Friday 13 May 2016

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Today I am going to do a website review of one of my favourite sites .

userreviewd is a site or Platform where a person can read real reviews of various products , brands or services , also members  can write reviews and earn rewards . is a Review writing site  where members can write  reviews of products , brands and services they have used .

They have an exciting Reward system where members are rewarded for various activities .
When a members point reaches 300 , they can claim a e voucher worth 300 for their points .

The member needs to write a true review or their real experience of the product , brand or service .
It should  not be copied one , or else if detected that its copied from other website or blog then a -20 is done in their accumulated points .

 For sharing image of the product they are reviewing they can get additional points , if a member shares their review on various social media sites like facebook or twitter then they get additional point for that .
 A member needs to write review of around 500 words/characters  without grammar or spelling mistakes .
It should not an information about a product or brand but their own personal experience with it .

One can check their point system here :

Point System

I have joined this site some  2 years back and I wrote reviews of various online stores , beauty products , food items etc , almost all of my reviews were approved by the team as they were well written , some of them had images and pictures along with the reviews .
My total point earned was more than 5000 , and I got some flipkart and vouchers from there .
So one can check the site from time to time and when the Review Writing Contest  is going on ,one can participate and earn some rewards.

The various categories of which one can read reviews and write their own are :
3.Online Shopping Site .
4.Data Card
5.Home Appliances
8. Air Conditioner
9.Broad Band
10.Stock Broker
12.Tourist Place

 So the list is long and there are hundreds of topics to write reviews .

There are  around 61 categories of products , one can check here

By reading other reviews , it becomes easy to make decision of buying or trying a product or brand as we are not reading the Fake reviews as posted on various online stores but we are reading the Real Reviews as posted by real users . 

One can visit the site here and browse to read some good reviews .

One can join the site using this Link 
Join UserReviewed

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