Wednesday 18 May 2016

My Laundry Goes Odd Even Journey

Ariel has started a campaign called #ShareTheload  which is trying to change the existing system where women is responsible for all house hold chores.
We all have watched this advertisement on TV and Youtube which is so heart touching .

The  gender inequality or prejudice in our society  is depicted beautifully in this ad.
A women is held responsible for all household chores , whether or not she is a working professional or a home maker she is responsible for everything .
Earlier women used to stay at home and look after kids and do their daily house hold chores .
But now almost all women are literate and are technically qualified , willing to pursue their carrier .
So with the change  in family system ( with more and more nuclear families rather then joint families ) and women  pursuing their carrier the work load on women has increased many fold .
They need to do everything , they have become multitaskers , balancing their professional lives with personal lives .

So now men need to come forward and help their wives , mothers or sisters in their daily house hold chores so that they can really Share the Load .

 I am taking part in the #LaundryGoesOddEven Challenge by Ariel India at BlogAdda and trying to change the gender bias norms .

I tried to share my daily  house hold chores with my husband so that  we could teach this to our kids that both the partners are equally responsible for doing house hold chores and its not that mom will do laundry and cooking and dad will work in the office .
Its dad will also help mom in laundry and cooking and mom will also help dad to add extra income  to their savings .
So at my home Laundry had to go an odd even journey .
Earlier I used  to do all laundry work .
Making separate batches for different types of clothes .
Formal wear in a separate wash , daily wear in another wash , bedsheets and towels in another wash , coloured clothes separately in bucket wash , so on .
But when my husband took this as a challenge he did a great work .
He  washed  all daily wears and bedsheets in washing machine on regular basis even during week days , not piling up dirty  clothes for weekend washing .
Then for his formal wear he had  to clean the collar and cuff with  a collar and cuff cleanser and then he washed  them all in washing machine .This he has done during weekend.
This way laundry work was divided between both of us , doing when ever we got time .
So this way my work load was little less and we got to spend some quality time together .
So that we can spend our weekends with our kids in some amusement parks or a short road trip where we can enjoy the day rather then  I   getting exhausted in finishing laundry and other work during weekends .
He also took the responsibility of ironing his clothes himself , then he also started cooking some special meal during  weekend so that I can get some free time .

My kids have learned a good thing from their dad that they should share the load and  every one in house in responsible for everything , means its not the mom who is responsible for all household chores , others should also help and contribute in what ever way they can .
Like my son started taking care of his younger siblings so that I can do other works .

Thus this sharing the load concept has brought a positive change in the society by men becoming more responsible towards their family and women getting more time to dedicate to their carrier along with being a dutiful wife and a caring mother or we can say a perfect homemaker .

This #ShareTheLoad Concept was much needed in our society where earlier men did not even bothered to understand what a women goes through , how does she manages everything with perfection and without complaining ,  thinking that this is her destiny and duty to be on her toes .

I am taking part in the #LaundryGoesOddEven Challenge by Ariel India at BlogAdda.'


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