Thursday 26 May 2016

Spawake Whitening Scrub Face wash Review

Hello Every one
Today  I am going to review  new  product , its Spawake  Whitening Scrub Face Wash .

About the Brand :

Spawake is a Japanese brand which has various skin care products . Their products are made from sea ingredients , They Claim that their Provide Sea Spa at Home .

About the product :

Spawake Whitening Scrub face wash is combo of facewash and scrub which helps to clean and exfoliate the skin .

Ingredients :

Apricot scrub , Vitamin C , Niacinamide , Sea Salt .

Price :
Rs 129 for 100 gms

Product packaging :

The product comes in a tube from which it can be easily squeezed out , product packaging is good .

What the product claims :

The product claims to remove pore clogging dirt and dead skin cells causing dullness and roughness .
It claims to make your skin smooth and translucent .
The face wash is a transparent gel with small apricot scrub in it .

1. Affordable price .
2.Works both as cleanser and scrub.
3.Contains Vitamin C and sea salt .


1.The product is not that great as it claims .
2.Availablity might be an issue as its available only on online stores .

IBB  Rating :  3.5/5

My Experience with this product :

I am using this product past few days and I did not found it as great and good as it claims .
Its an OK kind of product .
Its a normal face wash that will just clean your skin , Does not has any Whitening effect .

One can buy this product from online store on Spawake or from


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