Friday 13 May 2016

Summer Vacation in Odisha

Summer vacation is the most awaited vacation as during that time we get lots of free time to do many things which otherwise we could not do in other time of the year .
long vacations are ideal for a long trip , one can visit so many places and enjoy their vacation in the  way they want .
I have spent my childhood in Cuttack , one of the famous city of Odisha .
Odisha has some very good tourist places and the famous beach at Puri .
After my marriage I settled in Hyderabad as my husbands job is here .
We have visited Odisha many times after my marriage and we had some good time there .
After my kids were born I could not visit there much .
So once I decided to be there during summer holidays so that my kids can also visit some tourist places and have some good time there .
So in this post I will share my story of an Ideal Vacation which I had with my kids in Odisha .

In the year 2012 , during summer vacation we planned to visit Cuttack for around 15-20 days , so that we could meet our relatives there and also visit some tourist places with our kids .

We booked train ticket from Hyderabad to Cuttack , the distance around 800 kms and time it takes is around 22 hours .
We booked  a cab for station and kids were too excited with their snacks &  story books to be enjoyed on train .
Once we boarded train they asked for juice , snacks as they were really tired .
Then they played for some time and then slept .
In the morning when they woke up they were too excited as we had already entered Odisha and they wanted to see everything , know about all places in Odisha , when our train passed through  the famous Chilika Lake , they were happy to see so many lakes and birds .
After some time one food vendor came and he was selling "Misti Doi " , they asked what's that , I told its sweet curd , very delicious and good for health .
We all enjoyed that .
Time passed and we reached Cuttack .
My cousins driver was there at the station to pick us up.
They kept on asking him about various tourist place there and finally he stopped in front of a Deer park ( in Cuttack ) to show them some deer..
They were too happy  that before reaching home they have been to that Deer Park .
At home we were welcomed by my maternal uncle and cousins .
After initial excitement settled down they made a plan with my cousins that which places they want to visit .
In included  all tourist places in Cuttack , Bhubaneswar and Puri sea beach .
The list was long .
So daily we had to visit one place .
We went to Bhubaneswar , did lot of shopping there .
Since Odisha is famous for handicrafts , Silk saree , Silver filgiri works , we did some good shopping there  for every one .
Starting from silk clothes , handicraft articles , bags and toys , there was so of stuff that I thought how will I pack them all while going back .
There are several good parks , some amusement parks also in Bhubaneswar.
We went there and had some good time there .
Odisha is famous for Sweets also as locals there prepare some delicious sweets which is their speciality and which is not easily available in other states .
So we brought lots of different types of sweets which my kids have not tried before .
They liked them all and were too happy that such good sweets are available there.
So it was a Great Vacation with my near and dear ones , spending some quality times with my family and relatives , meeting and greeting every one .
I always love such vacations as its a break from monotonous routine .
Gives ample time to spend with our near and dear ones .
Helps to get know each other better .
We could have gone to some other tourist place also but I decided to go  there as it served two purpose :
1.Having a great vacation , visiting so many places .
2.Meeting our relatives and spending quality time  with them .

The sweet memory of that vacation is still fresh in  my mind .
The time spent there was like some Golden Moments , cherishing each and every bit of it.
Wish to have some more great vacations like this .
As vacations helps to  relax , de stress  and rejuvenate ourselves .
Preparing us to be back in our daily routines with endless works and responsibilities .

So prepare you holidays well before the vacation starts , with all tickets booking of train/flight  and hotel ( if necessary ) .

Enjoy your holidays with your family to have some great time .

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I have never been to an international vacation .
Wish to have one to Dubai or Switzerland .
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Hope you all enjoyed reading this post , share your idea of an ideal vacation here in the comment section so that I can know .


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