Monday 9 May 2016

Aroma Essential Sebum Control Gel Review

Hello Everyone
Today I am going to review one more product from Aroma Essential , its Sebum Control Gel .

Aroma Essentials supplies skin care and hair care products that are made naturally without using any harsh chemicals or preservatives .
They make their product in small batches to be used with in six months from  date of manufacture .

About The Product :
This Sebum Control Gel is a type of night cream for oily skin .
It helps to control excessive production of sebum on face and thus tries to reduce oiliness of skin .

Ingredients :
Tea Tree Oil
Aloe Vera
Price :
Rs 300
Shelf Life :
Six months from date of manufacture .
The product is a thick white gel having a nice fragrance of aloe vera .
What the product claims :
The product claims to remove blemishes and bring back the troubled skin to clearer look and feel.
My Experience with the Product :
I have been using this product past 15 days and my experience with this is good .
It does what it claims .
One needs to apply this gel on face after washing it with a good face wash in night .
One needs only few drops of it and massage it properly on skin .
Earlier when I was not using this , in the morning my skin used to look and feel very oily , but now when I am using this gel I found that in the morning my skin does not feels so oily , it looks clean , clear and oil free .
1.Does not contains any harsh chemicals .
2.Does not contains any artificial colour or fragrance .
3.Not tested on animals .
4. Made from natural ingredients .
5.It does what it claims .
6.Pocket friendly price .
1.Availability might be an issue as its not  available every where .
2.Tub packaging is not very hygienic .
My Rating :
 To purchase this product or other Aroma Essential product one can place order at WhatsApp Number
7760988272 or one can contact the brand on their face book page
Aroma Essentials

They have wide range of products for skin care and hair care , all made from natural ingredients .

*PR Sample But Honest Review

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