Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Review of Golden Monkey Glamour Lip Kit from Skin18

Dear Readers
Today I am going to review a new product from Skin18.com , its Golden Monkey Glamour Lip Kit .
The product is a 3 step kit  to exfoliate and treat dry and chapped lips and make them more Voluptuous .

The kit contains 3 products .
1.Exfoliating Pad -This is a thick tissue paper with which one can exfoliate lips .
2.Hydro gel Mask
3.Honey treatment Gel
Steps to use :
1.Using the exfoliating pad clean your lips by gently massaging the pad on your lips .
2.Apply the hydro gel mask on your lips and leave it for 15 minutes .
Then gently dab lip area to absorb the moisturiser .
3.Apply honey gel on the lips .
The hydro gel mask contains Gold and Hyarulonic acid which moisturises the lips .
The honey treatment gel contains honey which helps to remove dryness of skin .
Price : 4$
Pros :
1.An easy to use kit with which one can pamper their lips .
2.Contains natural ingredients like honey which helps to treat dry lips .
Cons :
Availability might be an issue as its available on online store of Skin18.com
My rating :  4/5
My experience with this product :
For me it was new product as I had never used such lip care kits before .
I liked it as its an easy 3 step kit for lip care .
It exfoliates the lips and after the honey treatment lips becomes soft .
One can buy this product from Skin18.com
*PR Sample But Honest Review

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