About the Brand :

Spawake is a Japanese brand which has various skin care products . Their products are made from sea ingredients , They Claim that their Provide Sea Spa at Home .

About the product :

Spawake Whitening Scrub face wash is combo of facewash and scrub which helps to clean and exfoliate the skin .

Ingredients :

Apricot scrub , Vitamin C , Niacinamide , Sea Salt .

Price :
Rs 129 for 100 gms

Product packaging :

The product comes in a tube from which it can be easily squeezed out , product packaging is good .

What the product claims :

The product claims to remove pore clogging dirt and dead skin cells causing dullness and roughness .
It claims to make your skin smooth and translucent .
The face wash is a transparent gel with small apricot scrub in it .

1. Affordable price .
2.Works both as cleanser and scrub.
3.Contains Vitamin C and sea salt .


1.The product is not that great as it claims .
2.Availablity might be an issue as its available only on online stores .

IBB  Rating :  3.5/5

My Experience with this product :

I am using this product past few days and I did not found it as great and good as it claims .
Its an OK kind of product .
Its a normal face wash that will just clean your skin , Does not has any Whitening effect .

One can buy this product from online store on Spawake or from


Monday 23 May 2016

Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Review

Hello every one
Today I am going to review a new product , its  Palmers Cocoa Butter Formula .

About the product :

This Palmers Cocoa Butter is a thick Body Butter with vitamin E which is very hydrating and heals dryness. It gets absorbed in the skin quickly and makes the skin smooth and silky .
It is made from extract of cocoa beans and it helps to make skin soft and reduce blemishes .

Ingredients : 
Cocoa Butter , Sodium Acetate , Glycol , Vitamin E

Price :
Rs 425 for 250 ml

Shelf Life :
5  years from date of manufacture ( which is quite good )

Product packaging :

The product comes in a good quality plastic bottle from which it can be easily squeezed out .
Product packaging is good .

The Body Butter has thick consistency , is  yellow in  colour , has a nice fragrance .

Pros :
1. Thick and Hydrating texture .
2.Nice fragrance .
3. Does not feels too heavy or oily once absorbed .
4.Contains goodness of cocoa butter and Vitamin E.
5.Affordable price .
6.Paraben Free .

Cons :
Contains artificial colour .

My rating  4.6/5

What the product claims :
The product claims to heal and soften rough and dry skin , smoothens marks , tones the skin and gives 24 hours moisture to skin .

My Experience with this Product :
I have used this product and I really liked it , has a nice fragrance , is very hydrating , moisturizes the skin and keeps it hydrated for a long period of time . Excellent for winters , specially for knee and elbow area which are rough and dry than other parts of body .

One can buy this product from  online stores like and .


Saturday 21 May 2016

May 2016 Fab Bag Review

Hello every one
Today I am going to review May Fab Bag .
 As we all know Fab Bag is a Beauty Subscription plan for India which sends  some 4-5 beauty products every month in a cute bag .

I got my bag yesterday so I want you to have a look on products they have send this month .

The May 2016 Fab Bag contains following things :

1.Inveda Sunscreen cream with SPF 30 ( Full sized product )
2.Nyassa Tea Tree Face Wash ( Sample Size --30 ml)
3.The Natures Co White Tea Night Cream (Sample size 20 ml )
4.Sea Soul HD Professional (Australia ) Eye Shadow Worth 900 /-

Then it contains 3 cards :
1.Renewal offer card for next purchase or subscription at Fab Bag.
2.A card containing all product details and price .
3.One card about their Facebook contest .

Now about the products : 

All the products send this month are good .
This month bag has two full size products and two sample size products .

Price of products :
1.Seasoul Eye shadow  --Rs 900
2.Inveda Sunscreen Cream --Rs 225
3.Nysaa Facewash --Rs 400 for 145 ml
4.The Natures Co night cream --Rs 895 for 50 ml

The first two products are full sized and next two are sample sized .

The best one is Seasoul Eye Shadow

 The product of this month Fab Bag are Themed as Summer Escapade .
They had send a good sunscreen , face wash and night cream suitable for this season .

The total price of all 4 products comes around 1200/- and the fab bag is priced 599/- .

Overall I liked this months Fab Bag . All the products are good , the contents are perfect for summer season . 4 excellent products with a cute bag is too good at a price half then the price of products .

One can book May Fab bag here
May Fab Bag

Hope you all enjoyed reading this post and found it useful .

Friday 20 May 2016

Giveaway of Auravedic Products [Closed ]

Hello Everyone
I am back with another giveaway for my wonderful readers .
Its giveaway of Auravedic products .

About the Brand :
All the products from Auravedic are made from natural ingredients and they do not contain any harsh chemicals so are safe to use .

About the prize :
One lucky winner will get a gift hamper from Auravedic containing 4 products

1.Skin lightening formula 50 gm
2.Harmonizing Hair Cleanser 100 ml
3.Kajal 2.5 gm
4.Neem Basil Tea Tree Soap 100 gm

I have reviewed some of the Auravedic products  on my blog . one can read reviews  here :

1.Auravedic Pure Lightening Skin Polish Review
Click Here

2.Auravedic Kajal Review
Read Here

One can buy Auravedic  product from online store like or directly from their website

 Rules for this Giveaway

1.Follow me on Google+ , Widget given at the right corner of the page .                       
2.Follow Indian Beauty Bloom on facebook Indian Beauty Bloom & Auravedic on facebook  Auravedic
                        3.Follow me on instagram , my instagram ID @ghazli123
                        4.Follow me on twitter    Naseem Ghazala  & Auravedic on Twitter Auravedic
                        5.Do email Subscription , widget given at the right side of page , and verify your subscription .
                         6.Leave a comment below with your name , email ID and City  and tell why do you want to win this hamper .
7. Leave a comment on any of the Auravedic product review post on my blog .
                         8. Participant must be Indian resident with valid postal address where I can ship the prize .

Extra Entries:
 1. Share the giveaway post on facebook tagging minimum five of your friends and tagging Auravedic .
2. Share the giveaway on Twitter tagging five of your friends .
3.Repost the giveaway post on instagram tagging five friends and tagging me so that I can check .
 4.Be active on my blog and try to leave a comment on the posts  you like , one can leave comments on older posts as well .

Winners will be chooses on basis of their Active participation and sharing on social media sites .More sharing more chances of winning.

This giveaway will run for 15 days and winners will be declared after that .

This Giveaway is sponsored by Auravedic so I will not be responsible for any delay of prize or any such thing .
Hope you all enjoyed reading this post and would like to see active participation of my readers .
Ghazala Naseem

Updated on  04/06/2016

Thursday 19 May 2016

Review of Amara Organix Lemon Sugar Scrub Soap

Hello everyone
Today I am going to review one more product from Amara Organix , its Lemon Sugar Scrub Soap .
Recently I have reviewed two more products from Amara Organix , their Body wash and  Body Butter .
One can read its review here :
Body Wash Review

Amara Organix prepares its products from natural ingredients with out using any chemicals .

About the Product :
This Lemon Sugar Scrub soap is made form organic sugar , lemon oil , jojoba oil etc .
Has a nice lemony fragrance .

Ingredients :
Organic sugar
Lemon essential oil
Jojoba oil
Olive oil

Price :
Rs 130 for 100 gms

Shelf Life :
4 months from date of manufacture

This soap is yellow in colour with one side smooth and other side scrub . 
It forms good lather and cleanses  the skin without making it dry .
The scrub side is good to remove all dirt from skin .

Pros :
1.Made from natural ingredients .
2.Does not contains any harsh chemicals or preservatives .
3.Has a nice lemony fragrance .
4.Does not makes the skin too dry .
5.Affordable price .
Cons :
Availability might be an issue  as its available only on online stores .
My experience with this product :
I am using this soap past few days and I really liked it , specially its fragrance .
Made me feel fresh after using it .
And another thing which I liked is its scrub part which is usually not seen in other soaps , the scrub part can be used to clean elbows , knee area and is quite effective .
So this soap is a Must Try one .
My Rating :
One can buy this product or other Amara products from the website :
Or one can contact them on their facebook page also :
FB Page of Amara

*PR Sample

Wednesday 18 May 2016

My Laundry Goes Odd Even Journey

Ariel has started a campaign called #ShareTheload  which is trying to change the existing system where women is responsible for all house hold chores.
We all have watched this advertisement on TV and Youtube which is so heart touching .

The  gender inequality or prejudice in our society  is depicted beautifully in this ad.
A women is held responsible for all household chores , whether or not she is a working professional or a home maker she is responsible for everything .
Earlier women used to stay at home and look after kids and do their daily house hold chores .
But now almost all women are literate and are technically qualified , willing to pursue their carrier .
So with the change  in family system ( with more and more nuclear families rather then joint families ) and women  pursuing their carrier the work load on women has increased many fold .
They need to do everything , they have become multitaskers , balancing their professional lives with personal lives .

So now men need to come forward and help their wives , mothers or sisters in their daily house hold chores so that they can really Share the Load .

 I am taking part in the #LaundryGoesOddEven Challenge by Ariel India at BlogAdda and trying to change the gender bias norms .

I tried to share my daily  house hold chores with my husband so that  we could teach this to our kids that both the partners are equally responsible for doing house hold chores and its not that mom will do laundry and cooking and dad will work in the office .
Its dad will also help mom in laundry and cooking and mom will also help dad to add extra income  to their savings .
So at my home Laundry had to go an odd even journey .
Earlier I used  to do all laundry work .
Making separate batches for different types of clothes .
Formal wear in a separate wash , daily wear in another wash , bedsheets and towels in another wash , coloured clothes separately in bucket wash , so on .
But when my husband took this as a challenge he did a great work .
He  washed  all daily wears and bedsheets in washing machine on regular basis even during week days , not piling up dirty  clothes for weekend washing .
Then for his formal wear he had  to clean the collar and cuff with  a collar and cuff cleanser and then he washed  them all in washing machine .This he has done during weekend.
This way laundry work was divided between both of us , doing when ever we got time .
So this way my work load was little less and we got to spend some quality time together .
So that we can spend our weekends with our kids in some amusement parks or a short road trip where we can enjoy the day rather then  I   getting exhausted in finishing laundry and other work during weekends .
He also took the responsibility of ironing his clothes himself , then he also started cooking some special meal during  weekend so that I can get some free time .

My kids have learned a good thing from their dad that they should share the load and  every one in house in responsible for everything , means its not the mom who is responsible for all household chores , others should also help and contribute in what ever way they can .
Like my son started taking care of his younger siblings so that I can do other works .

Thus this sharing the load concept has brought a positive change in the society by men becoming more responsible towards their family and women getting more time to dedicate to their carrier along with being a dutiful wife and a caring mother or we can say a perfect homemaker .

This #ShareTheLoad Concept was much needed in our society where earlier men did not even bothered to understand what a women goes through , how does she manages everything with perfection and without complaining ,  thinking that this is her destiny and duty to be on her toes .

I am taking part in the #LaundryGoesOddEven Challenge by Ariel India at BlogAdda.'


Tuesday 17 May 2016

Review of Amara Organix Body Wash for Oily Skin

Today I am going to review one more product from Amara Organix , its a Body Wash for Oily skin .

About the Brand :
Amara Organix is a brand which produces natural and handmade products for skin care .
They use cold pressed virgin oils , organically farmed honey , exotic  oil like argan oil  etc.

Their product range includes hand made soaps , body wash , scrubs , body butter etc .

About the Product :
This body wash is made form three types of oils
Jojoba oil , tea tree oil and Rosemary oil .
It is meant for people with oily skin .
It cleanses the skin and keeps it moisturized .

Ingredients :
1.Organic Jojoba oil
2.Tea Tree Essential oil
3.Rosemary Essential oil

Price :
Rs  180 for 100 ml

Shelf Life :
6 months from date of manufacture

Packaging :
The product comes in a plastic bottle with a nozzle from which it can be easily squeezed out .
Product packaging is good .

The product is a white liquid with a strong fragrance and thin or runny consistency .
It forms good lather . Its better to use it with  a loofah  since it has a runny consistency .
It thoroughly cleanses the skin and gives a smooth and silky touch to skin .

Pros :
1. Made from natural ingredients .
2.Does not contains any harsh chemicals or preservatives .
3.Does not contains any artificial colour .
4.Affordable price ( Usually products made from natural ingredients are bit expensive but this one is in affordable range ) .
5.Does not makes the skin too dry but keeps it moisturized and gives a smooth and silky feeling .

Cons :
Availability might be an issue as its available only on online store

My rating :4.7/5

My experience with the product :
The product is good , cleanses and moisturizes the skin .
Product packaging is also good.
It has a strong fragrance which some people might not like .

My overall experience with product is good and I really  liked it .

One can buy this product or other Amara products from the website :
Or one can contact them on their facebook page also :
FB Page of Amara

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Friday 13 May 2016

Summer Vacation in Odisha

Summer vacation is the most awaited vacation as during that time we get lots of free time to do many things which otherwise we could not do in other time of the year .
long vacations are ideal for a long trip , one can visit so many places and enjoy their vacation in the  way they want .
I have spent my childhood in Cuttack , one of the famous city of Odisha .
Odisha has some very good tourist places and the famous beach at Puri .
After my marriage I settled in Hyderabad as my husbands job is here .
We have visited Odisha many times after my marriage and we had some good time there .
After my kids were born I could not visit there much .
So once I decided to be there during summer holidays so that my kids can also visit some tourist places and have some good time there .
So in this post I will share my story of an Ideal Vacation which I had with my kids in Odisha .

In the year 2012 , during summer vacation we planned to visit Cuttack for around 15-20 days , so that we could meet our relatives there and also visit some tourist places with our kids .

We booked train ticket from Hyderabad to Cuttack , the distance around 800 kms and time it takes is around 22 hours .
We booked  a cab for station and kids were too excited with their snacks &  story books to be enjoyed on train .
Once we boarded train they asked for juice , snacks as they were really tired .
Then they played for some time and then slept .
In the morning when they woke up they were too excited as we had already entered Odisha and they wanted to see everything , know about all places in Odisha , when our train passed through  the famous Chilika Lake , they were happy to see so many lakes and birds .
After some time one food vendor came and he was selling "Misti Doi " , they asked what's that , I told its sweet curd , very delicious and good for health .
We all enjoyed that .
Time passed and we reached Cuttack .
My cousins driver was there at the station to pick us up.
They kept on asking him about various tourist place there and finally he stopped in front of a Deer park ( in Cuttack ) to show them some deer..
They were too happy  that before reaching home they have been to that Deer Park .
At home we were welcomed by my maternal uncle and cousins .
After initial excitement settled down they made a plan with my cousins that which places they want to visit .
In included  all tourist places in Cuttack , Bhubaneswar and Puri sea beach .
The list was long .
So daily we had to visit one place .
We went to Bhubaneswar , did lot of shopping there .
Since Odisha is famous for handicrafts , Silk saree , Silver filgiri works , we did some good shopping there  for every one .
Starting from silk clothes , handicraft articles , bags and toys , there was so of stuff that I thought how will I pack them all while going back .
There are several good parks , some amusement parks also in Bhubaneswar.
We went there and had some good time there .
Odisha is famous for Sweets also as locals there prepare some delicious sweets which is their speciality and which is not easily available in other states .
So we brought lots of different types of sweets which my kids have not tried before .
They liked them all and were too happy that such good sweets are available there.
So it was a Great Vacation with my near and dear ones , spending some quality times with my family and relatives , meeting and greeting every one .
I always love such vacations as its a break from monotonous routine .
Gives ample time to spend with our near and dear ones .
Helps to get know each other better .
We could have gone to some other tourist place also but I decided to go  there as it served two purpose :
1.Having a great vacation , visiting so many places .
2.Meeting our relatives and spending quality time  with them .

The sweet memory of that vacation is still fresh in  my mind .
The time spent there was like some Golden Moments , cherishing each and every bit of it.
Wish to have some more great vacations like this .
As vacations helps to  relax , de stress  and rejuvenate ourselves .
Preparing us to be back in our daily routines with endless works and responsibilities .

So prepare you holidays well before the vacation starts , with all tickets booking of train/flight  and hotel ( if necessary ) .

Enjoy your holidays with your family to have some great time .

Last year when I was going to Delhi , I booked my flight tickets with and I had a good experience with them .
All booking were done easily without any problem .
One can check their domestic flights

I have never been to an international vacation .
Wish to have one to Dubai or Switzerland .
Will do all booking via a trusted site like .

Hope you all enjoyed reading this post , share your idea of an ideal vacation here in the comment section so that I can know .


Earn Money From

Today I am going to do a website review of one of my favourite sites .

userreviewd is a site or Platform where a person can read real reviews of various products , brands or services , also members  can write reviews and earn rewards . is a Review writing site  where members can write  reviews of products , brands and services they have used .

They have an exciting Reward system where members are rewarded for various activities .
When a members point reaches 300 , they can claim a e voucher worth 300 for their points .

The member needs to write a true review or their real experience of the product , brand or service .
It should  not be copied one , or else if detected that its copied from other website or blog then a -20 is done in their accumulated points .

 For sharing image of the product they are reviewing they can get additional points , if a member shares their review on various social media sites like facebook or twitter then they get additional point for that .
 A member needs to write review of around 500 words/characters  without grammar or spelling mistakes .
It should not an information about a product or brand but their own personal experience with it .

One can check their point system here :

Point System

I have joined this site some  2 years back and I wrote reviews of various online stores , beauty products , food items etc , almost all of my reviews were approved by the team as they were well written , some of them had images and pictures along with the reviews .
My total point earned was more than 5000 , and I got some flipkart and vouchers from there .
So one can check the site from time to time and when the Review Writing Contest  is going on ,one can participate and earn some rewards.

The various categories of which one can read reviews and write their own are :
3.Online Shopping Site .
4.Data Card
5.Home Appliances
8. Air Conditioner
9.Broad Band
10.Stock Broker
12.Tourist Place

 So the list is long and there are hundreds of topics to write reviews .

There are  around 61 categories of products , one can check here

By reading other reviews , it becomes easy to make decision of buying or trying a product or brand as we are not reading the Fake reviews as posted on various online stores but we are reading the Real Reviews as posted by real users . 

One can visit the site here and browse to read some good reviews .

One can join the site using this Link 
Join UserReviewed

Thursday 12 May 2016

Amara Shea & Cocoa Body Butter Review

Hello Every one
Today I am going to introduce a New Brand to my Readers , its Amara Organix .

About the Brand :
Amara Organix is a brand which produces natural and handmade products for skin care .
They use cold pressed virgin oils , organically farmed honey , exotic  oil like argan oil  etc.

Their product range includes :

1.Hand made soaps
2.Body Butters
3.Body wash
4.Lip butters
6. Creams

 The first product from their range which I have tried is Shea & Cocoa Body Butter .

About the product :
This body butter is a thick moisturiser made from shea butter , cocoa butter , argan oil etc.
It moisturises the skin and keeps it hydrated for a long period of time .

Ingredients :
Shea Butter
Cocoa Butter
Coconut oil
Argan oil
Aloe Extract
Lavender essential oil

Price :
Rs 250 for 100gms

Shelf life :
Six months from date of manufacture .

Packaging :
The product comes in a small tub packaging .

 The product is thick white body butter with a nice fragrance which stays for a good period of time .
Though thick but its not oily .

1.Made form natural ingredients .
2.Does not contains any harsh chemicals , artificial colours or Preservatives .
3.Moisturises the skin and keeps it hydrated for a long period of time .
4.Has a nice fragrance .
5.Its non Greasy or non oily , does not makes the skin look too oily or sticky .
6.Affordable price .

Cons :
1.Availability might be an issue as its available only on online store of AmaraOrganix.
2. Tub packaging is not too hygienic .

My Rating :

My Experience with this product :
I have used this  product and I really liked it .
Its good for all skin type and all seasons even in summers as it does not makes the skin feel or look oily or sticky . It moisturises the skin and keep it hydrated for a long period of time with nice fragrance . For people having dry skin reapplication might be required .

One can buy this product or other Amara products from the website :
Or one can contact them on their facebook page also :
FB Page of Amara

*PR Sample

Tuesday 10 May 2016

The Natures Co Cherry Lip Butter Review

Today I am going to review one more product from The Natures Co , its Cherry Lip Butter .

About the Brand :
 All the products of Nature's Co are vegan or vegetarian .
They do not use any kind of animal derivative but use natural products like milk , honey , beeswax etc.
The material used for packaging are recyclable and Bio degradable .
They do not contain any parabens or silicones.

About The Product :
The Cherry Lip Butter is a type of lip balm or lip gloss made from natural ingredients like Kokum butter & Shea butter .
It moisturises the lips and keep it hydrated , prevents drying or chapping of lips .
Suitable for all seasons .

 Ingredients :
1.Kokum Butter
2.Shea Butter
3.Mango Butter
4.Castor oil
5.Vitamin E
6. Cherry Flavour

Price :  Rs 395 for 10 ml

Shelf Life :  24  months from date of manufacture

Colour : Light Pink

Smell : Sweet Berry Smell

Packaging :
The product comes in a small tub .

Pros :
1.All natural ingredients .
2.Does not contains any chemicals or Parabens .
3. Has a nice fragrance .
4.Moisturises the lips and keeps it hydrated for a long period of time .
Cons :
1.Availability might be an issue as its available only on online stores .
2.Bit expensive  .

 What the product claims :
The product claims to moisturize the lips , make it soft  and reduces pigmentation.

My experience with the product :
I have used the product its good , has a nice fragrance and nice flavour .
Its not too oily like petroleum jelly , it gives a Glossy look .
Keeps the lips moisturised and hydrated and prevents drying and chapping of lips .

My Rating -4.5/5

One can buy this product or other Natures Co product directly from the website
The Natures Co

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Monday 9 May 2016

Aroma Essential Sebum Control Gel Review

Hello Everyone
Today I am going to review one more product from Aroma Essential , its Sebum Control Gel .

Aroma Essentials supplies skin care and hair care products that are made naturally without using any harsh chemicals or preservatives .
They make their product in small batches to be used with in six months from  date of manufacture .

About The Product :
This Sebum Control Gel is a type of night cream for oily skin .
It helps to control excessive production of sebum on face and thus tries to reduce oiliness of skin .

Ingredients :
Tea Tree Oil
Aloe Vera
Price :
Rs 300
Shelf Life :
Six months from date of manufacture .
The product is a thick white gel having a nice fragrance of aloe vera .
What the product claims :
The product claims to remove blemishes and bring back the troubled skin to clearer look and feel.
My Experience with the Product :
I have been using this product past 15 days and my experience with this is good .
It does what it claims .
One needs to apply this gel on face after washing it with a good face wash in night .
One needs only few drops of it and massage it properly on skin .
Earlier when I was not using this , in the morning my skin used to look and feel very oily , but now when I am using this gel I found that in the morning my skin does not feels so oily , it looks clean , clear and oil free .
1.Does not contains any harsh chemicals .
2.Does not contains any artificial colour or fragrance .
3.Not tested on animals .
4. Made from natural ingredients .
5.It does what it claims .
6.Pocket friendly price .
1.Availability might be an issue as its not  available every where .
2.Tub packaging is not very hygienic .
My Rating :
 To purchase this product or other Aroma Essential product one can place order at WhatsApp Number
7760988272 or one can contact the brand on their face book page
Aroma Essentials

They have wide range of products for skin care and hair care , all made from natural ingredients .

*PR Sample But Honest Review

Sunday 8 May 2016

Beginning of Motherhood

The  beautiful journey of motherhood  starts from the point  when a woman get the good news of  her pregnancy .
The moment she is confirmed that she is carrying her child in her womb , she becomes more responsible and careful about everything .
Pregnancy does not brings only physical and hormonal changes in her body but also bring many other positive changes in her life.
She is pampered by near and dear ones , specially by her husband as they also feel more responsible  towards their wife and baby .
Then she is taken care of by her  family members and relatives , every one gives their piece of advise , to take rest , eat healthy and be happy .
During my first pregnancy my husband and my mom took extra care to make me take rest always as it was my first one and they were too protective about everything .
I felt extremely happy as I was going to be a Mom  , That feeling was sufficient to over come all minor health problems I had that time .
My mom came to my home from her native place and stayed with me for around 8 months , giving her valuable piece of advise that how pregnant women should stay , what to eat and how to take care of new born baby and all .
My regular visit to Gyneacologist was tiring as at times we had to wait for hours  then scanning and other tests took lot of time , but it was all necessary and mandatory part of those nine months .
My husband used to chat with me a lot during that time saying its good that we got so much time to spend together and chat as otherwise we were too busy in our professional lives .
With the passage of time as the size of my tummy increased and at times I found it too difficult to do my daily chores , my husband and my mom were always with me supporting me in everything and trying to make things simple and easy for me .
I had nausea and morning sickness problem through out those nine months , So I could not eat much sweet , I always craved for spicy and tangy dishes , my husband used to bring lots of Samosas  , Pani Puri and Chaat for me as I loved eating all those during that time, if not all those then I used to prepare noodles with vegetables and eat with lots of tomato ketchup to get that tangy taste .
So it was lot of fun eating what you want doing what you like .
At times I felt too bored sitting at home as I was not used to it , being a working women , I was always too busy with so many things , work at home and school kept me occupied .
But when I left my job during my pregnancy as I was getting too tired , (going to school and teaching small kids ), I suddenly felt I have too much of free time to do many other things which otherwise I could not .
I used to read lots of Books , magazines and Novels as I love reading all those .
I used to sleep  a lot as working women are sleep deprived as they have to balance daily household chores with their professional commitments .
I used to visit a beauty parlour near my house where I use to go for facials and all .
So in a way I enjoyed those 9 months doing what ever I wanted .

(image source : )

When my son was born , my life changed .

The feeling of being a mother of a cute and adorable child was enough to forget all physical pains and other minor problems which happens at that time.
My world revolved around my son as I have to adjust my routine  according to his sleeping time and his feeding time .
At times I was sleep deprived as he  used to make me wake in the night but still I enjoyed every thing .

For the first time I realised how my mom would have done all that for me .
And that time  medical facilities were not that good as it is today .
They did not had diapers and all to keep baby clean .

So the Journey of Motherhood not only made me a Mom but also made a Doting Daughter again as now I could understand  everything what my mom has gone through to bring me to this world , all her physical pains , her sleepless nights , her hard work to keep us healthy and safe .

I learned from her how to be a doting and protective mom , how to take care of our kids , trying to give them the best of everything . How to make them good human beings . How to give them good moral values . How to be strict yet have a friendly relation with them .

So the best part of  motherhood is you get to know mom better , you can connect with her more then before .

 “I’m writing about my wonderful journey of pregnancy for the #YummyMummy blogging activity at BlogAdda in association with Marico Bio Oil.”

Tuesday 3 May 2016

Review of Golden Monkey Glamour Lip Kit from Skin18

Dear Readers
Today I am going to review a new product from , its Golden Monkey Glamour Lip Kit .
The product is a 3 step kit  to exfoliate and treat dry and chapped lips and make them more Voluptuous .

The kit contains 3 products .
1.Exfoliating Pad -This is a thick tissue paper with which one can exfoliate lips .
2.Hydro gel Mask
3.Honey treatment Gel
Steps to use :
1.Using the exfoliating pad clean your lips by gently massaging the pad on your lips .
2.Apply the hydro gel mask on your lips and leave it for 15 minutes .
Then gently dab lip area to absorb the moisturiser .
3.Apply honey gel on the lips .
The hydro gel mask contains Gold and Hyarulonic acid which moisturises the lips .
The honey treatment gel contains honey which helps to remove dryness of skin .
Price : 4$
Pros :
1.An easy to use kit with which one can pamper their lips .
2.Contains natural ingredients like honey which helps to treat dry lips .
Cons :
Availability might be an issue as its available on online store of
My rating :  4/5
My experience with this product :
For me it was new product as I had never used such lip care kits before .
I liked it as its an easy 3 step kit for lip care .
It exfoliates the lips and after the honey treatment lips becomes soft .
One can buy this product from
*PR Sample But Honest Review

Monday 2 May 2016

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Updated on 25/05/2016

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